Probate Records 1757–1850, C-H

Below are probate records for the Town of Hopkinton for the years 1757 – 1850, with the last names beginning C-H.

See also records A-BI-R, and S-Z.

CASWELL, Elizabeth – TC 6:75, 25 May 1835, Edward Barber is appointed Guardian. There is property that has fallen to her and there is a liability of her spending the same.

CARPENTER, Hezekiah – PR 4:138 Written, 2 May 1803, proved 4 April 1808
Mentions his last wife, Prudence. Son, Daniel, John. Daughter, Sarah Eagleston (being deceased and leaving five heirs), Hannah Burdick, Esther Crandall.
Witnesess: Polly Barber, Moses Barber, Samuel Clarke.

PR 4:142 “Discharges accepted by the Court, 15 April 1808” receipts clearly state earlier dates. Receipts from children- Daniel and Thankful Carpenter,Lock, Cayuga County, New York, 27 October 1803. John and Hannah Burdick, Milton, Cayuga County, New York, 4 January 1804. David and Elizabeth Russell, Scipio, Cayuga County, New York, 28 January 1804. Pardon and Esther Crandall, 24 June 1804, receipt states “…never to call on our father, his heirs…for any other part or share of his estate…”
Receipts PR 4:183 – 4 November 1803, from Wilkenson Eggelston, in lieu of his deceased mother, from his grandfather, Thomas and Sarah Robinson in lieu of their deceased mother, John and Lydia Fenner from their father, Samuel Rogers, Jabesh Eggelston and Reuben Lake our mother’s portion from our grandfather’s estate.
PR 4:195 – 3 June 1810, signed Prudence Carpenter, her ¼ portion of estate, from Executor, John Carpenter

CARR, Peleg – PR 5:198 – 1 January 1823 Administration. Isaac Wilbur appointed Administrator.
Inventory 1 January 1823, appraisers; Daniel Babcock, Job B. Clark, Christopher C. Lewis.
Betsey Carr, widow, is allowed $125.00 worth of inventory to allow her to run her house. Receipts PR 5:203, 18 May 1823. Receipts PR 5:253 1824 – 1825. TC 5:50, 7 April 1823, Daniel Carr, a minor, son of Peleg, chooses Job B. Clarke to be his Guardian.

CASWELL, Allen – PR 6:224 – Will written, 28 January 1833, proved 26 January 1835
Wife – Elizabeth. Daughter; Hannah Beckwith Sons; Anthony, Lloyd and Allen Jr.
Witnesses; Isaac Green, Uriah Palmer, Freelove Palmer. Inventory PR 6:227
28 January 1835, appraisers; Isaac Greene, Edward Barber, Asher Palmer.

CHAFFEE, Elizabeth – PR 9:274, 11 March 1858 Administration
Inventory PR 9:275, 27 July 1858 Appraisers: Clark N. Andrews, William C. Crandall, Alanson Crandall. Bills paid out, coffin $12.00, grave diggers 50 cents each.

CHAMPLIN, Barker – TC 3:117, 27 March 1798, Israel Lewis appointed Guardian to Barker, the minor son of Jeffrey Champlin.

CHAMPLIN, Ethan – PR -9:326 will written, 8 March 1847, proved 22 February 1859
Wife, Hannah. Daughters: Martha Sheldon, Amy Lewis, Wealthy Champlin, Mariah Barber.
Son, Phillip. Grandson: Ethan Champlin.
Witnesses: Christopher Brown, Jonathan P. Babcock, Jonathan O. Babcock
Inventory: PR 9:331, 12 April 1859, Appraisers, Joseph Spicer, Augustus Wells, Burrill Slocum.

CHAMPLIN, Hallam – TC 4:192, 5 April 1813, Voted that Hallam Champlin be cited to appear before the Court of Probate to choose a Guardian or give reason why one should not be appointed. Hallam may have been the son of Solomon Champlin, as this request of the Council is written in between probate notes of the Council Clerk for Solomon.

CHAMPLIN, Jeffrey – PR 3:134 Inventory written 1 April 1798, Administrator Thomas Wells
Appraisers, Joseph Witter Jr., Josiah Witter
Commissioners Report; PR 3:140 6 April 1798
Receipts – PR 3:188 April 1798, PR 3:328 3 May 1802, PR 4:37 7 May 1804

CHAMPLIN, Jeffrey – TC 6:145, 9 September 1839, Lydia Champlin, widow, applies for her husbands pension from the war of the revolution.

CHAMPLIN, Philip C. – TC 8:107, 30 December 1850, The overseer of the Poor reported that Philip C. Champlin is poor and unable to take care of his minor children, he is not bringing them up in a prudent and chaste manner. It was suggested that Phillip have a Guardian and his children be put out with Guardians. TC 8:112, 27 January 1851, Phillip appears before the Town Council and it was decided he did not have to have a Guardian, nor put out his children.

CHAMPLIN, Solomon – PR 4:226 Inventory, 16 March 1812 Appraisers; Christopher Crandall, John
H. Kinyon, Christopher Crandall Jr. PR 4:247 – 4 March 1813, Bill from Joshua Collins, $2.00, “for my expense & trouble in selling the estate.

CHAMPLIN, Stephen – TC 3:118, 2 April 1798, John Gardner 2nd is appointed Guardian to Stephen, son of Jeffrey and Lydia Champlin.

CHAMPLIN, Stephen – PR 6:326 Administration, 29 October 1838, Francis B. Segar appointed
Administrator. Widow, Polly Champlin. Inventory PR 6:327, 31 December 1838.
Appraisers; Jesse Brown, Reuben Brown, Joseph Spicer Jr. TC 7:99, 100, 27 May 1844,
Inventory submitted by John Maine, of Amos, Guardian to the minor heirs of Stephen Champlin, named Stephen Courtland Champlin and Hannah Champlin. He charges 50 cents a piece for “finding a place for the boy and the girl. John Maine is discharged as Guardian, and Courtland Champlin is cited to appear before the Court to chose a new Guardian. TC 7:101, 10 June 1844, Stephen Courtland Champlin chose Charles Noyes as his Guardian, Mr. Noyes was appointed the Guardian of Hannah Almy Champlin who is under 14 years of age.

CHESTER, Christopher – TC 6:33 Affidavit states he died 6 January 1831, was a Revolutionary Pensioner, had living heirs as follows; Lemuel (?), John, Christopher and Martha Burdick (widow).

CHURCH, Joshua – PR 5:81 4 October 1819, Administration, Jeremiah Thurston appointed
Administrator. Inventory PR 5:82, 7 February 1820, Appraisers; George Thurston Jr., William Tanner, Joseph Spicer. No relatives mentioned.

CLARK, Ephraim – PR 3:57 Will written 10 July 1795, proved 4 January 1796
Sons, Jesse, David, Ichabod, Daughters, Susanna Parks, Tacy Crandall, Jane Burtch, Hannah Crandall, Nancy Crandall, Amy Clark, Lucy Clark.
Witnesses: Samuel Crandall, Luke Burdick, Fanny Green
Inventory: PR 3:58 9 October 1795

CLARK, Hannah – PR 5:12 – (a woman of color) 3 August 1818, Joseph Spicer named as Administrator. Inventory PR 5:12, 25 August 1818, appraisers named Thomas Wells, John Thurston and Ichabod Burdick. Joshua Bradley paid $3.00 for making coffin.

CLARK, Paul – TC 2:4, 7 January 1771, John Lewis to be Guardian of Paul Clark, son of Stephen Clark, deceased.

CLARK, Stephen – PR 1:60 Administration, 7 February 1763 Wife, Sarah (named Administrator)
Inventory: PR 1:62, 1 November 1762 —TC 1:90 – 1 November 1762 – Appeared before this Council
Nathan Clarke, son of Stephen Clarke, decd, and chose Mr. Stephen Lanphear to be his Guardian.

CLARKE, Amy (Mrs.) – TC 6:43, 3 December 1832, Notice was advertised for those with an interest in her estate. PR 6:162 Administration, 7 January 1833, Oliver Clarke named as Administrator. Inventory PR 6:163, presented 10 January 1833. Appraisers; Andrew Nichols,
Samuel Crandall Jr., Thomas Edwards.

CLARKE, David – PR 6:87 – 24 January 1831, Administration, Jabez Palmer appointed Administrator.
Patience Clarke, widow. PR 6:88, Inventory, 26 January 1831, Appraisers; Peleg Maxson, Gardner Burdick and Perry W. Shaw. Nathan S. Champlin was paid $4.17 in said deceased last sickness. Auction of Estate PR 6:123, 11 November 1831. Receipts PR 6:125, 23 October 1832, mentioned were Ephriam Clarke, Joseph Clarke, Daniel Clarke, Susannah Bitgood and Mary Sweet. Does not specify relationships.

CLARKE, James – (of Charlestown – TC 1:42 (2nd set of pgs.) – 7 March 1763 – his son, Benjamin Clarke, chose John Lewis Jr., of Hopkinton, as his Guardian.

CLARKE, Jesse – PR 4:12 Will written, 28 February 1801, proved 7 February 1803
Wife, Susannah. Sons, Oliver, Ephraim, Daughters, Hannah, Eunice, Vashti.
*Land Description
Witnesses; Zaccheus Maxson, Samuel Crandall, Abigail Clarke.
Inventory: 21 February 1803 Appraisers, Samuel Crandall, Zaccheus Maxson, George Kinyon 2nd Receipts: PR 4:23 1 August 1803

CLARKE, Joshua Jr. – PR 1:121 Inventory – 31 October 1768
presented by his father, Major Joshua Clarke.

CLARKE, Joshua – PR 3:20 written 31 July 1792, proved 1 April 1793
Wife, Hannah. Son, Ethan, Thomas, Arnold, Henry, Willet, Job B, Phineas. Daughters, Hannah, Elizabeth Maxson, Beloved grandsons, Joshua Clarke, son of Phineas and Joshua C. Maxson, son of Jesse Maxson.
Witnesses: James Crandall, Hannah Stillman, John Burdick
“This may certify the Honorable Town Council and all others whom it does concern, that I have both
seen, and heard read, the Last Will & Testament of my late husband the Rev. Joshua Clarke and am fully satisfied, contented and pleased therewith and desire the Honorable Town Council to proceed and prove the same. Hannah Clarke

CLARKE, Prince (?) – TC 2:138, 3 May 1784, Reynolds Barber received letter of Administration on the estate of Prince(?) Clarke, a negro man, late a soldier in the continental Rhode Island Regiment.

CLARKE, Susannah (widow) PR 5:242 – 1 November 1824, Administration, Hezekiah Babcock
appointed Administrator. Inventory PR 5:243, 19 November 1824, Appraisers; Jeremiah Thurston,
Amos Green, Joseph Spicer Jr. PR 5:244 Estate Insolvent.

CLARKE, William L. – PR 5:337 – Administration, 20 November 1826. Requested by the widow,
Lydia Clarke, she being named Administrator. PR 5:338 Inventory, 29 November 1826,
Appraisers; Robert Crandall, Sheffield Barber and Jabez Palmer. Estate insolvent, Appraisers named as
Commissioners. PR 5:339, 4 June 1827, Robert Richmond named as Administrator is place of Lydia Clarke, as he had married her.

CODNER, Ephraim – PR 3:219 Will written, 6 February 1801, Proved 1 February 1802
Wife, Peace. Father-in-law, Samuel Barber to be Executor. Sons, Barber, Kinyon, Stephen, David. Daughters, Elizabeth, Anna, Patience, Meriba, Charlotte. *states heirs of Exeter, RI.
States he has a lot lying north of Blue Pond containing about 20 acres.
“And my will is that my real estate be not divided until my youngest son comes to the age of twenty
one years old and the profits thereof be for the use of bringing up the little children.”
Witnesses: Stephen Reynolds, Samuel Barber Jr., John Barber.
Inventory PR 3:221 4 January 1802 Appraisers: Samuel Tefft, Joseph Irish, Benjamin Crandall.
PR 4:51Receipts,7 January 1805 Mentions Caleb Potter holding a note for his son, Thomas,
received from Peace Codner, both in Hopkinton. Receipts signed 27 November 1802 from Moses
and Patience Barber, 7 October 1804 from Benjamin and Anna Burdick. 27 December 1807 Receipt from Joseph and Elizabeth Reynolds, in full discharge of the legacies given…
PR 4:226 – 16 April 1812, Setting off the widow’s third…set off the east great room, northeast bedroom and closet, adjoining said bedroom, and a passway through the entry, and half of the east chamber, the south side, and a privilege south door for to pile wood, and a privilege in the barn, the southwest stable and room over it, the mow room over the east part of the barn and a privilege to thresh on the barn floor, and the west part of the barnyard as far as the east side of the barn door, and a privilege to go with a cart to and from the house to the barn, and the east third part of the corn house, and the east part of the garden as far west as the path that leads to the well, and the north part of the garden as far south as to range the north side of the barn and all the land and orchard lying north of the house adjoining the highway, easterly adjoining Moses Halls land, beginning at the wall as far south as the southeast corner of the
house, thence north to the corner of the wall, thence east 21 degrees south two chains, ninety links to the east end of the wall, it being the northeast corner of the little orchard, thence east 1 degree south two chains… This continues, going into great detail what space the widow may use.
Receipts PR 4:254 – 8 April 1813, from sons, Barber, Kinyon, Stephen and David, from mother Peace Codner.

COLE, Joseph – TC 2:252, 3 April 1786, That Joseph Collins be Guardian to Joseph Cole.

CONGDON, Isaiah – TC 5:55, 24 October 1823, That Russell Maxson be the Guardian of Isaiah.

CONGDON, John – PR 6:110 – 18 May 1831 Administration. At the request of Sarah Congdon,
widow, and Ann Wilbur. page 115, Jonathan N. Hazard appeared on behalf of his children.
Appraisers; John Wilbur, Abel Collins, William Congdon. Inventory PR 6:111, 19 May 1831, mentions
contents of a Cheese House. Receipts PR 6:117, 11 November 1831 from Thomas and Ann Wilbur.

TC 6:31, 6 June 1831 – >Land Map

CONGDON, Joseph – TC 2:262, 14 November 1786. Cpt. Samuel Babcock named Administrator.

COLE, Joseph – PR 3:152 Will written, 22 August 1797, proved 2 January 1799
Wife, Susannah. Sons; Stephen, Joseph, William, Sands, Benjamin, John.
Daughters; Martha Witter, Susannah Cole
Witnesses; George Kinyon, Simeon Perry, Catharine Kinyon.
Receipts PR 4:291, 12 February 1801 – Enmedilla, New York, William Cole received of my
brother, Stephen Cole…a certain legacy given to me by our honored father, Joseph L. Cole.
Witnesses; Clarke Palmiter, Phebe Cole
Received at North Stonington, 28 September 1809, son John Cole
Received at North Stonington, 30 October 1809, son Joseph Cole.
Received at Hopkinton, 25 September 1811, daughter, David Osborn and Susannah (Morney?)
Received at Hopkinton, 12 March 1812, son, Sands Cole
Received at Hopkinton, 13 March 1815, daughter, William and Martha Witter.

COLE, Stephen – PR 5:70 – 4 October 1819, Sands Cole and Susannah Cole, widow, named
Administrators. PR 5:71, Inventory submitted to Probate Court on 1 December 1819, Appraisers;
Daniel Babcock, John Wilbur, Christopher C. Lewis.
Receipts PR 5:77 – 15 February 1821 – does not indicate that any of the individuals listed are relatives.

COLE, Susannah – PR 4:184 Will written, 20 September 1809, Proved 6 November 1809
Daughters; Thankful Collins, Esther Bentley, Susannah Cole.
Witnesses; Susannah Cole 2nd, Oliver Dodge, John Wilbur
Inventory: PR 4:188, 2 December 1809, Appraisers, Isaac Wilbur, Stephen Cole, Abel Collins, Addt’l Inventory PR 4:188, 19 March 1810
Receipts PR 4:220 – 29 September 1811; mentions Susannah was the widow of Joseph Cole,
daughter Esther married to Niles Bentley, daughter Susannah was a resident of Kentucky.

COLLINS, Bathsheba – PR 8:17, will written, 6 June 1847, proved 6 December 1847
Mother, Mary Collins. Sister, Nancy Collins. Brothers, Joseph Collins of DeRuyter, New York, John W. Collins, Charles W. Collins, Thomas J. Collins.
Witnesses: Phebe Foster, Samuel Sheffield, John Wilbur
Inventory PR 8:20, 17 January 1848, Appraisers; Thomas T. Larkin, Samuel Sheffield, Nathan B. Palmer

COLLINS, Hezekiah – PR 2:59 Will written, 9 August 1773 Proved, 6 November 1775*
Wife: Katherine Sons: Joseph, Joshua, Hezekiah, Samuel, Jabez, Nathan
Daughters: Katherine Sweet, Mary, Ruth, Susannah, Hannah
Note: He gives a watch to his son, Samuel. He mentions his three negro slaves, Betty, Zilpha & Fadock.
Witnesses: Thomas Brumbly, Susannah Perry, Simeon Perry
Inventory: PR 2:72 by Abel Tanner and Joseph Witter. Mentions – pair of oxen, sheep, geese, hay stacks, bag of seed hay, 1 brass ink case with sealing wax, 1 lock for the cellar door, 1 candle, a ladle, pewter & woodware, 1 negro boy with his bed and bedstead, 1 negro girl with her bed and bedstead.
*Land Description
*TC 2:66, 6 November 1775, Joseph Collins appeared before the Town Council as Executor of his father’s will, but was not willing to give bond to exhibit Inventory and requested the Council continue the affair to the next Council meeting. TC 2:72, 26 May 1776, The Council protests against granting Joseph Collins a letter of Administration for the following reasons; he has not exhibited an inventory and it is evident he refuses to as no inventory was shown; some of the legatees are underage and may become liable to the Town; that the proceedings of the Town Council are illegal in granting him a letter of Administration before bonds are given or inventory shown.

COLLINS, Isaac – PR 7:55 Will written 19 October 1840, proved 9 February 1841
Wife, Mary. Daughters; Nancy Collins, Thankful Kinyon, Mary Collins, Catherine E. Knowles, Bathsheba Collins. Sons; Amos, Isaac, Joseph, Ephraim, John W., Charles W. and Thomas J. He bequeaths six dollars to his son William’s six children. Mentions his mother, Thankful Collins. He requests that a burial yard of 13 rods be prepared with a stone wall surrounding it.
Witnesses; Christopher C. Lewis, Lydia Wilbur, John Wilbur.
Receipts; PR 7:61, Richmond, RI, 1841, Ephraim Collins, in Hopkinton, 1843, J. H. and Catherine
Knowles, in Hopkinton, 1844, Thankful Kinyon, in Ghent, New York, 1844, Joseph Collins, in Ghent, New York, 1845 Eliza Collins, in Hopkinton, 1845, Mary Collins, in Ghent, New York, Samuel C. Collins, in Ghent, New York, 1845, Walter F. Collins, in Richmond, 1846, Isaac Collins, in Westerly, 1845, Amos Collins 2nd, in Ghent, New York, 1848, Laura Collins, in Ghent, New York, Isaac Collins, in Hopkinton, 1844, Bathsheba Collins, in Hopkinton, 1844, Nancy Collins, and in Hopkinton, 1841, Mary S. Collins.

COLLINS, Jabez – PR 6:342 Will written, 2 February 1835, proved 14 February 1839
Sons; Gifford Collins, Lewis Collins, Daughters, Martha Collins, Catherine Earl, Dinah Sisson, her husband Asa Sisson, and their daughter Sarah L. Sisson. Granddaughter, Lydia Collins, daughter of Gifford Collins. Grandson, Jabez Collins. Brothers; Nathan and Samuel
*great land description and reserves the burying ground.
Witnesses: Charles W. Collins, Thomas T.Larkin, Christopher C. Lewis.
Inventory PR 6:346, 20 February 1839, appraisers; George Hoxie, Jesse Wilbur Jr., John Foster.

COLLINS, Joseph – PR 5:376 Will written, 1 April 1820, proved 26 October 1827
Wife, Bathsheba. Mentions the children of his deceased son, Hezekiah, but not by name.
Sons; Solomon, Joseph, William, Beriah, Peter, Joshua. Daughter Mary receives one half of his
grist mill and one half of his right in the carding mill, also the whole of his dwelling house near said
mill. (This may be in Richmond)
He states he wishes to have son, Peter fulfill his father’s will in respect to support of his sister, Mary and the “woman of color” that cares for her, named Zilpha York.
Witnesses; Lydia Wilbur Jr., Phebe Wilbur, John Wilbur.
Receipts PR 5:379, In Brookfield, NY, 30 September 1829, “being the heirs in law of Joseph Collins”
signed, Nathaniel P. Smith, Bathsheba Smith, Peter Collins, Job S. Collins, Joseph Collins, Beriah
Collins, Peleg Stanbro, Rhoda Stanbro, Joshua Collins, Albert Button, Mary Button. In Hopkinton, 15 February 1829, received from his father’s estate, signed Beriah Collins. PR 5:380 Receipts, In Brookfield, 29 December 1829, being the heirs of law of Hezekiah Collins, late of Brookfield, NY, our legacy in the will of Joseph Collins, our grandfather. Signed, Yeamans and Catherine York, Hezekiah Collins, Hoxie Collins, Joshua and Elizabeth Breed, Luke Collins, Charles and Miriam Foster, Thomas B. and Ruth Hibbard, Mary Collins 2nd. In Hopkinton, 2 month, 17th day, 1828, received his portion, signed,
William Collins. In Hopkinton, 3rd month, 1st day, 1828, from my father’s will. Signed Isaac and Mary Collins. In Hopkinton, 9th month, 24th day, 1828, signed Joshua Collins. PR 5:381 3rd month, 20th day 1828, legacy of Solomon Collins, deceased of Brookfield. Signed Peter (H./K.?) Collins, Mary D. Collins. 3rd day, 11 month, 1829, heirs of Solomon Collins. signed Solomon Collins, Isaac and Sally West, James K. and Emma Larkin, Jonathan and Elizabeth Tefft, S.P. Collins, S.P. Collins Jr., Martha and Ann Collins, Nathan Collins, Hezekiah Collins.

COLLINS, Lewis – PR 8:83 Will written, 17 June 1848 Proved 4 December 1848
Unnamed beloved wife, Sons, George L., Charles G., Daughter, Sarah Ann Collins.
He leaves 5 ewe sheep and ten dollars to Mary Ann Kinyon because of her kind treatment to him during his sickness.
Witnesses; Amos W. Collins, Charles W. Collins, Peter H. Collins
Inventory PR 8:87, 5 December 1848, appraisers, Isaac Collins, Charles W. Collins, Peter H. Collins
Additional inventory lists wife’s name as Lydia F. Collins.

COLLINS, Mary – TC 7:107, 2 December 1844, Charles W. Collins appointed Guardian of the person
and estate. TC 7:146, 5 January 1846, Charles Collins has housed Mary at Giles Wheeler’s house and letting her work for his wife.

COLLINS, Nathan – PR 9:160 1 July 1856 Administration
Wife, Tabitha.
Inventory PR 9:161, 3 July 1856 Appraisers; Jesse Wilbur, Thomas T. Larkin, Nathan Palmer

CONGDON, Sarah – PR 7:53, will written 25 April 1832, proved 30 November 1840
Daughter; Mary C. Hazzard, wife of Jonathan N. Hazzard. Ann Wilbur. Her son in law, Thomas Wilbur
to be Executor.
Witnesses; Christopher C. Lewis, Wealthy Lewis, Waity Langworthy.

COON, Abram – PR 4:252 Written, 6 July 1812 Proved 1 October 1813
Wife, Prudence. Sons; Abram Jr., Rowland, Daniel, Thomas.
Leaves his tanyard to his two sons, Abram & Thomas. Thomas to live with Abram until he reaches age 21, “teaching him the art & mystery of tanning & currying leather.”
Daughter; Nancy Bowler. Children of Avery Coon, deceased, of Petersburg, NY, Betsey, Nancy, Avery and Daniel B. Coon.
Witnesses; Daniel Babcock, Thomas Wells, Daniel Lewis Jr.
Inventory: PR 4:259 – 1 October 1813 Appraisers; Thomas Wells, Joseph Spicer, William Tanner.

COON, Abraham – TC 2:153, 2 April 1781 – Son to Elisha Coon, deceased. He chose Zebulon Weaver as his Guardian.

COON, Amy – Book 1824-1865, pg. 178, 20 April 1842, Whereas Thankful Harris, daughter of Amy Coon, who was a pauper of this town, claims articles of clothing she lent her mother. Voted that Thankful Harris be allowed said clothing.

COON, Daniel Jr. – TC 1:79 – 23 April 1765 – Daniel chooses Hezekiah Collins to be his Guardian.

COON, Daniel – PR 9:278 written, 2 January 1858 proved 29 June 1858
Wife, Fanny.
Witnesses: Christopher C. Lewis, Daniel Lewis 2nd, John H. Boss

COON, David (Cpt.) – PR 4:264 Written 10 May 1813, Proved 25 July 1814 “states he is in the 79th year of his age from the 9th of January last, decrepit and lame.”
Wife, Priscilla. Son; David. Daughters; Thankful Enos (her husband Joseph), Elizabeth Wells
(her husband Matthew), Mary Colegrove (her husband Eli), Sarah Burdick, (her husband Thompson), Nancy Burdick (her husband William) Vashti Burdick (her husband George), Esther Larkin (her husband Samuel Jr.) Priscilla Crandall, deceased, (her husband Asa) her children; Ariel, David, Nancy, Sally, “And I think there are two more whose names I do not recollect.”
Witnesses; Harriet Dowse, William Coon, Caleb Potter
PR 4:266 – 3 October 1814, Agreement between David and his mother. Receipt PR 4:270 –
3 February 1815, signed in South Kingstown, RI by Samuel Larkin Jr. for his wife Esther Larkin
Receipts: PR 4:280 – states David’s death date as June 29, 1814 in Hopkinton.
Canaan – 26 August 1815, Joseph Enos
DeRuyter – 30 September 1815, William Burdick
German – 28 September 1815, George Burdick
DeRuyter – 2 October 1815, Eli Colegrove
DeRuyter – 2 October 1815, Matthew Wells
DeRuyter – 2 October 1815, Thompson Burdick

COON, Dorcas PR 8:161 2 September 1850 Administration
(wife of Caleb Coon) Appraisers: Edward Hoxsie, Christopher Brown & Joseph Brightman
Inventory PR 8:162 2 September 1850
Horace Brightman appointed Guardian of Harriet Amanda Coon, Martha Coon, and Abial Coon (children and heirs in law of Moses B. Coon, deceased. Receipts 8:165 7 February 1851

COON, Elias PR 8:306 2 January 1854, Administration
Administrator, Horace Brightman

COON, Elisha – PR 2:115 will written, 8 May 1777 Proved, 4 May 1778
Wife, Ann Executor: Asa Coon
Son: Elisha Jr., Abel, Asa, Abram, James (last three under 18) Daughters: Bethany Satterly, Anne Crandall, Hannah, Olive (last two under 18)
*Land his father gave him.
Witnesses: Nathan Tanner, Jonathan West, Abel Tanner
Inventory PR 2 :120 30 April 1778 “of Cpt. Elisha Coon.” Appraisers: Elisha Stillman and
William Coon.

COON, Elisha – PR 3:11 will written, 17 September 1792, proved 19 November 1792
“of Easttown, County of Washington, New York.”
Brother-in-law, Sylvester Satterly of Easttown to be Executor.
Wife, Hannah. Sons, George, Elisha, James (under 21). Daughters, Anna, Sally, Betsey, Olive,
Hannah (under 18)
Witnesses; George Thurston Jr., David Nichols, Caleb Potter.

COON, Isaac – PR 5:330 Administration opened 4 September 1826, Christopher C. Lewis appointed
Administrator. Widow, Martha Coon. PR 5:333, Inventory, 4 September 1826 Appraisers;
Hezekiah Babcock, James Wells, Elnathan W. Babcock. Auction of Inventory PR 5:333, 26 November
1826. Receipts PR:335, 14 November 1826, Isaac, Charles, Lydia and Martha Coon of legal age, William, Fanny, Hannah, Maria, Daniel and Emeline Coon under age.

COON, Peleg – PR 2:18, 10 June 1772, Nathan Burdick be a Guardian to Peleg Coon.

COON, James – TC 1:141 (2nd set pgs.), 2 April 1770. Appeared James Coon, son of Daniel Coon,
deceased, and chose William Coon 3rd to be his Guardian.

COON, Thomas – PR 5:109 Will written, 27 March 1816, Proved, 3 April 1820
Wife, Anna Daughters; Martha Coon, Polly Coon, Betsey Wilbur, wife of Daniel Wilbur, Desire
Williams, wife of Daniel Williams. Sons; Libbeus, Lodowick (Lodowick being deceased, the money to go to his widow and she will collect and divide it between their 4 children), Sylvester, Thomas (deceased and has three heirs) Granddaughter, Almira Coon, daughter of Martha.
Witnesses; Robert Langworthy, Daniel Langworthy, Samuel Bliven.
Inventory PR 5:114 – 4 April 1820; Receipts PR 5:116

COON, William – TC 2:6, 11 March 1771, There have been many complaints against William Coon 3rd. The said William is continuously idle and by his evil conduct is likely to bring to himself and family want and misery and likely to become chargeable to this town. Therefore it is voted that Lawton Palmer be a Guardian to the said William.

COON, William 2nd – TC 2:258, 6 September 1786, That Caleb Church be appointed Guardian of said William. TC 2:308, 7 September 1789, Cpt. Ichabod Paddock appointed Guardian of William Coon 2nd. TC 2:310, 8 December 1789, Mr. Samuel Kinyon appointed Guardian to William Coon 2nd. TC 2:313, 1 March 1790, Thomas Wells and Zaccheus Reynolds appointed Guardians to William Coon. TC 3:58, 2 March 1795, William Tanner is appointed Guardian TC 4:28, 7 November 1803, William Coon 2nd conducts himself imprudently and is hereby appointed a Guardian.

COON, William – PR 4:161 Will written, 25 September 1803, Proved 3 April 1809
Sons; Isaac, Samuel, Jesse, Pardon, “my son, William, is incapable of getting a living…
therefore my sons, Isaac & Samuel to take care of him, for his natural life…”
Daughters; Sally Barber, Lois Saunders, Freegift Thurston, Patience Wells, Thankful Coon.
Witnesses; Barney Crandall, Clarke Potter, Caleb Potter.

COON, William – TC 4:194, 31 May 1813, Voted that David Coon Jr. is appointed Guardian to the person and personal property of William Coon.

COTTRELL, Fally – PR 7:92, Will written, 25 September 1829, proved 6 September 1841
Daughter; Fally Lewis wife of Thomas Lewis.
Witnesses; Joseph Gavit, Thankful Gavit, Mary Gavit.

CRANDALL, Amherst – PR 5:382 Administration opened 7 January 1828.
Widow, Mary Crandall. PR 5:383 Inventory, Appraisers; Elnathan W. Babcock, Robert Langworthy, Russell Maxson. PR 5:384, Estate Insolvent, Mary Crandall allowed $45.00 from inventory. Commissioners; Elnathan W. Babcock, Robert Langworthy, Maxson Johnson.
PR 5:385 Auction, 14 February 1828. PR 5:385, 1 August 1828, Commissioners
Report lists a pension of $27.02. PR 5:385 Bills submitted by Mary Crandall in administering the
estate, 2 quarts of gin when Council and Commissioners met in taking appraisal, 6 quarts of brandy for auction, evidence relating to getting pension money…

CRANDALL, Benajah – PR 4:158 Will written, 5 November 1808, Proved 6 March 1809
Wife – Thankful Sons; Cary, Peleg “I give and bequeath to the children (Peleg) had with his last wife, one dollar each” Grandson; Abram Crandall Granddaughters; Elizabeth, daughter of Cary Crandall
Elizabeth, daughter of Oliver Crandall
Witnesses; Jeremiah Prosser, Asa Sheldon, John Wilbur
Inventory PR 4:166, 15 March 1809 Appraisers; John Collins, Stephen Cole, Isaac Wilbur.
PR 4:209, 11 June 1811, the widow Thankful Crandall receives her 1/3 of the estate.

CRANDALL, Benjamin – PR 3:33 written, 25 October 1793, proved, 6 January 1794
*He leaves his “great steelyards” equally between his sons.
*Land description
Wife, unnamed. Sons, Luke, Benjamin, Rowland. Daughters, Anne Pendelton, Amelia Maxson, Sarah Burdick.
Leaves his negro girl, Giff, to his wife, (estimated worth 9 pounds). Upon the death of his wife, Giff is to be set free.
Witnesses; Benjamin Maxson, Perry Burdick, Smith Thayer.
Inventory: PR 3:35 17 December 1793 Appraisers; Uriah Saunders, George Maxson.Receipts: PR 3:69 7 March 1796 PR 3:109 2 December 1796, names widow, Atee/Alee?

CRANDALL, Benjamin – PR 6:140 will written, 14 August 1830, proved 28 May 1832
Wife – Martha, mentions five children; Sarah Crandall, Benjamin Wanton Crandall, Joel Crandall, Sophia Crandall and Daniel M. Crandall.
Witnesses; William Stillman Jr., Gardner Burdick, William C. Crandall
Inventory PR 6:143, 30 May 1832, Appraisers; William Stillman Jr, Gardner Burdick, William C. Crandall.
Inventory report indicates that Benjamin Crandall came into part of his estate by marriage to Martha, may be a second wife? Receipts were divided into equal parts with a ___ W. Douglass signing for their portion. It is not clear who ___ W. Douglass was.

CRANDALL, Benjamin – PR 8:36, Administration, 22 May 1848
Wife Tacy Crandall asks for an Administration and chooses Alfred Enos to be Administrator.
Inventory 8:37, 22 May 1848, appraisers Edward Hoxsie, George Hoxsie and Jeremiah Baggs.

CRANDALL, Christopher – PR 4:267 Written, 7 November 1814 Proved, 5 December 1814
Wife, Tacy. Four Daughters; Prudence Fenner, Lucy Winter, Esther Carpenter, Eunice Brand. Three sons; Pardon, Christopher, Asa.
Witnesses; Jonathan Maxson, William Robinson, Isaac Collins.
Inventory PR 4:267 – 9, 10 December 1814 Appraisers; Jonathan Maxson, Jabez Collins, John Thurston.
PR 4:278 – August 1815 Claims Against the Estate.

CRANDALL, Daniel C. – PR 9:53 , 6 November 1854 Administration
States he was a farmer. Samuel Crandall Jr. named Administrator.
Inventory: PR 9:54, 55, 6 November 1854.

CRANDALL, Ebenezer – TC 3:33, 3 June 1793, A letter was received from Ebenezer’s father, Jeremiah Crandall, who lives in Petersburgh, New York asking that a letter of Administration be granted to Joseph Stanton 3rd of Charlestown. Voted that a Letter of Administration be granted to Mr. Stanton.

CRANDALL, Elizabeth – PR 2:17 Inventory 12 March 1772, presented 6 April 1772
Administrator – Stephen Crandall

CRANDALL, Ethan G. – TC 4:211, 5 June 1815, son of Martha Granger, (now Martha Champlin) made choice of Daniel Babcock to be his Guardian.

CRANDALL, James K. – PR 6:269, 30 May 1836, Administration requested by widow and heirs.
John Wilbur appointed Administrator. Inventory PR 6:270, 29 June 1836, appraisers; Jesse Brown, Ethan Foster, Charles Noyes.
Receipts, PR 6:273, 1 January 1837, Paid to “the widow,” paid to the minor heirs, Mary, Esther and Elijah, their dividend, paid to six other heirs (unnamed) $9.00 each. TC 8:108, 30 December 2013, it was stated that the widow of James K. Crandall, Hannah, has deceased. Land to be divided between heirs, Lois Newton, Joseph Crandall, Lydia Edwards, Nathan R., Sally Palmer, Mercy Newton, Esther Palmer, Elijah (deceased with two children) and Mary Crandall.

CRANDALL, Jane – PR 5:351 will written, 20 January 1827, proved 2 April 1827.
Daughters, Jane White, Hannah Frink, Lydia Palmer, Susannah Worden.
Witnesses; George H. Perry, Ichabod Burdick, Desire Reynolds.

CRANDALL, John – PR 1:95 Will Written, 1 March 1747, Proved, 3 February 1767
Wife, Elizabeth Sons, John, David, Stephen, Benajah, Abijah, Ahijah (last 3 under 21)
Daughters, Hannah, Martha, Deborah Clark, Mary Langworthy, Tacy Davis, Elizabeth Crandall.
Witnesses: George Stillman, George Stillman Jr., John Stillman
Inventory: PR 1:97

CRANDALL, John – TC 2:319, 4 October 1790, It is represented to this Council that Mr. John Crandall is infirm and aged and incapacitated to conduct his affairs. It is voted David Nichols to be his Guardian.

CRANDALL, John – PR 3:61 Will written, 9 February 1793, proved 14 March 1796
Wife, Rebecca. His wife’s grandson, Henry Thorn. Granddaughter, Rhoda Lewis, daughter of Peleg Lewis of Charlestown. He leaves part of his estate to “the Church of Christ that is under the pastoral care of Elder Joshua Clarke.”
Witnesses: Thomas Saunders, Samuel Babcock Jr., Thomas P. Gardner
Inventory: PR 3:67 18 March 1796
Receipts: PR 3:74 4 March 1791, Receipts: PR 4:40 12 April 1800, mentions wife Rebecca and his son, Eber Crandall.

CRANDALL, John – TC 3:30, 4 March 1793, Voted Hezekiah Babcock appointed Guardian.

CRANDALL, John R. – TC 7:83, 1 January 1844. Guardianship. He was cited by the Council to attend
the meeting to chose a guardian.

CRANDALL, Jonathan – TC 2:118, 1 March 1779 “Personally appeared Jonathan Crandall, Jr son of Jonathan Crandall who is absent, being of proper age, and made choice of Abel Tanner as his Guardian. PR 2:240 6 February 1786 “Discharge be recorded as credit to Abel Tanner, Guardian of Jonathan Crandall, 136 Spanish milled dollars and one horse, for a note of hand which was due me from Col.
Jesse Maxson some time past which was for a bounty due to me for enlisting as a soldier being both principle and interest.”

CRANDALL, Joseph – PR 6:99 will written, 13 August 1829, proved 4 April 1831.
Calls himself a “Revolutionary Pensioner” in the first sentence of his will.
Three sons; Thomas, Lyndon and Nathan Crandall. Three daughters; Elizabeth Reynolds, Mary Ross and Susan Babcock. Also mentioned ; Martha Burdick, Polly Coon, and Charles C. Burdick, no relationship
mentioned to latter.
Witnesses; Sylvester Coon, Henry S. Burdick, Robert Burdick.
Inventory PR 6:101, 2 April 1832. Consisted of a full set of clothing. Included monies
owed ($111.42) to the Probate Court of Westerly for his Guardianship.

CRANDALL, Lewis – PR 4:154 Bethiah Crandall, Administrator. Inventory, 6 October 1808.
Appraisers; Benjamin Kenyon, Joshua Clark, Job B. Clark.
Receipts PR 4:167, 5 June 1809; Bills PR 4:170, 5 June 1809

CRANDALL, Luke – PR 9:312, will written, 13 August 1858 proved, 22 February 1859
Wife, Mary Ann. Sister, Mary Ann Crandall.
Witnesses: Joseph Potter, William A. Dayton, Lydia Babcock

CRANDALL, Mary (Polly) – PR 9:67, Will written ,12 March 1848 Proved, 1 January 1855
Collected a Revolutionary pension and died 30 October 1854.
Son, Luke Crandall, Ethan Crandall Daughter, Mary Ann Crandall
Witnesses; Joseph Potter, Mary Potter, Maria L. Potter
Receipts: Received $50.00 as per will, Nancy Brown, Mystic River, 22 November 1855
Received $50.00 as per will, Wealthy M. Babcock, Stonington, 22 November 1855

CRANDALL, Nathan J. – TC 9:81, 4 March 1856, John Champlin is appointed Guardian to Nathan
Crandall, a minor under 14 years.

CRANDALL, Nicholas – TC 6:71, 5 January 1835, he is assigned a Guardian, Josiah Witter. Mr. Crandall is in the habit of spending his estate foolishly and conducting himself imprudently.

CRANDALL, Peleg – TC 4:54, 6 May 1805, son of Rowland Crandall. Made choice of George Kenyon 2nd to be his Guardian.

CRANDALL, Rogers – PR 4:262 Inventory – 17 March 1814, Appraisers; Daniel Babcock, Joseph
Maxson 3rd, David Stillman. The meeting was held at Rogers’ brother’s house, Ezekial Crandall.
TC 5:5, 4 January 1819, David Stillman appointed Guardian to the minor children, Susan, Jarius and Rogers. PR 4:285, Vandue List (Auction), recorded 5 August 1816. Receipts PR 4:289, 5 August 1816. Receipts PR 4:327 in Hopkinton, 18 March 1824, Jarius Crandall, 4 March 1824, Susan Crandall, 2 October 1825, David Stillman.

CRANDALL, Rowland – PR 4:86 24 September 1804, items sold at Vandue (auction) by Samuel
Stanton. TC 4:59, 1 July 1805, Samuel Stanton is released from being Rowland Crandall’s guardian, on the condition that Rowland make a gift of all his property to his children and make a life lease agreement with them.

CRANDALL, Russell – PR 8:227 written 30 November 1851, proved 5 January 1852
Wife, Lucy Children, Savina Stuart, Sophina Slingerlund, Nelson R. Crandall, Caroline Call, George W. Crandall (they being my children by my second wife.) Children, Orrin B. Crandall, Phebe Coon, Nathan J. Crandall
Witnesses: Joseph Potter, Benjamin Green, Thomas V. Wells
Inventory PR 8:230, appraisers, George Irish, Elnathan W. Babcock, Benjamin Green
TC 8:144, 18 December 1851, Nathan J. Crandall, a minor over fourteen and under twenty one, chooses
Joseph Potter as his Guardian.

CRUMB, Daniel – TC 4:216, 25 March 1816, Mr. Crumb is conducting himself imprudently in the management of his estate and is likely to become chargeable to this town. Cpt. William Tanner is appointed Guardian to the person and to the estate.

CRUMB, Samuel – PR 3:141 Inventory taken 26 July 1798. Shown by Administrators Daniel Crumb
Sr. and his son, Daniel Crumb Jr. Appraisers Abram Utter, Thomas Wells.

DAVIS, Clarence Everett – TC 15:118, 1 March 1920 Minor Adoption
Mr. & Mrs. Claude Dodds petitioned for adoption of this individual and to change his name to Clarence Everett Dodds.

DAVIS, Flora – TC 15:106, 107, 10 September 1919 Wife of the late Rhodes Davis.
Leaves three minor children, Hazel Emeline, Arlene Flora and Rhodes Thomas. They were sent to the Rhode Island Home for Children per the Probate Court.

DAVIS, George W. – TC 4:228, 1 June 1818, a minor, son to Simeon Davis, deceased, and Charlotte Davis, widow, chose Thomas Wells to be his Guardian.

DAVIS, Jedediah PR 2:72 Will written, 26 January 1777 Proved, 1 April 1777
Wife, Amie Son, Oliver Daughters, Susannah Browning, Elizabeth Mumford
Granddaughters, Elizabeth Browning and Dorcas Mumford (both under 21)
Grandson, Jedediah Browning, leaves him farm in Charlestown, RI.
Leaves smith tools, sawmill tools, shoemaker tools, tanner and currying tools, his boat canoe
and marsh nets.
His negro man, James, percentage of farm profits in Charlestown and frees his slave upon his death.
“And my will is that my negro man, James, shall be free from slavery and not be held as a slave after
my decease and I give unto my said negroman James, the two thirds of the profits or improvement of my aforesaid farm lying in Charlestown during his life, he not make waste or sell of the wood and he to be under the care of Benjamin Hoxsie Jr. & Isaac Saunders to see that he does not make foolish bargains and waste what I give him but that the same be used purely for his comfort.”
Inventory PR 2:85 presented 19 May 1777 Appraisers Thomas Wells & John Maxson
Lists (partial), “Indian’s bed & furniture, gristmill irons, grindstone.”
Receipts PR 2:145

DAVIS, Jedediah PR 7:127 Will written, 22 April 1842, proved 13 June 1842 Brothers; Pardon, (he gives his ½ of his land and buildings to Pardon) Peter, Oliver and Walter W. “the reason why I give no more to my brothers last mentioned, is not for want of regard for them, them, but having due regard to the circumstances of the rest of the family.”
Sisters; Polly Davis, Lydia Davis, wife of John Davis, Betsey Davis, Amy Lewis, wife of Pardon Lewis.
Nephews; Oliver Davis, son of Pardon; Oliver Davis son of son of John and Lydia Davis,
Nieces; Mary Davis daughter of John Davis, Mary Davis daughter of Oliver Davis, Harriet Davis,
daughter of Pardon Davis, Eunice Davis daughter of John and Lydia Davis. He mentions his parents, Oliver and Penelope Davis.
Witnesses; Joseph Crandall, Nathan K. Davis, Christopher C. Lewis.

DAVIS, John – PR 2:265 Will written, 9 November 1786, proved 15 September 1788
Wife, Mary. Sons; Samuel and Joseph. Daughter, Sarah Marshall. Grandson, James Bassett.
Executor, Samuel Babcock of Hopkinton, his trusty friend.
Witnesses; Gideon Hoxsey, Tobias Saunders, Hezekiah Babcock.

DAVIS, Joseph – PR 2:271 Will written; 26 November 1788, proved 4 January 1790
Wife, Dorcas. Sons; Samuel, Joseph and Edward. Daughters; Martha, Comfort, Marvel, Anne,
Prudence and Tacy. Children under age; Clarke, Elizabeth, Ethan, Dorcas, Phanne.
Beloved and Trusty friend and brother, Amos Rogers (note: term “brother” had several meanings)
Witnesses; Benjamin Crandall, Ethan Maxson, John Burdick
Inventory PR 2:272 24 December 1789 Appraisers; John Burdick, Silence Palmeter
Receipts PR 3:20, 4 March 1793, PR 3:23 6 May 1793

DAVIS, Nathan – TC 2:83, 10 June 1777, The widow Tabitha David to be cited to give an account whether she excepts or refuses a letter of Administration on the estate of her late husband.
PR 2:57Inventory taken 25 February 1778, presented 6 April 1778
Wife & Administratrix, Tabitha
Appraisers – James Pendelton, John Maxson

DAVIS, Nicholas – PR 5:215, 16 June 1823, Administration. George H. Perry Jr. appointed
Administrator. Inventory PR 5:216, 1 September 1823, small inventory, 7 items. Appraisers;
William Tanner, Joseph Spicer, Samuel G. Tracy.

DAVIS, Oliver – PR 4:224 Written, 26 March 1812, Proved 15 April 1812
Wife, Penelope “Wife to have said profits of daughter Sarah’s land as long as she has her to
support.” Sons; Jedediah, Pardon, Peter, Oliver, Walter. Daughters; Mary/Polly, Hannah,
Sarah/Sally, Lydia, Susannah, Betsey, Amy.
Mentions giving his son, Jedediah the sawmill. States, “that my wife take care of that my three
youngest children are properly in school learning & enjoining on her to place my son Walter,
when of suitable age to some proper place to learn a trade.” Witnesses; Joseph Collins, Joseph
Lawton, John Wilbur.
PR 6:19, Receipt; 21 July 1834, Received of Rowse Browning of Waterford, CT, $720.00, a certain note
signed by Oliver Davis and in favor of the estate of Oliver Davis against the estate of Ephraim Browning and Susanna Browning, both deceased.

DAVIS, Sally – TC 9:89, 8 April 1856, the heirs (unlisted) have asked that the estate be settled concerning part of Sally’s portion of their grandfather David Larkin’s estate.

DEAKE, John Dr. – PR 1:45 Inventory – 8 February 1762 TC 1:74 – 8 February 1762 – Where it is
represented to this Council that the Widow Deak’s children have nothing to support them it is voted that
the overseer of the Poor go to their Grandfather Foster’s and order him to take care of them.
TC 1:40 (2nd set of pages) 21 April 1763 – Voted that the account presented to this council by John Langworthy for keeping Doct. John Deak’s child which is 25 pounds for five weeks. TC 1:41 – 30 May 1763 – Whereas John Foster has agreed with John Langworthy to take a small, the youngest (daughter is crossed out) child of Doct Deake decd. Voted that Thomas Wells Jr. and Edward Wells Jr. overseer of the poor for the Town bind said child to said Langworthy according the agreement. TC 1:46 (2nd set pgs.) 22 August 1763, Voted that Joshua Clarke have an order for 6 pounds old tenor for paper and going twice to Thomas Foster’s to issue the indenture of Deake’s children. TC 1:53 (2nd set pgs) 19 December 1763 –
Voted that Peter Main have an order for 69/2/6 for sundrys found paying the doctor and for the widow Hannah Deake which was at his house which is expected her father Foster will pay. TC 1:55 (2nd set pgs) – 16 January 1764 – Voted Charles Bowen be paid 5 pounds for removing the widow Deake to Richmond to her fathers house. TC 1:47 (2nd set pgs.) – 6 September 1763 – Whereas the widow Hannah Deake has been supported by order of this Town Council in expectation that her father John Foster would pay the
cost as he by law ought to do and as her said father has refused to pay anything towards said charge because she went out of the government and from the place that her said father ordered. Voted that this Council and as overseers of the poor will grant no more support for her where she now lives but she must return to the place where her father shall order if proper for her comfort.

DODDS, Clarence Everett – TC 15:118, 1 March 1920 – Clarence Everett Davis adopted by Mr. & Mrs. Claude Dodds.

DOUGLAS, Daniel M. –PR 6:211, Administration opened 1 September 1834, Allen C. Douglas of
Exeter named Administrator. Inventory PR 6:212, 8 September 1834, appraisers; Jabez Palmer, Peleg Maxson, Gardner Burdick. PR 6:216, 4 April 1836, $233.57 paid to Mary Douglas, Guardian to all the heirs of Daniel M. Douglas. TC 6:81, 4 January 1836, Jabez Palmer to be the Guardian to Joseph A., Daniel S., Henry F., Mary, Lucy and Lucinda Douglas, children of Daniel Douglas.

DOUGLAS, Mary – PR 6:330, Administration, 3 December 1838, “Special Meeting called” Edward
Barber named as Administrator. Children; Joseph A. Douglas and Daniel S. Douglas, minor children
over fourteen. Henry F. Douglas, Mary Douglas, Lucinda Douglas and Lucy Douglas, minor children under fourteen. Inventory PR 6:337, 10 December 1838,
Appraisers; John B. Stedman, Ray G. Stedman, Gardner Burdick. TC 7:10, 11, 12, Luke Nichols is Guardian and files accounts for children. Even though he boards them out to other families, he
charges “for his trouble for taking care of them.”

DYE, Enoch P. – PR 7:48, will dated 26 September 1838, proved 3 November 1840
Wife, Amy. Sons; William H., George T. and Thomas P., Daughters; Fanny J. Potter, Martha Ann
Barber, daughters under the age of 14 years, Abigail and Lydia Matilda Dye.
Witnesses; Sheffield Barber, Amos T. Barber, Isaac Greene

DYER, Charles – PR 2:20 Will written – 19 June 1772, proved 4 August 1772
Wife: Rebecca Daughters, Eunice (under 18), Rhoda, Hannah, Elizabeth Son – Jonathan (under 21)
Notes: “farm north of the road goes to Jonathan, south of the road be divided between the four daughters at age.”
“His negroman, Prince, be sold to pay for his last sickness.” His will mentions smithing tools.
Executor & friend, Benjamin Carr of Jamestown.
Witnesses: Samuel Tifft, Gideon Satterly, John Burdick
Inventory: PR 2:22 Receipts – PR 2:43

DYER, Jonathan and Rebecca (his mother) TC 3:84, 20 August 1796 Complaint to the Town Council that Jonathan (conducts himself imprudently) and Rebecca are about to convey their real estate. Deacon Zaccheus Reynolds appointed Guardian.

EDWARDS, Nathan PR 8:281 Administration, 14 February 1853
A request in writing brought forth by Sarah Edwards, Thomas Edwards, Sarah Coon, George W. Edwards, Nathan Edwards Jr., Stanton G. Edwards, William G. Edwards, Isaac C. Edwards, Phebe E. Main, and Mary E. Babcock.
Inventory Appraisers; Edward Hoxsie, Gardner S. Kenyon, Christopher Brown. PR 8:282, 14 February 1853

EDWARDS, Phineas PR 4:214, Inventory, 18 November 1811 Appraisers; Abram Coon, Joseph
Spicer, Isaac Coe. Receipts PR 4:245, 5 April 1813

ELDREDGE, Paris – PR 8:272 written 6 September 1852, proved 1 November 1852
“Being weak and feeble in health”
Wife, Nancy. Children: Humphrey Eldredge, Martha Woodmansee, Elizabeth Burdick, Mary Holloway, and Amy Ann Holloway.

ENNIS, Thomas – Land Evidence 18:513 Will written 28 March 1872, proved 3 July 1876
Recorded in Richmond Probate Book 12, page 268. Residence was Richmond.
Daughters; Mercy A. Tefft, Hannah S. Ennis, Irena D. Kenyon, Emma S. Talbot, Mary E. Ennis,
Jemima R. Sherman, Abby M. Whipple. Sons; Thomas W. Ennis (leaves farm in Charlestown), Paul G. Ennis (leaves land in Richmond), John C. Ennis (leaves land in Richmond) Emma’s three children; Ella E., George E. and David T. Talbot.
Witnesses; Isaac Collins, William C. Collins, Harriet E. Collins

ENOS, Benjamin – PR 7:180, will written, 3 June 1843, proved, 10 July 1843
Wife, Penelope. Sons; James K., Sheffield, Alfred
Daughters; Mary Stillman, Nancy Brand, Lucy Reynolds, Clarinda Tibbets
Grandson; Alfred Crandall when he is at the age of 21 years,
Witnesses; Christopher Brown Jr., Samuel Foster, Francis Hall.
Receipts; PR 7:182, Clarinda M. Tibbets signs in East Greenwich on May 18, 1844 for a partial amount

ENOS, Penelope – PR 7:279, will written, 25 July 1845, proved, 5 January 1846Sons; James K., Alfred. Daughters; Clarinda M. Tibbets.
Daughter-in-law; Lucy A.Enos. Grandchildren; Lydia Whightman, Betsey Dexter, Alfred Crandall, children of Lodowick Brand, Harriet Spencer, Mary Angeline Stillman, Almira Tamerson Stillman, Lucy A. Enos.
Witnesses; Jonathan G. Foster, Patience Foster, Susan S. Brown.

FENNER, Arthur – PR 8:322 20 March 1854 Administration
Content Fenner, widow appointed Administratrix.
Inventory PR 8:323, 3 April 1854, Appraisers, Harris Lanphear, Samuel Crandall Jr. David M. Crandall.
Content Fenner to be the Guardian of the estates of John E. Fenner, Stephen A. Fenner and Robert T. Fenner, minors over fourteen but under twenty one, Phebe B. Fenner, Mary E. Fenner, Benjamin A. Fenner and Maria B. Fenner, minors under fourteen.

FENNER, Content – PR 9:195, 6 January 1857 Adminstration
James M. Fenner appointed Administrator, but deceased by 22 January 1859. George Olney appointed.

FENNER, Edward – TC 4:196, 5 July 1813, Voted John Carpenter be appointed Guardian of the person and the estate of said Edward. 15 July 1813, Edward Fenner appears in Court and produced a writing signed by John Carpenter, stating it was his opinion said guardianship is useless. This Court taking into account the pleadings and having heard Fenner as well, determine it not best to terminate the Guardianship. Benjamin Fenner was appointed his new Guardian. TC 4:197, 2 August 1813, John Fenner, father of Edward Fenner appeared before this court and requested the Guardianship be taken off of Edward, stating there is no property likely to be saved by his being under Guardianship which would otherwise be disposed of and for some reasons he thought best to dismiss his said Guardian – this Court after hearing said Fenner, concur with him.

FENNER, James – PR 9:308, 11 January 1859 Administration
Did not have enough property to cover his debts. Samuel Richmond, Daniel Sherman, John G. Arnold,
appointed commissioners to settle estate.

FENNER, John W. – TC 7:118, 20 January 1845 Complaint by the Overseer of the Poor, Edward Barber, that John W. Fenner neglects to take care of and support his family, his wife being an expense to the Town. Mr. Fenner is cited. TC 7:138, 1 September 1845, Whereas Edward Barber, Overseer of the Poor has made complaint against said Fenner, and after hearing both parties at length, it is the decision of the Court that said complaint is not fully sustained and therefore said Fenner be discharged from said complaint.

FOSTER, Christopher – PR 7:291, will written, 5 October 1843, proved, 1 June 1846
His Adopted Niece, Hannah Braman and her son, William Braman. To Christopher F. Braman, and Luther Braman, and an unnamed daughter, children of Robert Braman. His adopted nephew, George W. Bramen, his farm in Stonington, CT. His adopted nephew, Isaac Braman, a farm in Penn, Munroe County, New York. Some money to go to the children of Benjamin and Joseph Braman (both deceased)
Witnesses; Gorton W. Arnold, John W. Collins, Josiah W. Langworthy
Executor Hazard Wilcox, deceased by 1 June 1846, Elias Tanner of Richmond appointed in his place.
PR 7:295, 9 June 1846 Appraisers; Josiah W. Langworthy, George Hoxsie, Russell Thayer. Receipts 7:298, 1846 through 1848, Dr. Perry paid $21.00, Dr. Collins paid $23.67, Dr. Kenyon paid $1.75, Nichols & Langworthy for coffin paid $16.91, Paid Thomas J. Brown in full for wife’s legacy (unnamed daughter of Robert Braman?) $16.75 for gravestone

FOSTER, David H. & Martha PR 4:223, 2 March 1812 Guardian Samuel S. Hardy exhibits 2 deeds dated June 23, 1810 & recorded in Cayuga County, New York on February 10, 1812 for their legacy.

FOSTER, Ethan – PR 6:311 , 5 April 1838, Administration requested by heirs, John Foster, Ethan
Foster, Thomas Foster, George and Mary Shaw and Elizabeth Foster. John Foster appointed Guardian to William Foster, son to Ethan Foster, who is under age 14. Inventory PR 6:312, 10 April
1838, appraisers; Jesse Brown and Francis B. Segar. Inventory listed a number of books.

FOSTER, Gideon – Inventory PR 4:143, 15 April 1808. Appraisers; Caleb Foster, Moses Barber, Henry
Brightman. Commissioner Report PR 171, 172, 3 July 1809. Receipts PR 4:175, 7 August 1809
Receipts PR 4:190, 8 October 1809 “which the heirs of David Foster, late of Lock, Cayuga County, New York had in said Gideon’s personal property…” “received 1,100.00 dollars…being the right which my wife Mary Palmer had in Gideon’s personal estate…signed Nathaniel Palmer.” “received 160.28…signed Joseph and Cinthe Braman. Receipts PR 4:192 18 July 1809, received $50.00 of Christopher Foster, Adm., on the estate of Hannah Allen, late of Hopkinton, dc’d signed Joseph and Cinthe Braman.
PR 4:205, 3 June 1811, Receipts and Accounting from Christopher Foster – Administrator;
1 bill from Amos Collins as Arbitrator in Gideon Foster vs Stephen Hoxsie
Lawton Foster for 1 day attendance in Court, Citing Nathan Kinyon to hear evidence
Citing George Kinyon to attend Supreme Court, Citing Nathan Hiscox to give evidence at the City
Citing Stephen Hoxsie & Dr. Collins to hear evidence, Citing Molly Grainger on 5 January 1809 to hear evidence, To serve writs on Stephen Hoxsie.

FOSTER, Jonathan – PR 2:141 Will written, 2 September 1778 Proved 2 October 1778 in Providence,
Proved again 7 December 1778 in Hopkinton
Daughters – Elizabeth Collins and Anne Foster, “whom I have given to my kinswoman, Sarah Lawton, daughter of Joseph Lawton, aforesaid to bring up” Sons – Jonathan, Lawton
Mentions “his kinsman, John Foster of John Foster of Richmond”
Witnesses: William Bowen, Phebe Congdon, Joseph Congdon
Inventory – PR 2:143 20 October 1778 Appraisers Stephen Maxson, Elias Burdick
Inventory – PR 2:153 31 March 1779
Receipts – PR 2:154 6 March 1779 signed Benjamin Collins for his wife Elizabeth Collins.

FOSTER, Jonathan G. – TC 7:3, 3 March 1840, Town Council minutes note that Christopher C. Lewis

FOSTER, Samuel – PR 7:284 Will written, 21 February 1846, proved 21 April 1846
Mother; Susan Foster Brother, Caleb, (property in Hopkinton) Jared M. (property in Aurora, Erie Co., NY), Jonathan G.Thomas Cloverdale (property in Aurora, Erie Co., NY ( friend??) Sister; Susan Foster, Elizabeth Brayman, Philenia Adell.
Witnesses; Christopher Brown, Alfred Enos, Thomas M. Wilcox.
PR 7:287, 20 April 1846, appraisers; Christopher Brown, Alfred Enos, Edward Hoxsie.
Receipts PR 7:285, 1847, Dr. Kenyon, Dr. Lewis – $13.00, Dr. John W. Collins – $33.13.

FOSTER, Thomas – PR 9:170, will written 15 April 1856, proved 4 August 1855
Wife, Phebe Children; Temperance Perry, John W. Foster, George C. Foster, Lydia Foster, Phebe Foster and Amos Foster.
Witnesses: John Foster, Sallie Kenyon, John Wilbur

GARDNER, Asa – TC 3:13, 2 April 1792 (a black man) Cpt. Samuel Babcock have a Letter of Administration of the goods, chattels and credits of Asa Gardner, deceased, and late a soldier in the service in the State of Rhode Island. TC 3:17, 6 August 1792, Whereas Asa’s brothers, Stephen Gardner and William Gardner appeal from the judgement of the Town Council.

GARDNER, Clarissa – PR 7:118 (see the estate of Judith Potter)

GARDNER, Elisha B. – PR 4:294 Written, 16 July 1817 Proved, 26 August 1817
Mother; Mrs. Ruth Brown, Uncle; Samuel Gardner, Sisters; Nancy Gardner, Patty Babcock,
Aunt; Nancy Gardner. Mentions land that he owns in Brookfield, New York
Witnesses; James Noyes, James Reynolds, Rowland Babcock.

GARDNER, John Fones – PR 3:130 Inventory 19 March 1798 Appraisers, Joseph Witter, Caleb Potter
Receipts: PR 3:137 2 July 1798 Mary Gardner signs with a mark.
Commissioners Report PR 3:144 2 July 1798 Receipts: 3:168 24 May 1799

GARDNER, Joseph and Hannah – TC 3:30, 4 March 1793, Elder John Gardner appointed Guardian of Hannah and Joseph, son and daughter of Joseph Gardner (a black) late of Hopkinton, deceased.

GARDNER, Lucretia – PR 5:444 will written, 13 June 1825, proved 16 October 1828
Appoints her brother, Samuel Peckham as Executor.
States she was the wife of Samuel Gardner. Son-in-law, Thomas P. Gardner.
Daughters – in- law, Ruth Peckham, Susannah Burdick. Stating that the children are “in-
laws” may meant step-children. Daughter, Nancy Gardner, Fanny Lewis (a widow).
Son, Samuel. Granddaughters, Martha Babcock, Fanny Lewis, Mary Ann Lewis. Great
grandson, William E. Green. Grandsons, Jeptha Lewis, Enoch Lewis.
Witnesses; Weeden Barber, Hannah Barber, Their (Thayer?) J. Crandall

GARDNER, Nancy – PR 7:190 will written, 9 June 1843, proved 6 March 1844
Gives $15.00 and her large bible to Elder Thomas Tillinghast.
Brother Samuel Gardner, to be Executor. Samuel is deceased by 15 February 1845 and Benjamin B. Thurston completes the Probate.
Gives $20.00 to Samuel Gardner Green when he arrives at 21 years old, or to his parents Maxson &
Mary Ann Green. Three nephews; William E. Green, Jephtha Malbone Lewis, Enoch B. Lewis.
Nieces; Nancy Gardner Green, Abby Frances Green and Sarah Lucretia G. Green, daughters of William E. Green, Abby E. Green, wife of William E. Green. Sally Lewis, wife of Enoch B. Lewis, Fanny T. Lewis, daughter of Enoch B. Lewis, Martha Squire, wife of Samuel Squire, Amy Stanton, widow, Fanny Blass/Bloss, she was Fanny Lewis; Susannah Green, widow; Susanna Stillman, wife of Benjamin Stillman. Eliza Ann Utter, Lucy Green, Polly Green, Susan Eddy, wife of George Eddy, (relationship
to last four individuals unclear.)
Witnesses; Benjamin S. Burdick, Frances Babcock, Christopher C. Lewis
Inventory PR 7:195, 22 February 1847, appraisers; John S. Champlin, Joseph Spicer,
George W. Holdrege. Receipts PR 7:346, 1847, Dr. Perry’s bill $18.58, Dr. Kenyon’s bill
$43.93, coffin $4.75.

GARDNER, Rutter – TC 2:156, 28 March 1785, Hezekiah Babcock presented a bill for boarding and nursing Rutter Gardner, a negro man who formerly belonged to Nicholas Gardner of Exeter, and late a soldier in the Rhode Island Continental Regiment.

GARDNER, Samuel – PR 4:273 Written, 17 February 1813, Proved, 7 August 1815
Wife, Lucretia. Gives $50.00 to Betsey Brown, “a girl I brought up.”
Sons; Thomas P., Samuel, John Gardner, deceased, to his widow, Ruth Gardner and their children, Elisha (under 21), Nancy and Martha (under 18). Daughters; Lucy Green and her husband Gardner Green and children, Ruth Babcock, Amy Clarke, Lucretia Green, Benjamin Green. Lydia Taylor. Mary Gardner (deceased) and her children, Sarah, Ruth, Watee, Amy, Mary and Dorcas. Ruth Peckham and her children, Amy and Sally G. Peckham. Daughters, Nancy Gardner, Fanny Lewis, Dorcas Williams, Susannah Burdick.
Witnesses; Samuel Langworthy, Marcy Langworthy, Thomas Albro.
Inventory PR 4:276, 20 September 1815, Appraisers, James Noyes, Hezekiah Babcock,
Weeden Barber. Additional Inventory PR 4:284, 5 August 1816.
Receipts PR 4:333 – In Hopkinton, 6 March 1819, wife, Lucretia Gardner.
In Brookfield, NY, 3 January 1818, signed Ruth Brown.
In Hopkinton, 9 December 1818, from my grandfather, signed David and Sarah Sweet
In Hopkinton, 29 August 1818, from my grandfather, signed James and Ruth Reynolds
In Hopkinton, 5 December 1818, from my grandfather, signed Amy Clarke
In South Kingstown, RI, 3 November 1817, from my father, Timothy and Ruth Peckham.
In Hopkinton, 25 December 1817, from my father, signed Simeon and Susannah Burdick
In _?_sia, 29 January 1818, from my father, signed Sanford and Lydia Taylor
In Hopkinton, 29 August 1818, from my father, signed Thomas P. Gardner.
In Hopkinton, 25 August 1822, from my father, signed Nancy Gardner
In Hopkinton, 17 January 1821, from my grandfather, Havens and Amy (Gardner) Hall
In Hopkinton, 1 December 1815, from my grandfather, Waty Brayman.
In Hopkinton, 29 August 1818, from my grandfather, signed Robert and Mary Card.
In Hopkinton, 22 March 1822, from our grandfather, signed, William G. Green, Lucy G.
Green, Mary White Green, Sophia W. Green.
In Southings(?), __ January 1821, from our father, signed Timothy and Ruth Peckham, John
C. and Ann Stanton, Sally G. Peckham.
In Plainfield, CT, 15 September 1821, from our father, Dorcas and Ralph Williams

GARDNER, Samuel – PR 7:327 written, 16 September 1846, proved, 6 November 1846.
In the first paragraph he mentions his late wife and requests that the estate procure a set of good sized marble gravestones, properly lettered.
He gives to Ann Green, wife of Maxson Green, the property left him by his father. His will is that after her death, the property go to her children, leaving a half acre for a burial ground, where he states his wife and parents are now buried.
He leaves all the crockery to Ann Green that belonged to his sister Nancy. He gives some household
goods to Eliza Babcock, under 21 (daughter of Charles Babcock, of Westerly). If Eliza should decease without issue, her property is to go to her brother Samuel G. Babcock. To Elisha G. Green, (when he reaches the age of 21 years) son of Maxson and Ann Green, property, also property he purchased from John Gardner. If he passes before that age, it is to be split between the children of Maxson and Ann. He leaves to Enoch B. Lewis, his farm in Hampton, Windham Co., Connecticut. He states that Samuel J. Lewis is Enoch’s son. He leaves land to the daughter and two sons of Charles Babcock, late of
Brookfield, New York, and the grandchildren of Samuel’s late brother, John. Leaves $2,000.00 to William E. Green. He mentions the Quonnocantaug land (in Charlestown ) that belonged to his wife and a graveyard there walled in by three sides and the fourth by a fresh pond. He mentions Jeptha M. Lewis, brother of Enoch Lewis. He leaves $150.00 to Ray G. Wells, (under 21 years) son of Silas and Hannah Wells, (no relationship mentioned)
Witnesses; Joseph Potter, George H. Perry, William Potter.
Inventory PR 7:335, 30 November 1846, appraisers; Elnathan W. Babcock, Henry Clark, Christopher C.
Lewis. First part of inventory worth $436.33 consists of hay, farm animals and potatoes, which states half of which belongs to Silas Wells who was in “Company” with Samuel Gardner. Receipts; PR 7:342, 28 April 1847, Dr. Weeden paid $2.00, $134.95 paid to Joseph Potter, guardian of Eliza Babcock.

GARDNER, Samuel – PR 8:2, 22 February 1847, Whereas Samuel Gardner, Executor of the Last Will and Testament of Samuel Gardner, the Elder, hath departed this life without fully completed the Administration of the said deceased. Benjamin B. Thurston appointed administrator.
Receipts – June 7, 1847, in Hopkinton; $48.00 from the legacy of my late mother Fanny Lewis signed Jeptha Lewis; Enoch B. Lewis for Francis Blass (Fanny Lewis was her mother); Maxson Green, due my late mother Fanny Lewis; Enoch B. Lewis, due my late mother Fanny Lewis.

GARDNER, Thomas P. – PR 6:151, written 1 July 1832, proved 3 September 1832
Wife not mentioned. Granddaughters; Polly Burdick, wife of Henry C. Burdick; Sally Crandall,
wife of John Crandall; Susan Green, daughter of Maxson and Ruth Green. Grandsons; Maxson Green, son of Maxson and Ruth Green; Rowland Saunders and his wife Susanna; (Franklin) Malbone Saunders. Daughters, Abigail Howard, wife of Oliver Howard Jr., Katherine Crandall, wife of James Crandall and Ruth Green.
Witnesses; Samuel Gardner, Christopher C. Lewis, Enoch B. Lewis.

GAN, John – PR 9:71, 1 January 1855 (a foreigner) William C. Crandall appointed Administrator.
Inventory – PR 9:72, 4 February 1855, Appraisers; Samuel Crandall Jr., Daniel M. Crandall and Harris Lanphear.

GODFREY, John – PR 5:8 – 3 August 1818. Wealthean Godfrey, widow, named Administratrix.
PR 5:9 Inventory, 11 August 1818 Appraisers Moses Barber, Edward Barber, Benjamin C. Maxson.
PR 5:54 Receipts, 2 August 1819, Elisha Kinyon was paid $7.00 for the coffin.

GOLUSHA, Daniel – PR 1:30 Inventory – 9 October 1758
Wife: Dorcas – named Administrator

GRANT, Levi – TC 2:149, 3 January 1785, Thomas Wells 2nd granted a letter of administration for Levi, a soldier in the Continental Rhode Island Regiment and late deceased.

Benjamin Green named Administator. Appraisers, Elanthan W. Babcock, Jesse Brown, Charles Noyes
Inventory: PR 8:260

GREEN, Dinah – PR 4:60 will written, 27 October 1804 proved, 11 March 1805
She states she is a widow. Mentions sister-in-law, Mary Barber, who is also a widow. Cousins; Polly Barber, Weeden Barber, Elizabeth Barber. Mentions Ruthy Kinyon, granddaughter of Mary Barber.
Witnesses: Robert Green, Amos Closson, Thomas P. Gardner.

GREEN, Elisha – TC 9:67, 5 February 1856, It is recommended that Elisha, son of Maxson Green, to make choice of a Guardian. He is under the age of 14 years and he chose his father.

GREEN, Esther – PR 7:187 Will written, 19 May 1841, proved 30 October 1843
Sister, Lucy Greene, Brother, Paul Green
Witnesses; George H. Perry, Elizabeth Perry, Sally Green.

GREEN, John – PR 6:318 will written, 16 June 1818, proved 13 August 1838
Wife, Prudence. Daughters, Hannah and Abigail Green Sons; Richard, William, Asa, Sanders, Nathan, Oliver D., Rowland, George, Alpheus and John Green.
Witnesses; Henry H. Holland, Asa Crandall, Hannah Crandall.

GREEN, Lucy – PR 3:182 Will written, 3 December 1799, Proved 3 February 1800
Executor to be Oliver Davis. Mentions Lucy Green daughter of William G. Green, Lucy Clarke daughter of Amy Clarke, Lucy Green daughter of Benjamin Green, my sister Amy Clarke, William Green Jr.
Witnesses; Eunice Congdon, Josiah Witter Jr., Jane White
Inventory: PR 3:184, 3 February 1800 Appraisers; Jesse Maxson, Godfrey White, Daniel White.

GREEN, Maxson – PR 7:218, will written, 26 August 1844, proved 6 November 1844
Sons; George W., Henry, Amos, William and Maxson Jr. Daughters; Penelope Niles, Tacy Gardner, Eliza Dunbar, Susan Eddy and Mary G. Burdick, wife of Reuben Burdick.
Witnesses; Weeden Barber, Weeden Barber Jr., Tacy C. Barber
Inventory PR 7:221, 13 November 1844, appraisers; Samuel Gardner, George W. Holdredge,
Elisha Saunders.
Receipts PR 7:224, 1844, paid Joseph Griffin $1.00 in medicine and attendance during last
sickness, paid Joseph D. Kenyon $8.88 in medicine and attendance during last sickness.

GREEN, Phebe – PR 8:309, 6 February 1854
Administrator, Samuel K. Browning. States Phebe Green is a widow.
Appraisers: Gorton W. Arnold, John Fenner 2nd, Benjamin W. Crandall
Receipts: PR 8:311, 6 February 1854 includes, Peleg W. Crandall charges $2.00 for horse and buggy to notify friends of deceased. David Kenny for digging grave $2.00, Samuel Richmond for coffin, $11.25

GREEN, William Gardner – PR 3:183 Will written, 3 February 1800, Proved 3 March 1800
Executor to be his trusty and beloved brother – in – law, Oliver Davis.
Wife Susannah. She is bequeathed all the land she inherited from her father, Oliver White.
The will gives her profits from the land in Charlestown, RI, which he inherited from his father,
William Green, now being improved by Jeffrey Green. Mentions son, William Gardner Green,
under 21 years, daughters, Lucy Green, Polly Green, Sophia Green, Susannah Green.
Witnesses; Oliver Davis, Woodman Wilbur, Caleb Potter.

HALL, Benjamin Jr. – PR 1:42 Inventory – 8 January 1761; At a Town Council Meeting 12 January
1761, TC Book 1:48, widow Temperance Hall appeared and made oath that she had shown all her
deceased husband’s estate for Inventory. Appraisers; John Maccoon, Nathan Burdick.

HALL, Braddock – TC 3:83, 4 July 1796, Henry Burdick to be Guardian.

HALL, David – PR 4:204 Written 2 August 1806, Proved 3 June 1811
Calls himself “of Westerly” Probate Court calls him “of Hopkinton.”
Wife: Hannah. Sons; Amos, David, William, Daniel, Nathan, Benjamin. Daughters; Rachel Ellis wife of Gideon Ellis, Deborah Austin wife of George Austin, Judith Austin wife of David Austin, Lydia Austin wife of James Austin, Abigail Rogers wife of Joshua Rogers.
Witnesses; Edward Hiscox, Isaiah Wilber, Christopher Wilber.
PR 4:224 Division of Land, 16 March 1812, surveyors; Alpheus Burdick, George Kinyon 2nd, Benjamin Crandall.

HALL, Ezekial – PR 2:57 Inventory 25 March 1779
Administrator, Cpt. Nathan Barber Wife, Patience
Appraisers: David Nichols Jr., Job Hall Mentions shoemakers tools

HALL, James – Land Evidence Book 3:602 James Hall,late of Fishers Island. The heirs of Mr. Hall,
late of Fishers Island, now of Stonington, CT, are selling property he owned in Hopkinton and are as follows; Elizabeth Hall, Joshua Hall, Huldah Hall, Desire Hall, Rebecca & James Galley/Gallea, Amos Merritt, Elizabeth Merritt, Simeon Hall, Cloe Merritt.

HALL, Jacob – TC 2:164, 15 April 1782 Moses Hall is granted a letter of Administration for the estate of his father.

HALL, John – PR 2:76 Administrator – John Hall
Inventory – 19 March 1777, Appraisers Lawton Palmer & Stephen Potter Jr.
Receipts – PR 2:112 6 April 1778, John Hall as Administrator to his father John’s estate.
Inventory: (additional) PR 3:53 24 October 1794

HALL, Moses – Book 1733 – 1830, pg. 313, died 1820. His daughter, Dorcas Lewis is named Administratrix.

HALL, Moses – PR 9:284, will written , 14 April 1858 proved, 29 June 1858
Son, Daniel N. Daughter, Mary Hall Daughter-in-law, Elizabeth, widow of son David Hall
Witnesses: John W. Collins, Howard L. Burdick, Ezekiel Austin
Inventory: PR 9:288, 22 February 1859, Appraisers; William C. Crandall, Chapman Matteson, Jedediah Kenyon

HALL, Sarah – PR 1:39 Will written, 10 December 1745, Proved 15 December 1760
Sons: Joseph, Benjamin Daughters: Mary, Sarah, Honor & Elizabeth Maccoon
Grandson: Benjamin Hall
Witnesses: Mercy Willis, Mary Burdick, Edward Saunders
Inventory: PR 1:41

HAND, Hannah (Mrs.) – PR 2:274 Inventory 17 January 1790 Appraisers; John Burdick, Amos
Rogers. Son, Daniel Crumb have a Letter of Administration for his mother, Hannah of Guilford, CT.

HANNAH, Desire PR 2:123 Will written, 26 April 1778, Proved 1 June 1778
Niece, Hannah, daughter of James Wells Jr. Brother, James Wells Jr.
Her negro, Jane, to be freed upon her death.
Witnesses: Dorcas Lewis, Hannah Coon, Joshua Clarke
Inventory PR 2:124 29 May 1778 Appraisers William Thurston, Elias Lewis

HALL, Ezekial TC 3:138, 11 February 1799, Moses Barber appointed guardian to Ezekial Hall Jr. (a minor).

HALL, Henry (his unnamed wife) TC 3:16, 2 July 1792 “Voted that Cpt. Samuel Babcock have an order to the Town Treasury for 3 pounds, it being in full for boards for Henry Hall’s wife.”

HALL, Jacob PR 2:196 10 March 1782 Administrator Moses Hall
Inventory: Appraisers Israel Stiles, Abel Tanner

HALL, John TC 2:79, 3 March 1777, John Hall appointed administrator to his father’s estate.

HALL, John TC 3:47, 5 May 1794, whereas John Hall late of Hopkinton hath left some small estate & no person appears (as yet) to Administer said estate and the woman who kept his house is about to go away. Wherefore it is voted that David Nichols Esq. take Hall’s estate into his care and keep it in his custody until further orders from this Council.

HEALEY, Joseph – PR 3:203 Will written, 1 January 1801 Proved, 13 February 1801
Wife Martha. Children of Martha at time of her marriage to Joseph, Mary and Martha Davis.
Sons, John, Joseph, Christopher, Thomas, Daniel and Peter.
Daughters, Sarah Main, Rachel Thompson, Hannah Healy, Prudence Hall’s children, Joshua, James, and Charlotte Hall.
Witnesses: Judith Palmer, Hannah Champlin, Joseph Collins.
Inventory: PR 3:204 2nd month 1801 (mentions “goods that came by his last wife.”)
Appraisers: Isaac Wilbur, John Wilbur, Abel Collins.
Receipts;PR 3:215 3 August 1801, PR 3:218 1 February 1802, PR 4:28 7 November 1803, signed from John Healy of South Kingstown on 13 August 1803, signed from Joseph Healy of Providence on 28 October 1802, signed from Joshua & Rachel Thompson of Stonington, Ct on 28 January 1803; PR 4:30(undated) Receiptsof William Wilbur,Executor; PR 4:39 20 August 1804

HEALEY, Paul – TC 7:76, 30 October 1843, He was cited to appear before the Town Council to choose
a Guardian for himself. TC 7:83, 1 January 1844, after hearing the parties at length, it was decided it was expedient to appoint a guardian, Col. Edward Barber appointed temporary guardian. TC 7:84, 11 January 1844, the Overseer of the Poor reported that Paul Healy has been trading, trafficking and disposing of his property. His wife has thrown herself on the town as being destitute and it appears that he is disposed to leave his wife in a destitute situation. The Town Council appointed Joseph W. Knapp of Westerly as his guardian.
TC 7:85, 12 February 1844, Personally appeared Paul Healy and his wife to express dissatisfaction with the conduct of the Guardian Joseph W. Knapp, proving him to be unsuitable. The Healy’s agreed to Benjamin Barber Woodmansee for the Guardian.
TC 7:86, 11 January 1844, Inventory. Appraisers; Thomas P. Dye, Jedediah Kinyon, Benjamin B. Woodmansee. Guardian Benjamin B. Woodmansee released as Guardian 1 April 1844 TC 7:93

HERRICK, Benjamin – TC 3:37, 7 January 1793, Complaint is made to this Council that Benjamin Herrick is attended with disorder both of body and mind where he is rendered incapable of conducting his affairs or even taking care of himself. Jonathan Potter appointed Guardian.

HIDE, John – TC 3:63 Guardianship, Moses Barber appointed Guardian.

HILL, Josiah PR 3:8 Inventory 31 May 1792 Widow, Jemima Hill, Appraisers; Joseph Witter Jr.,
Abel Tanner. Receipts – PR 3:47 5 May 1794

HILL, Samuel – TC 2:80, 1 April 1777, Wife Sarah is appointed Administrator. – PR 2:87 Inventory 15 May 1777 by Thomas Wells & Abel Tanner Receipts – PR 2:86

HILL, Sarah – PR 2:190 Written 4 February 1781, Proved 4 June 1781
She states she is a widow. Nephew Ebenezer Lamb (under 21) niece Lydia Lamb (under 18)
States that both nephew and niece live with her.
Trusty friend, Abel Tanner to be Executor.
Witnesses: Henry Burdick, Nathan Burdick, Nathan Porter, Green Lewis
Inventory: PR 2:192, 194 30 May 1781 includes; beehives, 1 peck of salt valued at three shillings, 1 dog puppy valued at three pounds.
Appraisers: Oliver Davis, Abraham Utter.

HILLARD, George – TC 8:304, 6 March 1854. Harris Lanphear be the Guardian of George (a minor).

HISCOX, Joseph – PR 4:202 Will written 20 November 1792, Proved 4 March 1811
Sons; Simeon, Thomas, Clarke. Daughter; Eunice Clarke, wife of William Clarke
Grandson; Joseph Hiscox, son to my son Joseph who is deceased.
Witnesses; Luther Bliven, Elizabeth Ross, Samuel Bliven
Inventory: PR 4:208 – 3 June 1811 Appraisers; Rowland Burdick, Clark Burdick, Weeden Barber.
PR 4:219 – 28 October 1811, Claims against the Estate, PR 4:237 – April 1812
Petition to Sell Real Estate by Executor.

HISCOX, Rowland – TC 8:292, 12 September 1853, his father Arnold Hiscox comes before the Town Council and complains that Rowland is squandering his estate very improperly and should be appointed a Guardian. He is adjudged to be incompetent to manage his affairs. Gideon Palmer is appointed his guardian.

HOLDREDGE, George W. Administration 12 April 1853
Administrator – Nathan K. Lewis
Widow, Eunice Adelia Holdredge given $202.82, Charles Holdredge is appointed Guardian to the children, Elizabeth, Catherine and Sabrina, all under fourteen.
Inventory PR 8:292, 19 April 1853
Appraisers: Gorton W. Arnold, Josiah Langworthy, James C. Baker.

HOXSIE, Ann – PR 2:234 Will written, 4 December 1784, proved 31 August 1785
John Hoxsie of Richmond, Executor TC 2:168, states John is the son of Stephen Hoxsie.
Names; George Kinyon & wife Martha, Daughters of George Kinyon; Catherine, Sarah, Anne,
Elizabeth, Lydia, Bathsheba; John Hoxsie Kinyon s/o George Kinyon; to Anne & Elizabeth Rogers d/o Thomas Rogers, to John Hoxsie s/o Stephen Hoxsie, to Edward Hoxsie, a spoon that was his grandfather Hoxsie’s; Anne Watson, d/o Robert Watson; Sarah Langworthy, w/o Amos Langworthy, Anne Burdick, d/o Daniel Burdick, Anne Burdick, d/o Edmond Burdick, John Hoxsie Weaver & Anne Weaver, children of Zebulon Weaver; Priscilla Coon, w/o David Coon; Elisabeth, Sarah, Priscilla, Anne, Ester & Mary Coon, daughters of David Coon; Hannah Hoxsie, d/o Stephen Hoxsie; Anna Foster, d/o Jonathan Foster; Mary Nye, wife of Caleb Nye; Samuel Sheffield; she instructs her Executor to give the remainder of her estate to her poor friends at the “Monthly Meeting of South Kingstown.”
Witnesses: Huldah Trip, Stephen Hoxsie, Abigail Hoxsie
Receipts: PR 2:268 6 July 1789

HOXSIE, John – PR 1:99 Will written, 9 January 1745/6 Proved 12 May 1767
Wife: Anna Sons: John, Joseph, Solomon, Stephen, Benjamin,
Witnesses: Cyrus Button, Mehitable Jeffrey, Anna Richmond, Stephen Richmond

HOXSIE, Mary – PR 9:28 Will written 13 January 1849, proved 2 October 1854
Brother, Weeden Barber, Nephew Weeden Barber Jr., Niece, Thankful Kenyon (wife of David), Niece, Mary Palmer (wife of Amos Palmer) and their eight unnamed children; Niece, Mary Burdick (wife of Isaac Burdick) and their eight unnamed children; Niece, Lucy Joslin (wife of David), Names Experience Peckham (relationship not given) (widow of Robert), Susan Kenyon (relationship unknown) (wife of Thomas B.) Bathsheba Hoxsie (relationship unknown) (daughter of John Hoxsie), Nephew, George Babcock, Nephew, Benjamin M. Barber, Allan Barber ( relationship unknown) (son of Thomas J. Barber) Abby Frances Barber (relationship unknown) (daughter of John A. Barber), Harriet Frances Kenyon
(relationship unknown) (daughter of David Kenyon) Mary Elizabeth Fuller (relationship unknown) (daughter of David Kenyon); Elizabeth Mary Burdick (relationship unknown) (daughter of Isaac Burdick)
Mary appropriates money for gravestones for her mother and father, her little sister and her grandmother. She specifies any money left in her estate to be divided between Mary Burdick, wife of Isaac Burdick; Weeden Barber Jr.; Thankful Kenyon, wife of David Kenyon; Mary Palmer, wife of Amos Palmer.
Witnesses: John A. Champlin, William Burdick, Stephen Burdick
Inventory: PR 9:31, 9 October 1854