Probate Records 1757–1850, I-R

Below are probate records for the Town of Hopkinton for the years 1757 – 1850, with the last names beginning I-R.

See also records A-BC-H, and S-Z.

IRISH, George – PR 3:231 Will written, 7 October 1801 Proved (in Middletown, RI) 19 October 1801
He states he is “of Middletown.” Wife: Sarah.
*good land descriptions. Sons: Joseph (farm in Hopkinton), Jedediah (farm in Stonington), James
(land in Richmond), John (land in Middletown) George Irish. Daughter: Martha Irish and her daughters, Hannah, Mary, Sarah, & Phebe. Her sons, Elias & John Irish.
Daughter: Rebecca Bowler and her sons, Charles, George and William Bowler, her daughters,
Sarah and Rebecca Bowler. (land in Hopkinton) Daughters: Phebe Irish & Patience Irish. Sarah Bailey, Mary Bailey, son-in-law William Bailey. Grandchildren, Sarah Ann, Patience, John, William, George, and Isaac Bailey.
Gives a farm in Richmond to Bartholomew Philips, son of John & Elizabeth Philips, Bartholomew to give a life lease to his mother, Elizabeth.
He gives his “black man, Jupiter, his freedom after my decease and a home with any of my sons
whom he may choose to live with.” PR 3:234
Addendum: PR 3:235 *land description. Mentions grandson, George Irish, son of Benjamin Irish, who is under the guardianship of Rowland Babcock.
Witnesses: Jonathan Easton, Edward Thurston, Asher Robbins.
Receipt PR 4:226, 4 February 1808, “received from William D. Bowler…$175.00…the full one third part of a legacy given to Rebecca Bowler by her honored grandfather, George Irish, signed Pardon and Rebecca Wilbor

JOHNSON, Cynthia – PR 8:151, 1 April 1850 Administration Benjamin B. Thurston appointed Admistrator. Oliver Cole guardian of minor child, Andrew J. Johnson.
Appraisers: Jesse Brown, Joseph Spicer, Charles Noyes, 15 April 1850.
Children on receipts; Andrew J. Johnson, Phebe Coffin, George Johnson and Jonathan C. Johnson.

JOHNSON, Edmond – Inventory: PR 4:14 16 November 1801, shown by his widow, Desire.
Appraisers; Enoch Crandall, Gideon Johnson, Elisha Stillman.

PR 4:35 Receipts, 6 February 1804, accepted by the Probate Court. Dated 6 March 1801 in South Kingstown a receipt to Robert Wilcox, paid 9 December 1801 by Desire Johnson, Executrix, list of receipts mentions a Michael Johnson. Receipt – PR 4:37 7 May 1804 brought from Desire Johnson, widow to Ezekial Johnson. Ezekial Johnson signed the account in Richmond in November 1801.
Receipt – PR 4:49 5 November 1804 from Capt. Ezekial Johnson, Administrator.

JOHNSON, David – TC 2:289, 5 May 1788 Guardianship, Mr. Nathaniel Johnson receives Guardianship of his grandson, David, son of Lt. David Johnson, deceased.

JOHNSON, David (Lt.) – PR 2:201, 244, 245 Inventory 28 December 1780Wife, Mary. Appraisers; Joshua Tanner, Zebulon Weaver
Receipts; wife Mary borrowed money from Jeremiah Tefft “to go to Newport when my husband lay
sick there.” And “for keeping sons, Reuben and Stephen for 79 weeks with Grandfather.” “To cash paid Nathaniel Johnson for living with him…”
Receipts PR 2:257 21 November 1787 Mary, Administratrix, received 5 pounds, 13 s.
PR 3:130 “Newport, May Term 1784” Oliver Durfee of Newport obtained a Judgement of Court against
Mary Johnson of Richmond…Administratrix of the Estate of David Johnson, laborer, deceased, the sum of 2 pounds, 15 shillings and 9 pence. TC 2:305, 6 July 1789, Voted that a receipt of 2 _ from David Nichols Esq. to Zebulon Weaver accepted and recorded as credit to said Weaver to be paid out of said estate of David Johnson, deceased in the late War.
Receipts PR 3:193 from Jeremiah Tefft, Administrator, 25 March, 5 May and 7 October 1800.
Receipts PR 3:201 17 December 1800 in Richmond, 6 December 1800 Reuben Johnson gives Power of Attorney to brother Stephen Johnson. PR 3:202 8 September 1800, Mary Johnson, widow, mentions three heirs of her husband, David, Reuben and Stephen.

JOHNSON, Jonathan C. – PR 7:227 , 6 January 1845. Administration, widow Cynthia Johnson named
Administratrix. Inventory PR 7:228, 8 January 1845, appraisers; Jesse Brown, Maxson Johnson
Oliver D. Cole. One item of interest was he owned a stagecoach.
TC 7:111, 6 January 1845, Cynthia’s children George T. Johnson and Andrew J. Johnson (minors)
and made choice of Oliver Cole as their Guardian. Cynthia Johnson named as Guardian of minor daughters, Phebe D. Johnson and Susan H. Johnson (minors)

JOHNSON, Mary – PR 4:283 Will written, 2 May 1806, Proved, 3 June 1816
Son, Jonathan Clark Johnson. Daughter, Mary Lewis
Trusty Friend, Abram Coon.
Witnesses; William Wilcox, Tacy Wells, Elias Burdick.
Codicil – Written 23 March 1814, to her granddaughter, Mary Lewis, daughter of her daughter Mary Lewis.
Witnesses; Jeremiah Thurston, Mrs. Mary Spicer, Mrs. Prudence Coon.
Receipts PR 4:284, 1 February 1813, “Received of widow, Mary Johnson, Administratrix to the estate
of her late husband, Jonathan Johnson of South Kingstown…Nathaniel & Mary Lewis.

JORDAN, Edmund – PR 8:92 Will written 18 July 1848 proved 1 January 1849
Wife, Bridget. Sons, Allen, Joseph, George and Edmund. Daughters, Mary Ann Clark, wife of William Clark, Eliza Richardson wife of Thomas Richardson, Adeline Jordan and Emily Jordan.
Witnesses: Nathan Wilcox, Sanford N. Button, George P. Tefft
Inventory; PR 8:95, 2 April 1849 (states Edmund’s death date was 2 October 1848)

JORDAN, Margaret – PR 2:108 Administrator Amos Langworthy. Inventory taken 3 March 1778
Appraisers, George Thurston Jr., Thompson Wells TC 2:92, 1 March 1778, John Frazier, Administrator removed for not procuring a bond, Amos Langworthy named Administrator.
Receipts – PR 2:170 15 February 1779, to her sister Ruth (Jordan) Gardner, living in Preston,
CT. 17 May 1779, John and Sarah Fraiser “our sister”
Discharges – PR 2:205 24 November 1781, Stephen Jordan, her brother

KENYON, Benjamin – PR 4:215 Written – 21 September 1811, Proved – 16 December 1811
Daughters; Elizabeth Chapman, Tacy Kinyon Sons; Augustus, Benjamin, Rogers.
Grandson; Peleg Utley. Benjamin Kenyon requests suitable “gravestones to my grave as also to my late wives graves.” (possibly more than one wife)
Witnesses; Daniel Babcock, Amherst Crandall, Prudence Edwards.
Inventory PR 4:217, 2 January 1812 Appraisers; Job B. Clark, Nathan Potter, Joseph Maxson.
Receipts PR 4:241- 30 October 1812, “from my fathers estate, Augustus Kenyon, of Brookfield Madison Co., NY. PR 4:241 – 27 January 1812 “from my fathers estate, Elizabeth & Joseph Chapman, Aaron & Tacy Kenyon. PR 4:300 – 5 March 1813, Lebanon, CT, signed Peleg Utley Jr.

KENYON, Benjamin – TC 113, 20 March 1829, Ann Kenyon received one yoke of oxen as part of her right of dower from her husband’s estate.

KENYON, Benjamin – PR 7:139, 18 July 1842
A request in writing brought by Benjamin Burdick, Polly Burdick, W. Sally Burdick, Jedediah Kenyon, Russell Thayer, W. Sarah Kenyon, Hannah Kenyon and Amy Dye.
A will was brought forward, witnesses Benjamin W. Crandall, Lillibridge Barber and Caleb Potter felt Benjamin was incapable of writing a will which the Probate Court dismissed. An Administration was then opened.
Inventory PR 7:140, 5 September 1842 Appraisers; Benjamin W. Crandall, Edward Barber
Receipts PR 7:144, 31 October 1842, the widow Sarah Kenyon allowed $25.26, and the things she
brought with her when she came to live with the said Benjamin.
Receipts PR 7:237, attending to farming business from July 18th to October 30, 1842 – $5.00;
4 days mowing – $4.00; Reuben Brown for coffin – $5.50; Orrin Doty for three
gravestones – $30.00; Dr. L. A. Palmer – $5.40

KENYON, Charles N. – PR 9:151, 8 April 1856 Administration
Charles Noyes named Administrator. Inventory – PR 9:152, 2 June 1856, appraisers, John S. Champlin, Henry Whipple, Burrel Slocum.

KENYON, Clarissa – PR 6:218 Administration , 29 September 1834, Stephen Palmer Jr. named
Administrator. Inventory PR 6:219, 28 November 1834, appraisers; Andrew Nichols, Simon Kenyon,
George S. Kenyon.

KENYON, David R. – PR 6:191 Administration, 2 December 1833, Godfrey Arnold named
Administrator. Inventory PR 6:192 Appraisers; Andrew Nichols, John Webster, Nathan F. Chipman.
Widow Sally Kenyon requests her one third part inventory, 20 January 1834.
PR 6:215, 6 June 1836, Gardner Kenyon requests the removal of the Administrator, Godfrey Arnold. Mr. Arnold presents an account of the estate and is dismissed.

KENYON, Edward – TC 8:86, 22 March 1850, the overseer of the poor complains that Mr. Kenyon has a sum of money which will be payable to him soon and according to certain individuals acquainted with him, that he would not make a prudent use of his property and recommended he have a Guardian. TC 8:89, 15 April 1850, Edward Kenyon appeared before the Town Council and was much opposed to having a Guardian. He presented some writings showing that he has been industrious.

KENYON, Elisabeth – TC 4:107, 5 August 1807, It is represented to the Council that Elisabeth Kinyon, widow of Peleg, (being advanced in years) conducts herself in such a manner, her estate is likely to be squandered away. Benjamin Barber appointed Guardian.

KENYON, Elisabeth – PR 6:104, Will written 7 April 1830, proved 4 February 1831, 1st meeting, 4
April 1831, 2nd meeting Executor, George Kenyon.
States she is a widow. To her “well beloved” granddaughter, Mary S. Kenyon, wife of George
W. Kenyon. To her great granddaughter, Atmary R. Kenyon. To her “well beloved” granddaughters, Susan E. Kenyon, Elisabeth A. Kenyon and Elisa A. Kenyon. She states she does not name the rest of her grandchildren because of her generosity towards them in the past. She mentions her “well beloved” son John S. Kenyon of Sterling [CT] Mentions late husband, Peleg Kenyon who willed land to his children, Gardner Kenyon, Sheffield Kenyon, Robert Kenyon, Susannah Crandall and Mary Kinyon. Calls Robert
Kenyon her “well beloved” son. Mentions grandson, Joseph D. Kenyon. Requests burial next to her husband, Peleg.
Witnesses; Samuel Brayton, Hazard Wilcox, Nancy Wilcox.
Inventory; PR 6:107, 5 September 1831, Appraisers; Andrew Nichols, John Webster, George S. Kenyon. Estate deemed insolvent, commissioners appointed, 5 September 1831, Andrew Nichols, Hazard Wilcox, Samuel Crandall.
Citation issued to John S. Kenyon of Sterling, for concealing, embezzling and selling personal estate of
his mother’s.

KENYON, Ezekial – TC 5:31, 28 August 1821, John H. Kenyon be appointed Guardian to the person and the estate.

KENYON, George – PR 5:87 – Will written, 19 October 1819, Proved 20 December 1819.
Sons; Solomon, John H. Kenyon Daughters; Martha Kenyon, Mary Nichols, Sarah Congdon, Anna Hoxsie, Lydia Collins, Elizabeth Hoxsie, Bathsheba Kenyon.
Grandsons; George Hoxsie, Solomon Hoxsie (states he is the son of Joshua Hoxsie)
Witnesses; Christopher Crandall, Thomas Taylor Jr., John Wilbur
Inventory; PR 5:91, 7 February 1820, Appraisers; Christopher Crandall, Thomas Taylor Jr., John Wilbur
Receipts PR 5:94, On December 10th, 1819, Amos Green was paid $7.50 for a cherry coffin.
PR 5:95, 30 Dec. 1821, legacy given to my son George, signed Stephen Hoxsie. PR 5:96,
5 Jan 1822, a legacy given to my wife by her father, Lewis Collins. PR 5:96, 17 Sept. 1822, a legacy
given to my wife Sarah, signed John Congdon. PR 5:96, 11 June 1822, a legacy given to my wife,
Anna Hoxsie, signed Stephen Hoxsie. PR 5:97, 1822, a legacy from George Kenyon of Hopkinton,
deceased, to my honored father, George S. Hoxsie, deceased of Richmond, Signed George S. Kinyon. PR 5:97, 26 Jan. 1827, tells of a receipt signed by her late husband, Stephen, Signed Anna Hoxsie. PR 5:98, 11 Sept 1824, in German, New York received of estate, Signed Jonathan & Martha Kenyon. PR 5:98, 9 Sept 1824, Brookfield, New York, received of estate, Signed Gideon Kenyon.

KENYON, George – PR 6:366 – will written, 4 October 1839, proved, 26 November 1839.
Wife, Sarah. Son, George Daughters, Hannah Bentley and Ruth Woodmansee.
Grandchildren; Edward, George and Sarah Kenyon, children of his son, Samuel. (The couple
was raising them.) He bequeaths items to the children of his deceased daughter, Sarah Thompson.
but does not name them. Mentions several times, the “Dexter Place/Lot” Names his “trusty friend, Dr. Isaac Collins” as Executor.
Witnesses; Moses Hall, Lodowick Sisson, John W. Collins.
Inventory PR 6:369, 29 November 1839, appraisers; Moses Hall, Joseph Spicer Jr., Jesse Brown.

KENYON, George – TC 8:30, 12 April 1848, Complaint was made that George Kenyon, a minor, and grandson of George Kenyon, for certain reasons respecting his property and the management of, is in need of a Guardian. Gideon Palmer was appointed Guardian.

KENYON, George – PR 8:319, 6 March 1854
William C. Crandall appointed Administrator with the Will annexed de bonis non. Little information.

KENYON, George – TC 9:51, 7 October 1855, his grandson, Harris Lanphear comes before the Council to pay his share of the personal property of his grandfather.

KENYON, Hannah – TC 4:215, 5 February 1816, daughter of Tabitha Kenyon. John Condon appointed as her Guardian.

KENYON, James – TC 2:288, 16 April 1788, Zaccheus Reynolds receives Guardianship over James Kenyon and his mother.

KENYON, Jarvis – PR 8:190 written 3 December 1850 proved 10 March 1851
Wife Fanny. Executor – Jarvis Kenyon Jr., declines. Administrator appointed William Prosser. Sons, Jarvis Jr., Dennison S., Joseph J., the latter two sons by my last wife Youngest son Joseph J. turns 21. Son, Cyrus B. Daughters, Harriet Johnson, Mariah Kenyon, Minerva C. Kenyon.
Witnesses; Hazard Wilcox, Joseph B. Potter, John B. Tifft.
Appraisers: Hazard Wilcox, Elias Tanner, Card P. Sheffield.
Inventory, PR 8:193 – 17 March 1851

KENYON, John – TC 3:59, 2 March 1795, Whereas complaint is made to this Council, that as John Kenyon has sold his farm, he is likely to spend the whole of it. Voted David Larkin Jr. appointed Guardian to John.

KENYON, John – TC 4:101, 18 May 1807, Whereas it is represented to this Court that John Kenyon, an inhabitant of this town, is non-composmentis. He is appointed a Guardian.

KENYON, John – PR 4:218 – Inventory, 6 January 1812 Appraisers; Samuel Peckham, Jeremiah
Dexter, Alpheus Burdick.
Claims from Creditors, PR 4:231, 3 March 1812 – Probate Court held at Benjamin Kenyon’s Inn.
PR 4:234 – 15 September 1812, Estate insufficient to pay creditors. PR 4:238 Receipts – 7 December 1812

KENYON, John Warren – TC 4:161, a minor, son of John Kenyon. George Kenyon appointed his Guardian.

KENYON, Joseph N. – TC 8:316, 5 June 1854, Albert Witter is appointed to be the Guardian of Joseph.

KENYON, Nathan – PR 4:163 Inventory – 9 April 1809 Appraisers; Rowland Babcock, John H. Kenyon, Jabez Collins
Receipts PR 4:188, 1 January 1810, PR 4:206, 3 June 1811

KENYON, Nathan Jr. – PR 4:248 Receipts, 5 April 1813, PR 4:250, 31 May 1813.
Receipts PR 4:289, Recorded 7 October 1816; 25 March 1815 – received from Aaron Kenyon…signed James Kenyon, of Nathan 5 September 1816 – received…for myself and the three children I am Guardian to, Betsey, Ira and Noyes Kenyon…left to us by my husband…signed Sarah Kenyon. 5 September 1816 – Received…of the right of Weltha Lewis and Ransom Kenyon to the personal property left them by their father…signed Christopher C. Lewis. 18 September 1816 – Received…of the right of Joab, Nathan and Welcome Kenyon…left them by their father…signed James Kenyon, of Nathan, Guardian. 7 October 1816 – Received…on the estate of my honored father, Nathan Kenyon…signed Patience Britman (Brightman?) Receipts, Credit to the Estate PR 4:290, 17 June 1812 TC 7:3, 3 March 1840, Christopher C. Lewis asks for Real Estate to be divided between Heirs, as the widow Sarah has deceased. TC 7:7, list of heirs of real estate, Welcome Kenyon, Welthy Lewis, Noyes W. Kenyon, Patience Foster, Nathan Kenyon, Ira Kenyon, Joab Kenyon’s heirs, Ransom Kenyon, Betsey Brand’s heirs. Map of property on page 6. TC 6:30, 6 June 1831, Land Division Map.

KENYON, Peleg – PR 2:282 Written, 6 September 1790 proved, 16 March 1791 Wife, Elizabeth. Daughters, Susannah Crandall, Joanna Rogers, Mary Kenyon (Mary under 18)
Sons, Gardner Kenyon, (receives farm in West Greenwich) John Stanton Kenyon, Sheffield, Peleg, Robert (Robert under 21) Brother, John Kenyon. His apprentice, William Watson (under 21)
* Land Description
Witnesses: Mary Grenger, John S. Kenyon, Ross Coon.
Inventory: PR 2:284 16 March 1791 Appraisers: Robert Stanton, Benjamin Crandall
Inventory: PR 3:53 27 April 1791 (additional) Receipts: PR 3:69 7 March 1796 – Receipts: PR 3:173, 4 November 1799, son Peleg lists receipts “estate of my father”, mentions dividing land between 2 unnamed sisters, mentions numerous Courts, mentions “Dr. Sprague who was paid 0/12/0. (additional instrument with John Stanton Kenyon of Sterling mentioned) PR 4:82 28 April 1806 Receipts PR 4:89 – 6 January 1800

KENYON, Ransom – PR 7:39 Administration requested by Eliza Kenyon, widow, 7 September 1840.
Christopher C. Lewis appointed Administrator. Inventory PR 7:40, 28 October 1840.
Appraisers; Thomas Clarke, Jesse Brown, Joseph Spicer Jr. PR 7:43, It was voted that Charles Noyes be
guardian to the estates of Charles N. Kenyon and Ransom Kenyon, children under 14 years of age and called “infants.”

KENYON, Samuel – TC 7:34, 7 June 1841, A complaint was set forth in writing that Sarah Kenyon,
widow and Edward, George and Sarah Kenyon, the three last mentioned being minor children of Samuel Kenyon are incompetent of managing their affairs prudently and make bad bargains and should have guardians appointed. TC 7:35, 28 June 1841, Edward and George Kenyon appeared before the council and chose Peleg Maxson to be their guardian.

KENYON, Sarah – PR 7:1 Administration, 5 November 1839, Jonathan G. Foster appointed
Administrator. PR 7:2 Inventory, 4 December 1839, appraisers; Jesse Wilbur, William B. Hoxsie,
Lewis Collins. PR 7:9 29 April 1844, signed receipts for their portions, Nathan Kenyon, Joab Kenyon and Patience Foster.

KENYON, Sarah – TC 8:155, 157, 5 April 1852, a widow, she is considered incapable of managing her affairs by reason of old age and infirmity. William C. Crandall was chosen by the Council to be her Guardian.

KENYON, Sarah – PR 8:315 6 March 1854 Administration
States Sarah is a widow. Administrator, William C. Crandall.
Appraisers: Samuel Crandall Jr., Asa Woodmanse Jr., Harris Lanphear.
George Kenyon, Esther Dunham and Edward Kenyon each paid $6.37 for their legacy.

KENYON, Sarah Ann – PR 9:187, written, 11 May 1855, proved 6 January 1857.
Mentions Mother Tacy, her sister Ruth, sister Hannah, sister Mary Brown, mentions Mary Barber, but does not mention relationship. Brothers, Sands N., Aaron, Joseph N. and Thatcher B. Kenyon
witnesses; Luke Crandall, Olivia Maxson, Mary Ann Crandall.
appraisers; John M. Barber, Phineas Barber, Luke Crandall
Inventory – PR 9:190, 8 January 1857

KENYON, Stephen – PR 5:304 Written, 25 March 1820 proved, 20 March 1826
*Land description * mentions cemetery
Son, Benjamin, Clarke, Stephen, John, William, Burdick, Thomas. Daughters; Mary Lanphear, Elizabeth Fenner. Grandson, Thomas P. Burdick. Stephen mentions in his will he gives “one iron bar that was my “mother’s Burdick’s.”
Executor, son Thomas Kenyon.
Witnesses; Samuel Peckham, Samuel Peckham Jr., Peleg Peckham.

KENYON, Stephen W. – TC 7:44, 1 February 1842. Personally appeared Stephen W. Kenyon and
requested that he might be appointed guardian to his minor children, Daniel S. Kenyon, Benjamin F. Kenyon and Abby Elizabeth Kenyon, for the purpose of collecting their property.

KENYON, Sylvester – PR 2:171 Inventory 1 May 1780 Administrator – Peleg Kenyon, Appraisers, Phineas Maxson, Ezekial Seaman.
Receipts – PR 2:182, mentions his “last sickness” – bill submitted by Peleg Kenyon for “getting things in.” Doctoring, Dr. Paul Herrington 28/10/0, Dr. William Chase 305/5/0, Dr. Robert Perrigo 71/0/0.
Report – PR 2:183, 6 October 1780 Commissioners Report states estate insolvent and lists a few
things for the widow. (widow is unnamed)

KENYON, Tacy – TC 8:274, 23 November 1852, An application in writing is presented signed by Tacy Kenyon requesting some one might be appointed guardian to attend to her affairs. Maxson Green was appointed.

KNOWLES, John – PR 2:106 Administratrix – widow Deborah Babcock, on the estate of her son.
Inventory taken 20 January 1778 Appraisers – Robert Burdick & Hazard Knowles

LANGWORTHY, Alice – PR 8:157 will written 27 September 1830 proved 27 May 1850
Her beloved brother Sanford Langworthy to be her Executor.
Gives to beloved sisters, Mary and Elizabeth Langworthy, all my property and personal property.
Witnesses; Sherman Griswold, Daniel Wilbur, Alma Griswold.

LANGWORTHY, Amos – PR 5:16 Administration 5 October 1818. Administrators named
Benjamin and Amos Langworthy for their deceased father.
Inventory PR 5:17, 27 October 1818 Appraisers, William Tanner, Isaac Wilbur, Russell Maxson. Receipts PR 5:22, 5 August 1820 in New York from Sanford Langworthy.

LANGWORTHY, Benjamin (Cpt.) PR 5:311 8 May 1826 Administrator named, Amos Langworthy.
Inventory PR 5:312, 16 May 1826 Appraisers; George Thurston Jr., Benjamin Green, Joseph Spicer Jr. Widow Hannah Langworthy allowed $50.00 from the inventory. PR 5:315, 20 November 1826 Claims, mentions several widows that were owed money; Penelope Kinyon, Waity Langworthy and Elizabeth Langworthy. Insolvent Estate.

LANGWORTHY, Daniel L. – TC 7:46, 5 April 1842 Guardianship.
A request in writing is signed by Russell C. Langworthy, Eliza Langworthy and Susan Langworthy that Daniel F. Langworthy be a guardian to Maria and Edwin Langworthy. The Town Council voted in favor that Daniel F. be appointed guardian of the person and/or estates of Martha B. Langworthy (she living in another state) Russell C. Langworthy, Eliza Langworthy, Maria W. Langworthy, and Edwin Langworthy, minor children of Daniel L. Langworthy. TC 7:91, 4 March 1844, Daniel F. Langworthy sells land at Public Auction in the month of December 1843. TC 7:105, 2 September 1844, Daniel F. Langworthy states entire family is living in New York State and he be discharged from his Guardianship here.

LANGWORTHY, Elizabeth – PR 8:107 written 27 September 1830 proved 19 March 1849
Gives sisters Mary and Alice Langworthy her land. After their deaths she leaves the property to her brother, Sanford Langworthy.
Witnesses: John Langworthy, Sarah Langworthy, Benjamin F. Langworthy.

LANGWORTHY, Hannah – PR 4:23 1 January 1810
Administrator Benjamin Kinyon. He turns in a receipt dated “May 15, 1808 for taking care of said Langworthy 16 weeks @ 9 shillings per week – 24.00.” Care of said Langworthy 24 weeks @5.00 per week. Funeral charges, $6.00. Administrator asked for $102.00, but received $72.00.
PR 4:171 Inventory 30 June 1809

LANGWORTHY, Joseph and Hannah – TC 1:94 (2nd set of pgs.), 27 May 1766, Joseph Crandall
appointed as their Guardian.

LANGWORTHY, Josiah W. – PR 9:100, 14 May 1855 Administration
Wife, Tacy. Administrators – Albert Witter and Josiah Langworthy
Josiah Langworthy appointed Guardian to minors under fourteen, Lucius and Sarah, heirs of the estate.
Inventory – PR 9:101, 11 June 1855, appraisers; Harris Lanphear, Barber Reynolds, Elias Burdick

LANGWORTHY, Mercy – PR 5:178 will written 16 March 1822, proved 22 April 1822.
Son, Samuel Langworthy Daughters; Tacy Babcock, Mercy Langworthy, Hannah Brown, Betsey Clark, Aseneth Pendelton.
Witnesses: Joseph Maxson, Lydia Maxson, Daniel Babcock.
Inventory PR 5:180 22 April 1822 Appraisers; Joseph Maxson, David Stillman, Christopher C. Lewis Receipts PR5:182 – in Brookfield, NY, 18 September 1828, signed Charles and Tacy Babcock, in Hopkinton, signed Russell Clarke, in Brookfield, signed Nathan and Hannah Brown. Benjamin C. Pendelton signed for his wife on 20 April 1824, in Hopkinton, signed Mercy Langworthy
Arbitrators Report, PR 6:128, 25 September 1833, mentions Samuel Langworthy; Benjamin Langworthy, Benjamin Pendelton and his wife Aseneth, of Stonington; Saunders Langworthy,
Peleg Langworthy, Charles Babcock and his wife Tacy, all of Brookfield, Madison Co., NY; Robert and Daniel L. Langworthy of Hopkinton; Russell Clarke for his wife Elizabeth, of Newport, RI; Saunders Langworthy mentions his brother, Nathan Langworthy.

LANGWORTHY, Mary – PR 1:89 Inventory – 29 May 1766
Daughters, Elizabeth (Administratrix), Hannah (her guardian was Joseph Crandall), Sons: Samuel, Joseph (his guardian was Joseph Crandall)

LANGWORTHY, Mary – PR 6:266 Will written, 27 September 1830, proved 30 May 1836.
Sisters, Alice and Elizabeth Langworthy. Brother, Sanford Langworthy.
Witnesses; John Langworthy, Sally Langworthy, Benjamin F. Langworthy.

LANGWORTHY, Mercy – PR 6:126, 2 April 1832, Administration requested by Daniel L.
Langworthy. Inventory PR 6:127, 17 April 1832, Appraisers; David Stillman, Rowland Babcock, Charles C. Burdick.

LANGWORTHY, Nelson – PR 9:271, will written, 5 January 1858 proved, 11 March 1858
Wife, Mercy.
Witnesses; Jonathan Spencer, George Whipple, Mary A. Spencer
Inventory PR 9:275, 27 July 1858 Appraisers: William C. Crandall, Clark Andrews.

LANGWORTHY, Samuel – PR 1:67 Will written – 9 November 1760, Proved, 8 August 1763
Wife – Mary Sons: Samuel, Joseph Daughters: Mary, Elizabeth, Rachel, Tacy, Hannah.
Witnesses: Jonathan Crandall, Joseph Crandall, Anne Crandall (26 July 1763, Anna is now Anna McCoon, and referred to as Jonathan Crandall’s daughter in TC 1:45, 2nd set pgs)
Inventory PR 1:70 8 August 1763

LANGWORTHY, Samuel – PR 5:24 Will written 27 April 1818, proved 7 October 1818.
Wife, Mercy. Sons; Samuel, Peleg, Saunders, Robert, Daniel L., Daughters; Tacy Babcock, w/o Charles Babcock, Mercy Langworthy, Asenath Langworthy, Hannah Brown, w/o Nathan Brown, Martha Brown, w/o Oliver Brown, Elizabeth Clarke, w/o Russell Clark.
Witnesses; Christopher Saunders, David Stillman, Luke Babcock.
PR 5:28, Inventory, 19 October 1818. PR 5:32, 30 May 1820, list of goods delivered to the widow.
Receipts PR 5:33, 30 May 1820, Asenath was now married to Benjamin C. Pendleton. In Brookfield, New York, 18 January 1819, received their fathers legacy, Saunders Langworthy and Charles and Tacy Babcock. In Brookfield, New York on 12 June 1834, Oliver Brown, signs for his children’s legacy, he stating Martha was his first wife.
Receipts PR 5:120 – 3 November 1818, List of items sold at auction. Receipts PR 5:122 – 7 January 1822, receipts dated 4 October 1821 in Hopkinton and signed by Russell Clarke, Mercy Langworthy, Samuel Langworthy, Benjamin C. Langworthy, Nathan & Hannah Brown. PR 5:123, In Brookfield, New York, 6 September 1823, receipt signed by Nathan Langworthy for $300.00 it being in full of a legacy bequeathed to me by the will of Samuel.

LANGWORTHY, Thomas – PR 4:229 Inventory, 6 July 1812, mentions widow, Waity Langworthy.
Appraisers; Isaac Wilbur, John Congdon, Isaac Coe

LANGWORTHY, Thomas – TC 5:5, 1 March 1819, Daniel Babcock chosen to be Guardian of minor children of Thomas; Benjamin P., Thomas, William, Sarah, and Mary.

LANPHERE, Ebenezer – TC 2:45, 7 February 1774, Benjamin Maxson appointed Guardian.

LANPHERE, Elisabeth PR 9:175 7 October 1856, Administration
Her father, Benjamin Potter, named Administrator.

LANPHERE, Joshua – PR 3:164 Inventory PR 3:164 14 May 1799 Appraisers; Asa Coon,
Benjamin Crandall, William Sheldon. Administrator: Dea. Zaccheus Maxson.
Receipts PR 3:196, 4 August 1800, after bills were paid Lucretia Lanphere was paid $4.14 on 1 August 1800; PR 3:198, mentions Amasa Lanphere, Lucretia Lanphere, Rowland Lanphere and Joshua Lanphere; PR 3:210, 1 June 1801 & 5 October 1801; PR 3:212, 3 August 1801; PR 4:59 11 March 1805, PR 4:69 14 May 1799, PR 4:70 3 June 1805. Bills were paid to Asa Sheldon to dig grave and “got boards for coffin.”
PR 4:197 – 3 September 1810 Receipts from Lucretia and Amasa Lanphere. TC 3:142, 1 April 1799, Joshua is named as “oldest son.”
* Nathan Barber, Attorney for above.

LANPHERE, Nancy – TC 5:31, 28 August 1821, Robert Langworthy appointed Guardian to the person and
Estate of Nancy Lanphere and all her children under age fourteen.

LANPHERE, Nathan – PR 5:153 – Administration, 4 June 1821, application being made by widow,
Nancy Lanphere. Joseph Maxson appointed Administrator. Inventory PR 5:154, 6 June 1821; Appraisers, Luke Babcock, David Stillman, Christopher C. Lewis. Estate insolvent, commissioners appointed. PR 5:155 – 30 September 1821, certain items set aside for the support of the family. PR 5:151, 1822, List of receipts. TC 5:121, 16 October 1829, David and Harris Lanphere, under 21 years, heirs at law of Nathan, asks that their brother Charles Lanphere be appointed their Guardian. TC 5:53, 1 September 1822, The widow Nancy requests that Luke Babcock be a Guardian to her children; Caty Ann, Charles, Susan, David and Harris. A request that her property be split up between her and Mrs. Frances Pendelton (wife of William).

LANPHERE, Sally – TC 5:45, 2 September 1822, Aaron Kenyon is appointed Guardian. Sally, daughter of Nathan Lanphere, deceased, is incapable of managing her affairs

LARKHAM, Hannah – PR 5:265, Will written 19 October 1821, proved 14 June 1825.
“of Voluntown, CT.” (record states nephew) Hannah Palmer, wife of Jabez Palmer. Nephew and trusty friend, Jabez Palmer, to be executor.
Witnesses; Samuel Peckham, Ezra Palmer, Lydia Palmer.

LARKIN, David – PR 7:10, 19 November 1839, Administration brought forth by widow Sally
Larkin. Gorton W. Arnold appointed Administrator. PR 7:11, Inventory, 10 December 1839
Appraisers; Russell Thayer, Isaiah Langworthy, Nathan Chipman. Included in the inventory it is stated, “things in the east chamber formerly belonging to the widow…”
PR 7:15, 16 December 1839, “Personally appeared Sally C. Larkin, widow…she is hereby allowed the sum of fifty dollars of the articles first inserted in the inventory, being the same which she carried with her when she went to housekeeping…” [This may indicate she was a second wife and would require further research] TC 7:4, 3 March 1840, Sally requests in writing that her dower in real estate be set aside for her.

LARKIN, John Jr. – PR 2:102 Will Written – 13 October 1776, Proved 7 July 1777
Wife: Amie Sons: Nathan, Joseph (under 21) Daughters: Anna, Mary (under 21)
Witnesses: Samuel Brand Jr., Mary Perry, Simeon Perry
Inventory PR 2:104 4 July 1777 Appraisers: William Coon, Joseph Brightman
Inventory PR 2:111 6 April 1778, Inventory PR 2:160 5 July 1779
Receipts PR 2:204 7 April 1783

LARKIN, John Esq. – PR 3:91 Receipts: 9 March 1779
Received of Amie Larkin, Executrix to John Larkin, who was Executor of John Larkin Esq. received remainder of my legacy, sons Abel and Timothy, grandsons Ebenezer Rathbun and John Larkin. John Larkin, son to Daniel Larkin. Benjamin Tefft by Power of Attorney on behalf of Mercy Mintorn.

LARKIN, Jonathan – PR 7:311 Administration, 7 September 1846, Thomas T. Larkin named
Administrator. PR 7:313 Inventory, Appraisers; Nathan Collins, Charles W. Collins, Alfred Collins. Inventory includes items from a small company Jonathan owned with his son, Thomas T. Larkin. Charles W. Collins to be Guardian to Orrin Jetson Brumbly.
Receipts PR 7:316, 1846 through 1847, the widow Hannah Larkin was paid $155.31, John W. Larkin was paid $124.42 as Guardian to Elias Larkin.

LARKIN, Joseph – PR 2:55 Administrator – Joseph Coon TC 2:67, 4 December 1774 states Joseph Coon is Joseph Larkin’s father-in-law. Inventory – 4 December 1775, presented 5 December 1775, appraisers John Larkin & Timothy Larkin.

LARKIN, Nathan – TC 2:177, 7 April 1783, Amie Larkin appointed Guardian. A complaint was made by the widow Amie Larkin, Timothy Larkin and Stephen Potter that Nathan Larkin hath conducted imprudent and by trade and by other ways involved himself considerably into debt and is likely to become chargeable to the Town.

LARKIN, Sarah – TC 1:107 – 3 August 1767, John Millard be Guardian to said Sarah.

LARKIN, Sarah – TC 2:322 – Mr. Samuel Larkin appointed to Guardian of Sarah Larkin, a single woman.

LARKIN, Sarah – PR 3:165 Inventory 10 May 1799 Appraisers: Asa Coon, David Coon, Samuel
Kinyon Jr. Administrator: David Nichols Receipts PR 3:237 3 May 1802

LARKIN, Thompson – PR 9:18, 3 July 1854, Administration
Wife, Phebe. Elisha Baggs of Exeter named Administrator. Wife Phebe is named Guardian to children under fourteen, Martha L., John T., Hannah B., and Ann C. Larkin.
Inventory 9:19, Appraisers: Gorton Arnold, Josiah Langworthy, Nathan Chipman

LAW, Charles H. – PR 9:59, 11 December 1854, Administration
Wife, Drusilla. Charles is of Providence. Halsey P. Clarke of Richmond named as Administrator.
Inventory: PR 9:60, 30 December 1854

LAWTON, Joseph – PR 1:79 – written, 29 April 1765, proved 1 April 1766
Wife; Sarah Son; Joseph Lawton Jr. Daughters; Priscilla Lawton, Esther Lewis, Anna Foster, Mary West. Grandsons; Joseph Lawton, John Lawton.
Witnesses; Jonathan Wells, Elnathan Wells, Jonathan Wells Jr.

PR 1:83, Inventory, 30 April 1766 Receipts PR 1:94, 12 December 1766, Jonathan and Anne Foster,
of Stonington, CT, In Hopkinton, 13 December 1766, Francis and Mary West, and Priscilla Lawton.

LAWTON, Joseph – PR 3:214 Will written 11 August 1801, Proved 2 November 1801
Wife, Abigail. Sons, Joseph, John. Daughters, Abigail Lawton (unmarried), Elizabeth Robinson,
Mary Rathbun, Hannah Skinner. Niece, Anna Foster.
Witnesses: Caleb Potter, Oliver Davis, Daniel Babcock.
Inventory & receipts: PR 3:216 3 November 1801, PR 3:217 19 November 1801.
Receipts PR 4:17 – 27 September 1802, in Easton, Washinton County, NY, Jedediah Robinson, in Hopkinton
22 November 1802, Acors Rathbun, in Hopkinton 31 August 1802, Nathan Skinner, in Hopkinton 6 June 1803, Abigail Lawton, in Hopkinton 16 March 1803, Rowland Crandall, in South Kingstown 7 May 1803, Micheal and Margaret Dye.

LAWTON, Sarah – PR 2:252 Written – 20 September 1783, Proved 7 April 1788
Son; Joseph Daughters; Mary West, Priscilla Coon & son-in-law David Coon. Grandson; Jonathan Foster.
Witnesses: Isabel Lewis, Simeon Burdick, Simeon Burdick Jr.
Inventory: PR 2:253 14 April 1788 Appraisers; David Nichols, Joshua Coon
Receipts: PR 2:264 To John Aldrich paid 1 pound, 4 s. for doctoring & medicine, To Joseph Witter Jr.
1 pound 16 s. for coffin built
Receipts: PR 3:4 20 March 1788, received his full legacy, Joseph Lewis. William West received wearing apparel in behalf of Francis West.

LEWIS, Amos – PR 2:279 Written 6 October 1782, proved 4 October 1790.
Wife, Eleanor. He bequeaths “unto the heirs of my beloved son, Amos Lewis, late deceased, five silver dollars to be equally divided amongst them and paid to them by my Executor hereinafter named out of my personal estate, as they shall arrive to lawful age of freedom and the reason I give them no more is that they have been a great expense to me since their father’s decease in bringing them up.” Sons, Matthew, Randall, Paul and Green. Last two sons are given the farm. Daughter, Humilty Weaver.
Inventory PR 2:281 15 June 1790 Appraisers; Samuel Slocum, Abel Tanner.
Receipts: PR 3:46 16 March 1791, 5 May 1794

LEWIS, Amos Jr. – PR 2:53 Inventory, 6 June 1775, shown by widow Mary Lewis, taken by
Benjamin Randall & Paul Lewis. Presented 9 August 1775. TC 2:83, 10 June 1777, Voted that Jonathan & Mary Crandall be cited in order to give reason why she hath not taken a letter of Administration on the estate of her former husband, Amos Lewis. TC 2:91, 19 January 1778, Jonathan Crandall and his wife cited again. TC 2:92, 1 March 1778, Mary Lewis Crandall replaced as Administrator, Thomas Wells Esq. named. TC 2:95, 6 April 1778, Nathan Lewis, his being of age, appeared and chose his grandfather, Amos Lewis to be his Guardian. Amos Lewis was chosen by the Council to be a Guardian to his other grandchildren, Amey, Amos, Thomas, Joseph and Betty Lewis.

LEWIS, Asa – TC 2:4, Edward Wells appointed Guardian to Asa, son of Elisha Lewis, deceased.

LEWIS, David – PR 1:56 Inventory, 10 June 1762 TC 1:84 – 14 June 1762, his widow, Esther
named Administrator.

LEWIS, David – TC 1:76 (second set of pgs) 11 March 1765, David, son of the late David Lewis,
made choice of Stephen Richmond to be his Guardian. TC 1:90, 4 March 1766, made choice of
Thomas Wilbur.

LEWIS, David – PR 2:69 TC 2:78, 2 December 1776, Stephen Wilcocks named administrator. Inventory 5 January 1776; Appraisers: George Thurston & Daniel Lewis Note: Inventory had quite extensive wardrobe that included 1 pr. Velvet breeches, 1 pr. Leather breeches, 1 buff cap.

LEWIS, Daniel – PR 5:130 Written, 24 October 1814, Proved 15 February 1821
Daughters, Martha Babcock, Amy Lewis, Hannah Browning and her four daughters, Lucretia, Amy, Esther and Betsey Browning, and Hannah Browning’s five sons, Jared, Davis, Ephraim D., Lewis and Welcome. Sons; Daniel Lewis and Christopher C. Lewis.
“Amy, as long as she remain unmarried, has the privilege…use and occupancy of my west great room and northwest bedroom, a privilege in the chamber and kitchen and cellar and firewood for one fire and a privilege to get apples in the orchard for her own use to cook and dry…to get green sauce in the garden and green corn…”
Witnesses; Job B. Clark, Elias Lewis Jr., Daniel Babcock
Receipts; PR 5:132 – 2 June 1822, Hazard Browning signs as the father of Jared, Davis, Ephraim,
Daniel and Welcome H. On 26 February 1822, in Charlestown, Jared and Martha Babcock sign receipt
On 4 April 1822, in Livingston, County of Genesee, New York, Jacob Jr. and Amy (Browning) Loomis signed a receipt for their legacy.

LEWIS, Daniel – TC 6:34 Probated 3 October 1831. David Lewis named Guardian to the estates of Daniel C. Lewis, Amy Lewis and Emeline Lewis, children of Daniel Lewis, minors over 14 years old, but under 21 years.

LEWIS, Elias – PR 4:265 Written, 25 October 1792, Proved 1 August 1814
Wife, Susannah. Son, Elias. Daughters; Eunice Smith, Lois Langworthy.
Witnesses; Benedict Crandall, Edith Boss, Simeon Burdick.
Inventory – PR 4:265, 2 September 1814 Appraisers; Daniel Lewis Jr., John T. Thurston, Christopher
C. Lewis. Receipt PR 4:266 – 23 September 1814 “accepting for his wife” Joseph & Lois Langworthy.

LEWIS, Elias – PR 6:256 Written, 24 November 1835, Proved, 25 December 1835
Wife, Elizabeth. Daughters; Catherine Pearce, Lois Babcock, Elisabeth Sherman, Fanny Lewis,
Martha Lewis, Eunice Langworthy. Sons; Pardon and Elias Lewis Jr.
Witnesses; Christopher C. Lewis, Daniel L. Langworthy, Elisha Saunders.
Inventory PR 6:259, 28 December 1835, appraisers; Daniel Lewis, Jacob Barber, Jesse Brown Paid $5.00 to Reuben Brown for coffin. Receipts PR 6:265; (all in Hopkinton) 4 April 1836, signed Amos Langworthy, as Guardian for Fanny Lewis, 4 April 1836 signed Martha Lewis, 5 April 1836 signed Amos Langworthy for Eunice Langworthy, 6 April 1836 signed Lois Babcock, 6 April 1836 signed Elizabeth Lewis, 19 June 1836 signed Samuel T. Sherman for Elizabeth Sherman, 4 August 1836, 4 August 1836 signed Daniel Pierce Jr and Katherine Pierce.

LEWIS, Elisha – TC 1:107 – Edward Wells named Administrator on 13 July 1767
PR 1:81 Inventory 3 April 1766, shown by widow Amy Lewis. 1:101 Receipts 17 August 1767.

LEWIS, Elizabeth – PR 7:245, Will written, 30 April 1836, proved 24 February 1845
Daughters; Catherine Pearce, Lois Babcock; Elizabeth Sherman, Fanny Lewis, Martha Lewis,
Eunice Langworthy. Sons; Elias, Pardon. Son-in-law; Amos Langworthy.
She leaves her six daughters her “one half pew that I own in the Seventh Day Baptist Meeting
House standing near the Southwest corner of Hopkinton”
Witnesses; Dorcas Witter, Albert Witter, Josiah Witter.
Inventory PR 7:248, 27 February 1845 appraisers; Josiah Witter, Joseph Spicer, Samuel Allen.
Receipts PR 7:250, Westerly, RI, 8 September 1845, Samuel S. and Betsey Sherman, In Middeltown (does not give state), 7 April 1845, Elias Lewis, In Hopkinton, Lois Babock, Martha Lewis, Pardon Lewis, Katherine and Daniel Pearce. TC 7:194, 5 April 1847, Guardian to Fanny Lewis, Amos Langworthy submits accounting of her portion of the estate.

LEWIS, Elnathan – PR 2:46 Inventory 15 May 1776
Wife: Margaret. Inventory mentions 1 Bible, 1 History Book, among other items.
Receipts – PR 2:58;80 – his brother Samuel named Administrator. Page 94, Samuel submits a bill
“for all he did for the estate.”
Receipts – PR 2:146 – Brother, Benjamin received part of his estate 4 January 1779. Others who
received their legacy were George Lewis, Eleazer Lewis, Ezekial Lewis, Jabez Collins and Jonathan Potter.

LEWIS, Henry – PR 9:132, 5 November 1855 Administration
Administrator – Pardon Lewis Appraisers; Joseph Spicer, Burrel Slocum, Albert Witter
Inventory – PR 9:133, 5 November 1855

LEWIS, Isabella – TC 6:75, 25 May 1835, Daniel Langworthy, Guardian, is paid for his services and reimbursed for a coffin.

LEWIS, Israel – PR 4:120 – 3 March 1807 Inventory Appraisers – Abram Coon, Thomas Wells, Joseph Spicer.
Receipts PR 4:210 from Thomas Lewis, Administrator. Signed by Israel, Welthe, Nathaniel, Anna, Eunice,
Elijah and Ruhama Lewis. Signed September 6, 1809 and May 4, 1810
PR 4:168, 6 April 1808 Division of land.

LEWIS, Jane – PR 4:104 – 2 January 1803, Proved 2 March 1807
Brothers – Israel, Beriah Sisters – Mary Cross, Thankful Grant
Mentions, deceased mother, Mary Lewis. Nieces – Sally Babcock and Lois Lewis, daughters
of Beriah Lewis, Jane Grant, daughter of John Grant Jr., Mercy Babcock, Anna Lewis, Polly Cross.
Nephews – Lewis Clarke son of Weeden Clarke, John Grant Jr..
Dinah Lewis, a black girl who served my mother, is given a store house.
Additional names which do not state a relationship, Ichabod Lewis, Thomas Lewis, Wealthy
Lewis and Peleg Cross Jr
Inventory: PR 4:135 4 March 1808, Appraisers, Thomas Wells, Ichabod Burdick, Joseph Spicer.
Receipts PR 4:173 3 July 1809, PR 4:155 10 August 1808, PR 4:157 Additional Inventory, 16 February 1809.
Receipts PR 4:189 – “Received 27 May 1809 in Brookfield, NY,… signed Saunders and Mercy Langworthy.” “Received 7 September 1809, a lutestring gown…which was in full of a legacy given to my wife by…Jane Lewis…who when solely was Polly Cross, daughter of Peleg Cross Jr. signed John Carr Jr.

LEWIS, Jesse – PR 6:20 – 8 June 1829, Weeden Barber named Administrator for estate.
Wife, Isabella. PR 6:21, Inventory, 10 July 1829, appraisers, Samuel Gardner, Daniel L. Langworthy,
David Kinyon. Estate insolvent.

LEWIS, Joseph – TC 2:47, 2 May 1774, Voted that Oliver Lewis of Westerly be Guardian to his brother, Joseph Lewis of Hopkinton who is judged to be Noncompasmentis. PR 2:266 – 10 April 1788 “We the subscribers Brother and Brother-in-laws to Joseph Lewis are of opinion that Peleg Lewis be allowed 6 pounds…for keeping said Joseph…”” signed Nathan Bliven, Daniel Lewis, Oliver Lewis, Jesse Lewis, John Tifft. TC 2:273, 4 June 1787, terms changed and the brothers agree that whosoever keep the said Joseph in the present year be allowed the profits of his real estate and to pay the doctors bill.

LEWIS, Martha – PR 5:262 – Administration, 4 April 1825. Joseph Maxson appointed Administrator
Inventory PR 5:263, 11 April 1825, Appraisers; Daniel Babock, Russell Maxson, Ezekial Crandall. Auction of personal property PR 5:264, 2 May 1825.

LEWIS, Mary – PR 2:195 11 March 1782 – Affidavit for freedom of her slave, “Will.”
PR 3:116 Will written 26 September 1794, proved 5 June 1797
Sons, Amos, Nathaniel, my deceased son Elijah, Israel, Beriah. Daughters, Mary Cross, Jane Lewis, Ruhamah Champlin, Thankful Grant.
Witnesses: Betsey Lewis, John Grant Jr., Caleb Potter.

LEWIS, Nathan – PR 2:38 Inventory taken 17 (month not written) 1773, Presented January 1773
Administrators – Jonathan Foster & David Lewis TC 2:44, 2 January 1774, David Lewis dismissed for refusing to act in his capacity. Mother: Esther Brother: David Sister: Rebecca.
Appraisers: Thomas Wells Jr. & Joseph Lawton

LEWIS, Pardon – PR 6:25 Will written, 10 September 1824, proven, 2 November 1824, states he
was of New London, CT. Wife, Sarah. He allows the use of his farm in Hopkinton to his parents, Jesse and Isabella Lewis. He mentions his “several children.” (But not by name)

LEWIS, Simeon – PR 5:192 – 31 December 1822, Administration. PR 5:193, 3 January 1823,
Inventory. PR 5:195, 17 March 1823, Auction of personal property. Mrs. Frances (Fanny) Lewis requests support for the family.
PR 5:219, 5 January 1824, Receipts – Asa Church, coroner, charged $10.00 for the Court of Inquisition and Jurors fees on the body of the said Simeon Lewis. PR 5:221, $10.41 was given to children, Enoch Lewis and Ann Lewis as their division of their father’s estate. Heirs of the estate, Nathaniel Lewis, John Lewis, Peleg
Lewis, Jason Lee Lewis, Jepstha Malbone Lewis, each received $10.41.

LEWIS, Thomas – TC 2:239, 3 October 1785, Thomas Wells Esq. be appointed to be Guardian of Thomas, son of Amos Lewis.

LOW, Charles H. – PR 9:62, 210, 1 January 1855 Administration
Daughters; Abby, Catherine, Susan.

MacCOON, Daniel Jr. – PR 1:48 Will written – 27 February 1762, Will proved – 7 June 1762
Wife – Abigail Two oldest sons: Timothy, Daniel “under 21” sons: James, Phineas “under 21” daughter – Marvel “under 21” daughter – Abigail “under 18”
Brother – Joshua MacCoon (also reference to brother TC 1:83)
Witnesses – Henry Hall, Sarah Hall, Simeon Perry
Inventory – PR 1:51

MARYOTT/MERRYOTT, Elizabeth – TC 4:159, 1 April 1811, Whereas Elizabeth Merryott having a right for life in some lands in Hopkinton, and whereas the said Elizabeth hath removed to New York and if she should divest herself of her right of land, the Town would become liable for her. It is voted that Samuel Peckham Jr. is hereby appointed her Guardian.

MARYOTT, Henry – PR 5:99 On the 7 February 1820, Samuel Maryott came before the Probate
Court to open an Administration on his father, Henry Maryott, of Hopkinton.
Inventory PR 5:100, 16 February 1820, Appraisers; Benjamin Maxson Jr, Benjamin C. Maxson, Pardon Kinyon. The administrator set off $50.00 for the widow, Mary Maryott for expenses. Receipts PR 5:106, $2.00 for my attendance in the last sickness, Ellet Lock of West Greenwich. $3.00 for services in medical aid in the last sickness, William Wilbur. $1.50 for myself and horse to go to Lisbon to inform of his death.

MARYOTT, Judith – PR 5:57 Will written, 28 May 1819, proved 2 August 1819
Brother; Caleb Maxson Sister, Esther Hubbard. Mentions a James Hubbard.
Her trusty friend, Joseph Maxson to be her Executor.
Witnesses; Daniel Babcock, Joseph Wells.
PR 5:60 Inventory, 4 August 1819 Appraisers; Daniel Babcock, Joseph Wells, Nathan Maxson.
PR 5:161 – 13 September 1819, Auction of the personal estate. PR 5:163, – Receipts, 20 June 1821, Newport, “a legacy given me in the said deceased estate.”, John Maxson. In Eaton, 18 June 1821, “received from…the estate of Judith Maryott…from deceased James Hubbard, note for $25.40…given me in the said deceased (James Hubbard) last will and testament…signed Esther Hubbard.

MARYOTT, Samuel – PR 4:170 Will written, 14 November 1797, Proved 20 June 1809
Wife; Judith Son; James Daughter; Ann Maxson “I have therefore given all the rest of my children
what I propose to give them, I shall not name them in this will…”
Inventory PR 4:179 – 28 August 1809

MAXSON, Abby Angeline – PR 6:284, 3 April 1837, Administration. Samuel Maxson appointed
Administrator. Samuel Maxson died before 1 February 1838, and Oliver Babcock of Westerly, RI was appointed in his place.

MAXSON, Amos – PR 3:7 Will written, 9 June 1792*, proved 6 July 1789
*Describes burial lot
Wife, Mary. Sister, Mary Maxson. A child he brought up which was Martha Lewis, daughter to Stephen
Lewis. “my will is that after the decease of Mary Maxson and Martha Lewis before mentioned,
my dear sisters in the Bond of Gospel of Jesus Christ that the use and profits of my house and land with all
the privileges thereof be converted or improved toward the support of the poor members of Jesus Christ belonging to the Sabbatarian Church in Westerly and Hopkinton or that may belong to them so long as they remain in said Church of Christ observing the Seventh Day Sabbath and walking with all the ordinances of the Gospel.” Witnesses – Sarah Wells, Joseph Wells, David Wells
“*Whereas on the 6th day of July 1789 the within written instrument called the Last Will & Testament of Amos Maxson was presented before the Town Council of Hopkinton by reason that it appeared extremely difficult, if not impractical, that the witnesses thereto could be produced whenever it might become in force
and also that the within named testator was at said time incapacitated to make a legal will and wherefore personally appeared before said Town Council on the 6th day of July AD 1789 the within named witnesses
to this Will (viz) Sarah Wells, Joseph Wells & David Wells and made oath that they saw Mr. Amos Maxson,
the Testator, sign seal…the within instrument to be his last will & testament and that they signed in the presence of the testator and each other, and that the testator was of a sound disposing mind and memory as appears in the record. And now the testator being deceased and the Witnesses to his Will being some of them deceased also and the other gone into a distant land, whereby it is impossible to have them present; and the former proof being esteemed valid, it is therefore voted by the Town Council of Hopkinton this 4th day of June 1792 that the within written instrument be accepted, approved and recorded.”

MAXSON, Elisha Jr. – PR 5:365, Administration opened 4 October 1827. Ezekial Maxson named
Administrator. Inventory PR 5:366, 1 November 1827. PR 5:368, Widow Rebecca Maxson allowed
$100.00 from inventory. Appraisers; Russell Maxson, Isaac Cundall, Maxson Johnson. PR 5:368, Estate determined to be insolvent, Commissioners named, Russell Maxson, Isaac Cundall, Maxson Johnson. Bills against Estate PR 5:422, 4 August 1828, Auction of Personal Property PR 5:423, 424, 15 September 1828; Receipts PR 5:433, 25 November 1827, Bills of Sale PR 5:434, 26 November 1827. TC 7:119, 17 February 1845, Commissioners were instructed to divide the land of Elisha Maxson (Rebecca Maxson now called deceased) One share each to go to Ezekial Maxson, Daniel Maxson’s heirs, Rebecca Maxson, Abby Palmer’s heirs, Samuel Maxson’s heirs, Angeline Maxson’ heirs (Lydia Palmer). TC 7:131, 17 April 1845, Division of Property Map.

MAXSON, Elisha Jr. – TC 5:97, 5 November 1827, Request being made by Lydia Maxson, widow, that Elnathan W. Babcock be appointed Guardian of the two infant daughters of said Elisha Maxson, deceased, viz, Tacy Ann Maxson and Abby Angeline Maxson.

MAXSON, Elizabeth – TC 6:82, 4 January 1835, received from the estate to John J., Russell and Paul C. Maxson of Preston, New York, Ira Bliven of McDonaugh, New York and Jesse, Oliver and Martha Maxson of Hopkinton.

MAXSON, George – PR 3:103 4 November 1796 Appraisers: Zaccheus Maxson, Jesse Bliven
Receipts: PR 3:118 5 June 1797, PR 3:135 4 April 1798 Administrator – Moses Barber
Receipts: PR 3:168 24 October 1796

MAXSON, Jesse (Col.) – PR 5:1 – Administration at Probate Court, 3 August 1818.
Russell Maxson (son of Jesse), named Administrator. Names widow Elizabeth Maxson. PR 5:2, Inventory,
2 September. George Gavitt charged $6.50 for the coffin and Jesse Coon charged 50 cents for digging the grave.
TC 6:21 -Land Evidence Map

MAXSON, Jonathan – TC 1:25 – 30 July 1759 – Jonathan, an orphan, and son of Jonathan Maxson, late of Westerly which is now Hopkinton, deceased, appeared in this Council and did choose Samuel Maxson of Hopkinton to be his Guardian. TC 1:49 (2nd set pgs.) – 27 September 1763, Voted that Samuel Maxson be discharged from being Guardian to Jonathan Maxson, as he is well satisfied with what his Uncle Samuel had done during his guardianship.

MAXSON, John Sr. – TC 3:38 – 3 September 1793. Complaint is made by John Maxson Jr. that John Maxson Sr. conducts himself imprudently and very unbecomingly in several respects and he conceives that he is likely to squander his estate (also some of his misconduct is well know to others). It is voted that Jesse Maxson and John Maxson Jr. are hereby appointed guardians to John Maxson Sr. TC 3:41, 2 December 1793, Whereas John Maxson Esq. is now under guardianship and whereas there seems to have arisen some uneasiness in consequence thereof and some think it best to discharge him therefrom for some reasons. Wherefore it is hereby voted that John Maxson Esq. be discharged from said guardianship upon the receipt of a sufficient bond given be Randall Wells and Clarke Wells to keep this town indemnified from all costs that shall or may accrue. TC 3:47, 5 May 1794, Whereas on the 2nd of December last, this Council voted that John Maxson Esq. be discharged from his Guardianship, on condition that, Randall Wells and Clarke Wells should give bond to keep this town indemnified from all costs, that should or might accrue in consequence of said Maxson’s becoming chargeable to said town. And whereas the said Randall Wells and Clarke Wells hath not given bond as aforesaid, It is voted that the said John Maxson Esq. remain and continue to be under Guardianship and that if a Bond of Indemnity be offered by said Randall Wells and Clarke Wells that it be rejected.

MAXSON, John – PR 2:48 Will written – 31 March 1772, Will proved – 11 June 1775
Wife: Martha Sons – William, Jesse, Joshua, Amos, Tory, Jared/Jarah(?)
Daughters – Goodeth Burdick, Tasey Lewis, Judith Rogers, Hannah Lewis, Mary Maxson, Ruth Babcock.
*leaves 7th Day Baptist Church $5.00.
Witnesses: Randall Wells, John Maxson Jr., Theodoty Popple
Inventory – PR 2:51 taken 28 June 1775 by Edward Wells & John Maxson
Receipts PR 2:161 1777

MAXSON, Joseph – PR 5:36 Will written, 7 July 1812, proved, 4 January 1819.
Wife, Tacy. Leaves land to Mary Williams, daughter of Ichabod and Mary Williams of Verona, Oneida County, New York. Leaves to Mary Williams, wife of Ichabod, $5.00. Leaves to his brother Jonathan Maxson, land. Leaves $50.00 to his nephew, Joseph Tifft’s daughter Mercy. Leaves $5.00 to Jemima, Malvina and Permilla Williams, daughters of Ichabod Williams. Anything left after bills are paid was to go to Jemima Williams.
His friend, Caleb Potter is to be his Executor. Consequently a Mr. Joseph Maxson was appointed.
Witnesses; Stephen York, Mary York, Samuel Bliven
Inventory PR 5:40, 11 January 1819 Appraisers; Daniel Babcock, Russell Maxson, Ezekial Crandall.
PR 5:50, 16 February 1819, “I, Ichabod Williams of Verona, Oneida County, New York, father and natural
guardian of Jemima Williams…do agree that the widow Tacy Maxson shall be allowed fifty dollars out of the inventory of the deceased in lieu of the riding beast that was given to her in her deceased husband’s last will.”

MAXSON, Lydia – PR 5:185 – 26 September 1822, Administration, son Joseph Maxson appointed
Administrator. It was stated Lydia was a widow at the time of her death.
Inventory PR 5:186, 8 September 1822, Appraisers; Daniel Babcock, Russell Maxson, Christopher C. Lewis. Receipts PR 5:188, 7 April 1823. PR 5:190, 26 September 1822, Auction of personal estate.

MAXSON, Mary – TC 5:107, 4 August 1828, Appointed Joshua Potter as Guardian of Mary, the widow of Peleg Maxson.

MAXSON, Matthew – PR 2:287 Will written, 3 January 1791, proved 16 March 1791
Wife, Martha. Sons, Nathan, Randall, Thomas, George, Peleg, Matthew, Luke.
Daughters: Martha Crandall, Mary Burdick.
Mentions Smith Shop.
Witnesses; Benjamin Maxson, Abel Burdick, John Burdick.
Inventory; PR 2: 290 14 March 1791 Appraisers; Luke Burdick, Samuel Crandall
Inventory; (additional) PR 2:286 4 April 1791 Receipts; PR 3:3, 4 July 1791, PR 3:5, 12 March 1792 PR 3:66 7 March 1796 PR 3:109 2 January 1797, PR 3:139, PR 3:162 15 February 1799 in Petersburg, NY from son Luke Maxson, in Salisbury from son, Thomas, in Hopkinton from Peleg Maxson.

MAXSON, Naomi – TC 1:150 (2nd set pgs.), 24 September 1770, Voted that Samuel Maxson be Guardian to
his sister, Naomi, in room of John Maxson Jr.

MAXSON, Naomy – TC 1:115 (2nd set pgs.) – 15 December 1767, she being an inhabitant of this town, and is a person non-compimentus and not able to take care of herself or her estate, therefore John Maxson Jr. is appointed her Guardian.

MAXSON, Nathan (Cpt.) – PR 5:247 – Administration, 7 January 1825, Administrator Ezekial
Crandall. Widow, Ruth Maxson. Inventory PR 5:248 and page 278 – 14 February 1825.
Appraisers; Daniel Babcock, David Stillman, Joseph Maxson. Auction PR 5:250, 5 April 1825. PR 5:279, 6 October 1825, Ezekial Crandall resigns as Administrator for reasons of his moving to New York, Isaac Cundall takes the position. Receipts PR 5:279, 17 November 1825

MAXSON, Nathan – PR 9:290, Administration 5 October 1858
Lucy Maxson, Lucy E. Maxson and Lucy E. Maxson as Guardian to Nathan Maxson, requests Administration.
Inventory PR 9:291, 2 November 1858 Appraisers; Oliver Irish, Phineas Barber, Ephraim Stillman

MAXSON, Peleg – PR 5:425 will written, 6 April 1827, proved 7 July 1828.
Wife Mary (this may be a second wife, as he “leaves” her all the personal estate she brought with her.)
Sons; Peleg and Clarke, Daughter; Martha Crandall.
Witnesses; Henry H. Holland, John Egglestone, Content Egglestone.
PR 5:428, 14 July 1828, Inventory, appraisers; Alpheus Burdick, Samuel Crandall, Jabez Palmer. Bills
against the Estate PR 5:430, 1 July 1828, $4.25 to Jabez Palmer to make coffin, $2.50 for Samuel Crandall for digging the grave and $10.75 to Reuben Fenner for services rendered in his last sickness, Brandy etc. Receipts PR 5:432, In Hopkinton, 19 October 1829, signed Benjamin Clarke Maxson; In Hopkinton, 5 March 1830, signed Benjamin and Martha Crandall.

MAXSON, Peleg – PR 8:42, Administration, 27 July 1848
Clarissa Maxson, widow. Luke B. Maxson appointed appraiser. Inventory 27 July 1848, appraisers, George Hoxsie, Benjamin W. Crandall, Samuel Crandall Jr. TC 8:133, 2 June 1851, Guardianship report of Benjamin Crandall mentions Martha E., Mary E. and Benjamin F. Maxson, minors.

MAXSON, Russell – TC 6:43, 3 December 1832. Deceased, of New York. Guardianship for his son, George Maxson, Guardian Thomas Clarke was chosen.

MAXSON, Samuel – PR 3:63 will written, 24 May 1792, proved 29 February 1796
Wife, Mary. Sons, Elisha, Samuel Daughters, Ruth Babcock, Tacy Babcock, Judith Burdick, Polly, Ester, Barbara, Nancy, Welthy. Grandsons, Maxson Babcock, Peleg Babcock, Samuel Maxson
Witnesses: Content Babcock, George Clarke, Daniel Babcock.
Inventory PR 3:65 3 March 1796
Objection: PR 3:75 15 June 1796 by Henry Burdick.
PR 3:118 16 January 1797 Dispute by Henry Burdick “respecting a boy that Henry Burdick has Guardianship of.” (little information given) Receipts: PR 3:113 January/February 1797 signed by Amherst Crandall, Rogers Kinyon, Barbara Maxson, Nancy Maxson and Welthy Maxson.

MAXSON, Samuel – PR 6:295, 1 February 1838, Administration.
Widow, Lucy Maxson named as Administrator. Probate Court appointed Peter C. Wells as Guardian to the Minor Children of Samuel and Lucy; David Stillman Maxson, Nathan Maxson, Samuel Ray Maxson, Julia Ann Maxson and Lucy Angeline Maxson. PR 6:296, 5 February 1838, Inventory, Appraisers; Luke Johnson, Benjamin Potter, Maxson Johnson. TC 7:190, 5 April 1847, Guardian Peter C. Wells Jr. petitions the Probate Court to sell seven acres of property for the minors. The petition was granted.

MAXSON, Sylvanus – PR 4:196, Inventory, 14 August 1810, Appraisers, Daniel Babcock, Job B.
Clarke, Peleg Babcock. Adminstrator Cpt. Joseph Maxson.
Additional Inventory, PR 4:200, 4 December 1810, Receipts PR 4:221, 6 January 1812
PR 4:207,209, 28 January 1811, Adjust Claims of creditors – Estate insolvent
PR 4:213 * Division of Land to the widow. 2 April 1811
Receipts – PR 4:235 – 10 December 1811

MAXSON, Tacy – PR 5:175, will written, 17 December 1821, proved 22 March 1822.
To Phebe Maxson & Lucy Maxson, daughters of Joseph Maxson; To Nancy Maxson & Rogers Maxson, children of Nathan Maxson. To Lydia Wells, wife of Joseph of Westerly. My sister, Martha Lewis. Appoint her trusty friend, Joseph Maxson as Executor.
Witnesses; Lydia Maxson, Ruth Maxson, Phebe Maxson. Joseph Maxson refuses to be Executor, Martha Lewis is appointed.

MAXSON, William – TC 3:11, 5 December 1797, Daniel White appointed Guardian. TC 3:112, 14 December 1797, Mr. William Maxson released from his Guardianship.

MILLER, Samuel – PR 6:336, will written, 21 November 1838, proved 7 January 1839
Calls himself “of Warwick, now of Hopkinton” Gives to Sophia Wilcox and her son, Nathan Asa Gates Wilcox, wife and son of Nathan Wilcox. (gives no relationship) Gives Nathan Wilcox his shoemakers tools.
Witnesses; Newman Clarke, Charles Boss, Edward Barber

MINER, Asa – TC 3:170, 3 June 1800, Zaccheus Reynolds appointed Guardian to Asa, he is wasting his Estate.

MINER, Phineas – PR 3:56 Inventory 21 April 1794
At the request of Administrator Daniel White. Appraisers, Joseph Witter Jr., Oliver Davis

MOORE, SUSAN – PR 8:121 Administration 15 October 1849
Susan the widow of Silas Moore of Cranston. Application is presented from Nathan Moore Jr., guardian to Mercy, Susan Ann and Victoria Moore, children of Silas Moore. Pardon K. Tefft is appointed administrator of the estate of Susan Moore.
Appraisers: Nathan Moore Jr., Pardon Almy and Silas N. Kinyon.
Inventory: 26 October 1848 PR 8:122.

NEFF, Darius – TC 1:72 (second set of pgs) 20 December 1764, Whereas this Council is credibly
informed that Darius Neff, late of Hopkinton is dead and left some real estate and as Edward Wells Jr.
one of the principle creditors of said Neff and as none of his next of kin appeared to be administrator,
it was voted on to give a letter of Administration to Edward Wells Jr.

NEWTON, Benjamin – PR 9:180 6 January 1857 Administration
Inventory – PR 9:181, 12 January 1857 Appraisers; Jesse Brown, William C. Crandall, Nathan Palmer
John S. Champlin was appointed Guardian of the minor children; Nathan P., Elijah P., Mary E., Sarah A., Jane F. and George F.

NICHOLS, David – PR 3:160 will written 22 April 1786, proved 6 May 1799 (this David resided in
the town of Richmond)
Wife, Sarah. Sons; David Jr., Joseph. Daughters; Elizabeth Burdick, Sarah Robinson, Hannah Coon, Patience Crandall.
Witnesses: John Kinyon, Elizabeth Kinyon, Jonathan Kinyon.
Inventory: PR 3:163 31 May 1799 Appraisers; Matthew Wells, Moses Barber, Perry Burdick.
Inventory PR 3:180, 18 November 1799, (includes ivory headed cane and spectacles) Appraisers, David Coon, Moses Barber, Thomas Wells. Bill towards Probate, from son Joseph Nichols, called “the surviving Executor of Will,” “To boarding my father and mother twelve months, 23 October 1798, to boarding them and nursing my father five months and three weeks in his last sickness – $25.00.” Listed on the receipt, 17 November 1799 –
1 qt. Brandy 0/50, 3 December 1799 – 1 pint rum 0/14, 20 March – 1 pint gin 0/22, 16 April – 1 qt. Rum 0/25.
PR 3:189 List of articles sold at auction.

NICHOLS, David – PR 3:171 will written 28 February 1799, proved 4 November 1799
Wife, Elizabeth, and he mentions a first wife. Sons; Jonathan, David, Andrew, George, John and Luke. His brother, George. Daughters, Elizabeth Stillman,
Receipts PR 4:76 3 November 1806, Receipts PR 4:77 “Received on 10 March 1803 our legacy, signed Matthew and Elizabeth Stillman.” Addt’l Inventory PR 3:189, 7 April 1800, Receipts PR 3:197, 8 May 1799/6 October 1800 PR 3:218, October 1800, wife Elizabeth petitions to sell portion of land and is legal guardian to said infants. Receipts PR 4:242, 4 November 1799
*Map for division of land PR 4:210
PR 4:195 – 4 November 1799; Elizabeth Nichols, Executrix, charges 75 cents to get will proved at a meeting held at Christopher Crandall’s house. $1.00 to attend Council at the City.
PR 4:195 – 18 November 1801, “To victualling, clothing and nursing my daughter Sally, two years and two weeks $93.10.

NICHOLS, Eleanor – PR 9:212 , 2 March 1857 Administration
Administrator; Oliver Langworthy.
Appraisers; Christopher Lewis, Sands Carr, George Taylor Inventory PR 9:215, 17 March 1857

NICHOLS, Elizabeth – PR 5:234 – Will Written 19 May 1824, proved 2 August 1824
Daughters – Elizabeth Stillman and Sarah Langworthy. Her loving son-in-law, Matthew Stillman appointed Executor.
Witnesses; Gideon Palmer, Thomas Taylor Jr.

NICHOLS, Silas – PR 7:63 – 9 February 1841, Administration requested by widow, Sally Ann Nichols. Gardner Nichols appointed Administrator. Inventory PR 7:64, 12 February 1841, appraisers; Gorton W. Arnold, Elisha Kinyon, Josiah W. Langworthy. In Claims against the Estate, there were three doctors in attendance, Dr. Luther A. Palmer, Dr. Thomas P. Wattles, Dr. Hiram Allen.

NILES, George – PR 9:48, November 1854 Administration
Wife, Cyrena Niles. Gideon Hoxsie of Charlestown named Administrator.
Inventory: PR 9:49, 30 December 1854

NOYES, George W. – PR 8:109 9 April 1849 Administration
George Noyes, late of, Stonington, CT owns property in Hopkinton to be Probated. Christopher C. Lewis is appointed Administrator.
Inventory PR 8:110, 21 May 1849, Appraisers: George Hoxsie, Josiah W. Langworthy, Edward Hoxsie

NOYES, Mary – TC 8:164, 4 October 1852, Voted that Elnathan Babcock, Guardian to the estate of Mary, pay over to Martha Noyes, widow, 100 dollars for her services of taking care of said Mary.

NYE, Caleb – PR 3: 82 written 11 April 1796, proved 5 September 1796
Wife, unnamed, Son, Caleb Nye Jr., Joshua Nye Daughters, Phebe Coon, Thankful Brightman, Catherine Potter, Mary Nye. Son-in-law, Caleb Potter.
Witnesses: David Nichols, Matthew Stillman, Sarah Kinyon. PR 4:88 – 2 June 1806, Division of Property

NYE, Caleb – TC 4:141, 5 October 1809 – It is represented to this Court that Caleb Nye is weak in body and very low, being sometimes in a measure deranged, whereas under the circumstances, it appears he is utterly incapable to transact his own affairs. Pardon Crandall appointed Guardian.

NYE, Caleb – PR 4:181, 182 – 6 November 1809
Bill submitted by Pardon Crandall who was Guardian to Caleb Nye. Bill date starts 6 October 1809.
Pardon charges 75 cents to visiting and inquiring of the estate. Visits again 12 October and charges 25 cents. October 25 going to meet Aaron Kinyon to look for sheep and for looking for sheep at other times 50 cents. Mary Nye charges $22.33 for nursing Caleb Nye from 4 August 1809 to 14 October 1809.
Wife Ruth Nye receives cider from the Administrator on 26 October 1809.

NYE, Joshua – TC 2:299, 5 January 1789, Caleb Nye appointed to be Guardian to his son, Joshua.

TC 3:163, 3 March 1800, David Coon appointed Guardian of Joshua Nye.

NYE, Joshua – TC 3:92, 5 December 1796, Whereas complaint that Joshua Nye who is heir to a small estate, considering his mental abilities it is conceived that his estate is in danger of being squandered away. Voted that Thomas Kinyon, (son of George) be appointed Guardian.

NYE, Joshua – TC 2:299, Caleb Nye appointed Guardian of his son. PR 4:203 Guardianship,
4 March 1811 – Guardians Matthew Stillman and George Kinyon Jr. being paid 2 pounds & 1 penny on balance due from the estate.

NYE, Mary – PR 6:322 will written, 19 March 1838, proved, 3 September 1838
Her niece, Martha Palmer and her three surviving children, Peter P. Palmer, Mary J. Palmer and Clarissa E. Palmer. Executor, Gideon Palmer.
Witnesses; Stephen Austin, Julia Burdick, Lovina M. Palmer.
Inventory PR 6:323, 11 September 1838, appraisers; John D. Langworthy, George S. Kinyon, Stephen Austin.

NYE, Ruth – TC 4:147, 2 April 1810, Whereas Ruth Nye, widow of Caleb Nye Sr. deceased, is advanced in age and is infirm and is adjudged to be incapable of transacting business for her support and the other emergencies of life. Voted Matthew Stillman be appointed Guardian.

OATLY, Lois – TC 7:37, 25 October 1841. Charles Collins have an order for $17.41 it being for the
last sickness and funeral expenses of Lois Oatly who died in this town not having any legal settlement here. Thomas Clarke, Overseer of the Poor, to take charge of her possessions and sell them at auction.

ODELL, Elizabeth – PR 2:78 Inventory – 9 March 1777
Appraisers: William Witter & Abel Tanner
Inventory- 1 pocketbook, 1 Jack knife, 1 pr. Shears, 1 pr. Knitting needles, some wearing apparel. Total:1/3/3

PACKHOM, Timothy – PR 1:3 will written, 26 August 1756, proved, 28 December 1757
Wife – Content, Sons- Timothy, Reuben Granchildren – Reuben’s daughters, Rachel, Patience
Comments – In his will he states his occupation as Blacksmith. He also states he is a Baptist, and leaves part of his estate to cover the costs of his sons preaching religion.
Witnesses: Benjamin Maxson, Ebenezer Hill, Abraham Utter.
Inventory – PR 1:8-10

PALMER, Fones – PR 6:357, will written, 11 November 1837, proved 21 October 1839
Daughters; Charlotte Tanner, Susanna Whitmore
His housekeeper, Deborah Collins and her daughter, Cynthia Mariah Collins, 1/3 of his estate.
Witnesses: Susan G. Wilbur, Anna A. Foster, Elizabeth W. Wilbur.
Inventory PR 6:360, 30 October 1839, appraisers; John Wilbur, Jesse Brown, Joseph Spicer Jr. PR 6:361, 4 November 1839, in Probate Court, “Whereas a certain feather bed claimed to be the property of Deborah and Cynthia Mariah Collins was appraised as the property of Fones Palmer, deceased, (not having been named in the schedule of articles annexed to his will not long before his death, setting forth what things belonged to the said
Deborah in and about his house and for the express purpose of avoiding misunderstanding in that respect) Voted that if the said Deborah produces good evidence that the feathers was given to the said Cynthia M. Collins that the Executor will deliver the same. PR 6:362, 26 November 1839, “…Deborah Collins produced evidence of Christopher Collins, who said he heard the said Fones Palmer say that he had given the feathers in the bed.”
TC 7:27, 4 January 1841, Application being presented in writing to the Probate Court by Charlotte Tanner, Ezra and Susanna Witmore, Nathan Collins Guardian to Cynthia Maria Collins and Deborah Collins to divide the real estate of the deceased. TC 7:36, 2 August 1841, Executor produced evidence respecting the said Palmer’s death and relative to obtaining the balance of a pension due him – a certificate is ordered necessary for that purpose.

PALMER, Hezekiah – TC 8:34, 5 June 1848, Hezekiah is appointed Guardian of his children; Tacy and Edwin, minors over fourteen; Daniel, Henry and Abby Jane (last three under age 14) Abby Palmer, his wife, has deceased.

PALMER, Lawton – PR 4:25 Inventory – 5 September 1803 Administrators; Fones and John Palmer.
PR 4:32 Inventory – 9 December 1803, shown by widow, Mercy Palmer. Appraisers; Caleb Potter, Aaron Kinyon, Jabez Collins.
Receipts; PR 4:51, 5 November 1804, PR 4:52 11 March 1805, PR 4:45 27 March 1805 mentions son John Palmer and daughter Elizabeth Tanner, wife of William. Vendue List (Auction List) PR 4:55 11 March 1805 Note* – at the end of the list it states, “It seems to be the wish of the whole family that the wearing apparel might not be sold, and if your honor will approve the sale of the rest of the property with out selling the wearing apparel, it will be very satisfactory to the family all which we wish to submit to the Honorable Court”
Receipts; PR 4:59 11 March 1805 PR 4:61 14 November 1806 “Whereas my honored father bound my brother, John Palmer…signed Hannah Popple.
Division of Property PR 4:62 18 April 1805 Receipts PR 4:75 4 November 1805
Accounting PR: 4:203, 4 March 1811

PALMER, Nathaniel – TC 5:68, 1 November 1824, Jeremiah Thurston appointed Guardian of the person and estate.

PALMER, Nathaniel – PR 6:134, 23 April 1832, Administration requested by his son, Gideon Palmer.
Inventory PR 6:135, 26 May 1832 presented to the Court, appraisers; Andrew Nichols, George S. Kinyon, Nathan Collins.
PR 6:136, 11 June 1832, a Citation was issued to Judith Potter and Clarrisa Burdick to appear in Probate Court for concealing and embezzling away the personal estate of Nathaniel Palmer. Both women appeared but refused to answer allegations.

PALMER, Nathaniel – PR 7:259, 31 March 1845, Administration. “An instrument purporting to be
the Last Will & Testament of Nathaniel Palmer is presented with a written application from the heirs and persons interested that said instrument should be acted upon and if not approved, requesting that an Administration might be granted. The said instrument is read and examined and ascertained to be _?_ not according to Law, there being but two witnesses.” Jesse Wilbur Jr. named Administrator. He declines and Jesse Brown is appointed.
Inventory PR 7:260, 9 April 1845, appraisers, George Hoxsie, Simon Kenyon, Edward Hoxsie.
Widow, Ruth Palmer. Heirs; Abby Ann Palmer, William G. Palmer, Judith Edwards, Mary Coon, Perry M. Palmer, George I. Palmer, James M. Palmer and Elias Coon. TC 7:131, 17 April 1845, James M. Palmer (a minor), chose Jonathan Foster as his guardian. TC 7:160, 21 April 1846, Probate Court sets off and assigns widow’s dower of real estate, page 161.

PALMER, Uriah – PR 6:373, 5 November 1839, Administration requested by widow, Freelove Palmer. PR 6:374, 27 November 1839, Inventory, appraisers; William B. Bliven, Asher Palmer, William Crandall.
Receipts PR 6:379, daughter Elizabeth (Palmer) Newton.

TC 7:23, 7 September 1840, Document addresses land Uriah Palmer owned in Exeter, Rhode Island. Mentions his “intermarriage” with his wife Freelove. (Possible 2nd marriage) Document also describes the property she is to inherit, half of the house, etc.

PATTERSON, Amos – 1733-1830, page 234, 28 August 1810. Dies in 1810 as Mary Kenyon submits bill for nursing him in his last sickness and George Thurston submits bill to the town for funeral charges. Mary Kinyon submits bill for services done for her father in his last sickness.

PECKHAM, Content TC 2:19, 21 July 1772, Elder John Maxson of Newport appealed to the Council that his mother Content Peckham is by reason of great age and infirmity unable to take care of herself. Praying the Council appoint someone to be her Guardian. Elder John Maxson was appointed. PR 2:97 Will Written – 27 March 1767, Proved 26 March 1777
Daughters – Content Hiscox, Naomy Maxson, Mary Chase Sons: John Maxson, Samuel Maxson
Children from her first marriage: Content, Naomy, Mary & Samuel
Grandchildren: Content Hiscox, David Hiscox, Jonathan Babcock, Mary Chase, Jonathan Chase, Jonathan Maxson son to Jonathan Maxson, Joseph & Anne Maxson children of John Maxson.
Witnesses: Joseph Clarke Jr., Stephen Crandall, Samuel Langworthy
Inventory – PR 2:99 3 August 1777 Appraisers: Amos Maxson & John Maxson
Receipts – PR 2:147 11 November 1779 Jesse Maxson settled his father John Maxson’s portion with his sister Anne.

PECKHAM, Daniel PR 2:225 Administration 12 April 1785, Administrator named Cpt. Samuel
Babcock. Appraisers: Joseph Witter Jr, Oliver Davis

PECKHAM, Daniel Jr. PR 2:269 4 May 1789
Administrator: Cpt. Samuel Babcock Receipts: PR 2:285 11 April 1791 PR 3:23 6 May 1793

PECKHAM, Reuben (Elder) PR 2:275 Inventory 22 February 1790
Administrator: Timothy Peckham Appraisers: Benjamin Crandall, Matthew Maxson
Receipts: PR 3:46 17 March 1794
TC 2:313, 1 March 1790, Complaint was made by Timothy Peckham, suspecting some of the deceased estate is being with held and not being exhibited for inventory. Mr. Peckham Main and his wife cited to appear in said Court to give account on whether they have any of the inventory in their hands or have made an embezzlement thereof. TC 2:313, 8 March 1790, Mr. Timothy Peckham asked Mr. Main what knowledge he had of a black velvet jacket with silver buttons which was owned by the deceased? Mr. Main had no knowledge. Mr. Peckham asked what knowledge he had of five large silver buttons. Mr, Main had no knowledge. Mr. Peckham asked if Reuben Peckham’s clothes hung in a bedroom where he stayed. Mr. Main answered yes, but some hung in the room we lived in. Mr. Peckham asked if any persons slept in that room while Reuben Peckham had been away. Mr. Main answered that George Hakes and Nathan Hakes slept in the room 1 night. They live in Hoosack now.
Mrs. Main stated she remembered one Content Clarke, a single woman slept one night in that room.
Discharge: PR 3:122 29 September 1794 “received the sum of one hundred and five pounds lawful money in full of my legacy…” Sabers Main” Witnesses: Dewey Main, Jabez Main

PECKHAM, Robert – PR 4:80 Appearance in Court, 7 April 1806, widow Temperance Peckham and
Amos Collins Esq. to be Administrators. Inventory – 22 April 1806, Appraisers, William Tanner, Aaron Kinyon, John Wilbur.

PERKINS, Oliver – PR 4:92 3 November 1806, Administrators Caty Perkins, widow and Zaccheus
Maxson Esq. appeared in Probate Court.
PR 4:90 – 24 November 1806, Inventory. Mentions “dubious” note turned in by Newman Perkins for $2.76 which Court did not allow.
Additional Inventory, PR 4:130,131, 2 November 1807 and inventory set off to the widow, Catherine Perkins. PR 4:132, 1 January 1808, division of wood lot to widow. Commissioners Report PR 4:132, 12 January 1807 PR 4:138, Receipt from Dr. Spaulding from North Stonington for $5.00 for doctoring in his last sickness.
PR 4:159, 15 August 1808, “To be sold at Public vendue, one fulling mill & mill lot & utensils in said mill and one lot of land containing 6 or 7 acres…” PR 4:199 – 3 September 1810 calls estate insolvent.

PERRIN, William – TC 8:151, 8 March 1852, Edward Hoxsie is appointed Guardian to William Perrin.

PERRY, George H. – PR 9:36, written, 12 January 1847, proved 2 October 1854
Wife, Elizabeth. He leaves money to his son John C. Perry, who by infirmity of body is disabled.
Witnesses: Benjamin B. Thurston, Henry M. Wells, John S. Champlin.

PERRY, Joanna (see Joanna Barber)

PERRY, Stephen PR 3:108 Administrator, Solomon Collins. Inventory 5 December 1796
Appraisers: Zebulon Weaver, Joseph Collins Jr.
Receipts: PR 3:143 Appointed Commissioners on 16 November 1796, report submitted 2 July 1798. Receipts: PR 3:181 3 February 1800; PR 3:186 3 February 1800 – Estate Insolvent. Receipts: PR 3:203 2 February 1801. PR 4:208 – 9 July 1810, Receipt from Sarah Robinson for her deceased husband, Sylvester Robinson.

PHILLIPS, Child TC 7:27, 4 January 1841 – Amy Phillips to Edward Barber Guardian to money
paid to Whitman Kinyon for taking and bringing up Amy’s child.

PHILLIPS, James TC 1:139 (2nd set pgs.), 5 February 1770 – James Phillips, son of Charles Phillips, chose
John Lewis Jr. to be his guardian.

PHILLIPS, Joseph PR 2:255 Will written 25 March 1788, proved 5 May 1788
Wife: Jerusha Daughters; Dorcas Webb, Elisabeth Barber, Jerusha Enos Sons: John, Samuel
Grandson: Joseph Phillips Son-in-law: George Webb of Richmond.
Witnesses: Edward Perry, William Austin
Inventory – PR 2:256 29 April 1788 Appraisers: Edward Perry, Thomas Tefft
Receipts: PR 2:258 17 May 1788 Ezekial Barber Jr, signs for his wife. TC 5:120, 27 July 1829, At a request from James Phillips, he wished his Guardian to be Jabez Palmer. On page 121, 7 September 1829, he withdraws that request and stays with Jeremiah Thurston Esq.

POOLER, John – TC 1:100 (2nd set pgs.) – 4 November 1766 – Son of Zaccheaus Pooler (deceased) chose
Archibald Kasson of Coventry as his Guardian.

POOLER, Zaccheus – PR 1:36 Inventory – 21 January 1760.
Wife: Jane Pooler (Administratrix)

POPPLE, John – TC 3:10, 2 January 1792 Voted that Gen. George Thurston have a Letter of Administration on all and singular goods, chattels and credits of John Popple Jr, and Theodoty Popple, late inhabitants of (or sojourners in) Hopkinton, he being appointed Administrator as aforesaid by the request of John Popple Sr.

POPPLE, Theodoty – TC 2:118, 4 August 1783. Administration given to his brother George Popple.

PORTER, John – PR 2:14 Inventory – 19 July 1771 Nathan Porter named Administrator of his father’s estate.
Appraisers: Hubbard Burdick, Joseph Witter Jr.

POTTER, Caleb – PR 4:296 Inventory – 24 October 1817
Appraisers; Jabez Collins, John H. Kenyon, Fones Palmer
Caleb Potter’s last document signed as Town Clerk is dated 25 June 1817.
Christopher Lewis, the next Town Clerk signs a document on 26 August 1817.
PR 4:308 – 1 June 1818, Claims against the Estate, PR 4:314, mentions Dr. Bishop Tyler to be paid $4.00. Receipts PR 4:314 – 4 January 1819
Division of Land – 13 April 1818 to widow Catherine/Caty Potter.
Division of Land – PR 4:323 – 22 December 1819;
Lot 1 – Thomas Potter, Lot 2 – Caleb Potter, Lot 3 – Mary Potter, Lot 4 – Sarah Saunders, Lot 5 – Clarke Potter, Lot 6 – George C. Potter. Committee to survey Land; John Wilbur, John Congdon, Fones Palmer.

POTTER, Clarke A. – PR 9:94, 9 April 1855 Administration
Wife, Belinda.
Administrator named – Nathan K. Lewis
Inventory PR 9:95, 10 April 1855, appraisers; Christopher Lewis Jr., William C. Burdick, Jacob Babcock

POTTER, Clarke – PR 7:34, 6 April 1840, Administration, Alfred Enos appointed Administrator.
Inventory PR 7:35, 25 May 1840, appraisers; George Hoxsie, Stephen W. Kinyon, William N. Coon.

POTTER, Elizabeth – PR 4:302 Will written, 31 January 1818 Proved, 6 April 1818
Son, George Congdon Potter. My trusty friend, Daniel Babcock.
Witnesses; Fones Palmer, Watey Langworthy, John Congdon.
Inventory PR 4:310 – 13 April 1818 Appraisers – Fones Palmer, Joseph Collins, John Wilbur

POTTER, Joseph – PR 5:206 – 7 January 1823, Administration. His sons, Thomas W. and Joseph
Potter appointed Administrators. Inventory PR5:207 – 7 January 1823, Appraisers; Daniel Babcock, Joseph Spicer, Joseph Maxson. Articles of Agreement PR 5:209 “agreement made between Thomas W., Joseph, Henry, Robert T. and William Potter all of lawful age…whereas the deceased having in his lifetime and not long before his death expressed a desire that his widow Phebe Potter should have more of the property…we the heirs
undersigned do therefore think proper to grant to our beloved mother, the widow, according to her wishes the whole use and improvements of the property both personal and real…”

POTTER, Joseph H. – TC 7:61, 20 March 1843, Elnathan W. Babcock, guardian of the person and estate
of Joseph H. Potter,…be empowered to sell the said Joseph’s right in the manufacturing establishment in Westerly (Potter Hill). Page 69, 29 May 1843, states Joseph is a minor. TC 7:122, 24 February 1845, Joseph H. Potter signs off to his full satisfaction the amount of money, $16.72, that his Guardian passes into his hands.

POTTER, Judith – PR 7:111, will written, 7 April 1835, proved 28 October 1841
Gideon Palmer appointed administrator.
Daughters; Clarissa Burdick, (she was deceased by the time the will was proved, and Gideon Palmer named administrator of her estate the same day. She was known as Clarissa Gardner PR 7:118) Nancy Potter, Mary Potter (Mary under 18 years) Sons; Clarke Potter, William Potter
Grandson; Gideon Tyler Burdick, son of Clarissa Burdick (1) Gardner (TC 7:39, also mentions Clarissa had a minor daughter, Ruth.
Witnesses; Nathan Wilcox, Matthew Stillman, Sophia Wilcox
Inventory – PR 7:114, presented 4 November 1841, appraisers; Gorton W. Arnold, Russell Thayer, Nathan F. Chipman.

POTTER, Robert T. – PR 5:412, 2 June 1828, Administrator named Joseph Potter Esq.
Widow, Mary. PR 5:414, 6 June 1828, Inventory, appraisers; Elnathan W. Babcock, Daniel Babcock, Sands Cole.
PR 5:416, 7 July 1828, Joseph Potter requests authorization to sell personal property of deceased except for the Cotton Machinery.
PR 5:448, 23 April 1828, Bills paid, Caleb Strange and Lee Burdick for digging grave and acquiring two quarts of brandy for funeral, 62 ½ cents. Cash sent by Elisha Potter to Cuba to pay for recording deed of “pastitian” (Plantation?) PR 5:453, 3 January 1830, Cuba land acknowledged.

POTTER, Thomas – PR 2:24 Will written – 26 November 1770, Proved 1 February 1773
Wife – Judith Sons: Thomas, Jonathan, Stephen (lives in Richmond), Caleb, George
Daughters: Mary Clarke, Elizabeth Saunders, Martha Maxson Grandsons: William Sheldon Jr. & Jonathan Sheldon
Witnesses: John Coon, Thomas Brumbly, Simeon Perry
Inventory: PR 2:27 26 January 1773, appraisers Elder Joshua Clarke, Cpt. Zaccheus Reynolds
Receipts: PR 2:39 30 March 1773, Sons: Thomas, Stephen (of Richmond), George (of Westerly). Daughters: Elizabeth and husband Issac Saunders (of Charlestown), Mary and husband Elisha Clarke, Martha and husband Matthew Maxson (of Westerly)

PROSSER, Joseph – PR 8:250, 8 March 1852, Administration
George Prosser appointed Administrator.
Appraisers: Isaac Cundall, William C. Burdick, Christopher C. Lewis Jr.
Inventory PR 8:251, 11 March 1852
Nancy Miner, Betsey Prosser and Esther Prosser received $588.00 (are these children??)

RANDALL, Benjamin – PR 2:40 Inventory 9 May 1774
Administrator – John Randall TC 2:61, 19 April 1775, notation states John is Benjamin’s son.
Appraisers – John Millard & Amos Rogers

RANDALL, Eleanor – TC 1:41 (2nd set of pgs) 30 May 1763, Benjamin Randall Esq. be appointed
administer of his mother’s estate.

RANDALL, Ichabod – PR 1:60 Administration – 7 February 1763
Benjamin Randall requests a letter of Administration on his son Ichabod Randall, who died in Havannah at the last expedition in Cpt. Russell’s Company.

RATHBUN, Nathan – PR 7:94 Will written, 6 April 1841, proved 6 September 1841
Wife, Sarah, Sons; Elias R., Nathan D., John H., and Beriah S.
Daughters; Charity Olin, Mary A. Champlin. Granddaughter, Mary C. Bennett.
Leaves his carpenter’s tools and black smithing tools to his son, Elias.
Witnesses; Oliver Clarke, Perry Clarke, Ray Burlingame. Sarah is appointed Administratrix, in room of Elias R. Rathbun who was not of lawful age. Receipts PR 7:97, In Norwich, CT, 26 November 1842, signed Beriah S. and Nathan D. Rathbun. In Griswold, CT, 27 November 1843, signed John H. Rathbun.

REYNOLDS, Amanda and Abbey – TC 4:208, 6 February 1815, daughters of Zaccheus Reynolds, to appear before the Town Council to chose a Guardian for themselves.

REYNOLDS, Clark – PR 4:290, 26 October 1816, Receipts to the estate from Zaccheus Maxson, his
guardian. TC 4:199, 1 October 1818, Voted that a petition to the Supreme Judicial Court preferred by Zaccheus Maxson, Guardian of Clark Reynolds, the person and the estate, for the sale of said Reynolds real estate.

REYNOLDS, Desire – PR 8:211 , written, 28 October 1825, proved 27 October 1851
States she is single. Phebe Reynolds appointed as Executrix but resigns, Charles Noyes appointed.
Desire names in her will, Phebe Reynolds, Polly Babcock, wife of Amos Babcock, Sophia Maxson, wife of Varnum Maxson, Ira Reynolds, Cynthia Johnson, wife of Jonathan C. Johnson, Clarissa Jacques, wife of Joseph Jacques, William Reynolds, Amanda Clark, wife of Charles Clarke and Altha Crandall, wife of Nicholas Crandall.
Witnesses: Christopher C. Lewis, Ethan G. Crandall, Esther Green.
Inventory: PR 8:241, 12 January 1852

REYNOLDS, Elias – TC 1:137 (2nd set pgs.), 6 November 1769 – Cpt. Edward Wells is appointed
Guardian. Voted that Edward Wells employ a doctor for Elias’ children as they being sick and will be chargeable to the town.

REYNOLDS, Ethan – PR 5:292, Administration, 2 January 1826. Dr. George H. Perry appointed
Administrator. PR 5:293, 5 January 1826 Inventory, Appraisers; Thomas Wells, Joseph Spicer Jr., Joseph Spicer. Pr 5:294, 3 April 1826, Warrant to attend Probate Court issued to Hannah Bentley, wife of Jonathan Bentley and to Phineas Reynolds.

REYNOLDS, Joseph – TC 1:88 (second set of pgs.) 11 February 1766; by reason of age and infirmities is not capable to act for himself or dispose of his estate. George Babcock appointed Guardian. Guardianship is dismissed on 5 April 1766. TC 2:44, 2 January 1774, Zaccheus Reynolds is appointed Guardian as Joseph is judged to be noncompasmentis.

REYNOLDS, Phebe – PR 8:98 – written 19 February 1852, proved 26 July 1852
Phebe bequeaths all her property, real and personal to her sister Abby M. Crandall.
Witnesses: Jesse Brown, Oliver D. Cole, Abby M. Greene

REYNOLDS, Rebecca – TC 1:108 – 3 August 1767, Francis Tanner appointed Guardian to said

REYNOLDS, Robert – TC 8:92, 10 June 1850, a request in writing was presented to the Probate
Court for a Guardian to be named for Joseph and Benjamin Reynolds, minors over 14 years of age and for Robert Reynolds, a minor under 14 years of age. These individuals were children of Robert, of Cranston.

REYNOLDS, Ruth – TC 2:18 – daughter of Joseph Reynolds, Zaccheus Reynolds named her Guardian. TC 2:67, 4 September 1775, Guardian Zaccheus Reynolds asked for more money than what he received. He was removed from the Guardianship.

REYNOLDS, Welcome – TC 4:201, 3 January 1814, a minor under the age of 21 years, son of Zaccheus Reynolds, deceased, chose John Wilbur to be his Guardian.

REYNOLDS, Zaccheus – PR 2:208 Written 23 September 1771, Proved 3 November 1783
Sons: Zaccheus (Executor and inherits east side of farm), Clark (who inherits west side of farm)
Daughters: Hannah, Susannah, Judeth, Eunice, Lois, Tacy, Mary and Bethany. Bethany a weakly child, if she remains unmarried her brothers to support her.
Witnesses: Thomas Brumbly, Stephen Clarke, Simeon Perry
Inventory: 30 November 1783 Appraisers: Amos Maxson, Henry Clarke
Additional Inventory: 20 February 1786, shown by his son, Zaccheus.
Inventory PR 4:255, 3 November 1813 Mentions his deceased wife’s clothing.
Appraisers; Fones Palmer, Daniel Lewis Jr., William Tanner.

REYNOLDS, Zaccheus (Jr.?) PR 4:272, 273 Division of Land (with map) 22 March 1815, divided out to; Mary Babcock, Desire Reynolds, Phebe Reynolds, Sophia Maxson, Ira Reynolds, Cynthia Johnson, Clarissa Reynolds, Welcome Reynolds, Amanda Reynolds, Abigail Reynolds. Amanda receives west half of the house, Sophia receives ½ of the house and the whole of the shop of workhouse. Receipts PR 4:280, 5 January 1816 Phineas N. Maxson signs for
for legacy. Receipts PR 4:280, 281, 5 January 1816, Phebe and Desire Reynolds charged $3.50 for boarding the committee who divided the real estate and $16.00 for bringing in the harvest & tending the dairy. Receipts PR 4:328, 2 October 1816.

ROBINSON, Edward – PR 2:259 Written, 26 November 1784 Proved, 7 July 1788
Wife: Anne Sons: William, Francis, Nathan Daughters: Martha Rathbun, Elizabeth Coon, Anne Goodridge. Granddaughters: Anne Robinson, d/o William, Anne Burdick, d/o Daniel (decsd), Hannah Goodridge, d/o David, Anne Rathbun, d/o Amos, Mary Robinson, d/o Nathan, Mary Robinson, d/o Edward Robinson Jr. (decsd). My well beloved & trusty friend, John Burdick of Hopkinton as my Executor
Witnesses: Edward Wilcox, Abel Burdick, Elizabeth Burdick
Codicil – PR 2:260 written 28 March 1788, witnesses: Eunice Avery, Sarah Coon, Olive Coon.
Inventory – PR 2:262, 11 July 1788 Appraisers, Silas Palmeter, Richardson Avery
Receipts – PR 3:32, 33, signed Anna Rathbun, wife of Benjamin; Nathan Robinson on behalf of his daughter Mary; David Goodrich on behalf on his daughter Hannah, etc.
Receipts – PR 3:54 27 September 1794, Timothy Coon signs for Elizabeth Coon.

ROBINSON, John – PR 2:89 Will written 21 April 1777, proved 19 May 1777
Wife, Sarah (leaves her one cow & one bed) daughter, Lydia Rathbone
Sons, Rowland, John, Jedediah Leaves, “sheep, cyder casks, corn, grain, saltmeat, & dried meat with one live hog & my fowls.”
Witnesses; John Collins, Sarah Sheffield, Lucy Wells
Inventory: PR 2:91 taken 16 May 1777 Appraisers – John Collins, Thomas Wells Receipts PR 2:162 2 August 1779

RODMAN, Harriet – see Harriet Babcock.

ROGERS, Lydia – PR 6:130 Will written, 13 February 1825, proved 2 April 1832
Mentions niece, Polly Peckham; Lucy Maria Babcock, Lydia R. Babcock and Elizabeth Babcock, daughters of Elnathan W. Babcock; mentions Mary Babcock; mentions Sally Babcock, the wife of her nephew Elanthan W. Babcock.