The Thurston Cemetery Tree Removal

The Thurston Cemetery “Time Lapse” Tree Removal, 10/4/2013

By HHA Member Tom Helmer

The gratifying Community response to the Hopkinton Historical Association’s recent request for donations to save General Thurston’s Grave produced the required funds to allow Rocky Harkness, of Rocky’s Tree Service, teaming up with Jim Thompson, of James Thompson Native Lumber, to progress to the actual removal of the huge rotted tree. Mr. Harkness graciously lowered his estimate once he learned of the civic nature of what HHA was asking of him. A third local business, Maple Lawn Farms, will follow up later with restoration of the stonework.

Speaking for our Community, we appreciate the generosity show by these three local, long time, family owned businesses, and thank them for their support of Hopkinton. In return, we have reproduced the business cards of all three after the time lapse slide show. You can judge the skill of Rocky’s Tree Service via the 155 photos that make up the time lapse recording, but the quality of all 3 is demonstrated by the simple fact that each has weathered the hard economy. If they didn’t deliver a quality product or service, that would not be the case.

Friday, October 4th brought unsettled weather, but no wind. You will note the bands of sunshine and dense clouds as they affected the photographs. The photos condense 5½ hours into 5+ minutes. Enjoy!

Rick Prescott and Rocky Harkness confer about progress as the tree comes down in the background.

HHA was very pleased! Rocky’s Tree Service has the equipment and the skilled arborists to make a difficult job in a delicate situation come to a successful conclusion in one day. They got it done!

Below are enlarged business cards of the three Hopkinton family owned companies which are working with the Hopkinton Historical Association to preserve the General Thurston Cemetery.
But without YOUR GENEROSITY in donating to the project, nothing could be done.

You all got it done!


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