Hopkinton Men in the Spanish American War

Compiled By HHA Member Lauri Arruda

Spanish American War

TC 12:251, 2 May 1898 – In accordance with Section 1 – Chapter 296 of the General Laws of Rhode Island you are hereby required to cause to be prepared an alphabetical list of all persons living in you town between the ages of 18 years and 45 years, liable to be enrolled by the laws of the United States, excepting those persons exempted by the provisions of said Chapter 296:

and you also are required in accordance with the provisions of Section 58 of said Chapter 296 to cause to be made a separate enrollment as naval militia of all sea-faring men living in your town of whatever calling or occupation and all men engaged in the navigation of the rivers, lakes and other waters, all persons engaged in construction and management of ships and crafts or any part thereof, upon such waters, together with ship owners and their employees, yacht owners, members of yacht clubs and all other associations for aquatic pursuits all officers and former enlisted men of the navy.

And you are hereby required within sixty days, to deliver the same to the Town Clerk of your town for record in a book to be for that purpose.

born Massachusetts occupation- black smithborn in Hopkinton occupation -book keeper

Name Age Birthplace Occupation
Abby, Andrew 36 Connecticut Mill hand
Adams, Walter D. 38 Hopkinton clerk
Ainsworth, George 28 New York State mill worker
Aldrich, William S. 24 Hopkinton not listed
Allen, Frederic G. 26 Hopkinton Lawyer
Allen, George E. 28 Hopkinton merchant
Allen, Henry 44 Connecticut butcher
Arnold, Daniel 35 Exeter, RI farmer
Arnold, Daniel E. 19 N. Kingstown farmer
Arnold, John E. 41 N. Kingstown farmer
Austin, Charles W. 31 Hopkinton line maker
Avery, William V. 24 New York State mill
Avery, Samuel R. 24 Hopkinton undertaker
Avery, William H. 21 Connecticut clerk
Babcock, Charles H. 27 Johnston, RI stone mason
Babcock. Daniel F. 36 South Kingstown, RI mason
Barber, John F. 34 Hopkinton mechanic
Barber, John L. 20 Exeter, RI book keeper
Barber, Frederick 39 Hopkinton merchant
Barber, Clifford 19 Exeter, RI student
Barber, Fred W. 25 Exeter, RI merchant
Barber, Ernest A. 30 Hopkinton carpenter
Barber, Erlo G. 33 Hopkinton mechanic
Barber, Howard C. 21 Hopkinton student
Barber, Ray L. 35 Hopkinton farmer
Baton, Albert L. 18 Hopkinton mill
Baton, Benjamin 24 Hopkinton teamster
Baton, George 22 Hopkinton mill
Baton, William 38 Charlestown, RI laborer
Battye, William 30 Scotland designer
Beck, James 42 Connecticut striker
Bennett, Allen B. 26 Hopkinton frainman
Bennett, James D. 25 Hopkinton mail clerk
Boss, Albert L. 38 Hopkinton teamster
Berry, Arthur D. 28 Hopkinton laborer
Berry, Frank C. 21 Hopkinton school
Boss, Charles C. 44 Hopkinton farmer
Boss, Edwin W. 18 Hopkinton farmer
Boss, Ernest A. 34 Hopkinton spinner
Boss, Erwin 34 Connecticut farmer
Boss, Wayland W. 42 Exeter, RI farmer
Bowman, Charles 37 South Kingston, RI wool sorter
Bradley, Thomas 20 England none given
Brearley, Ira 29 England not given
Brearley, John 43 England watchman
Brennan, John J. 30 England weaver
Briggs, George B. 38 Hopkinton machinist
Briggs, George E. 30 Exeter, RI black smith
Briggs, George H. 23 Hopkinton spinner
Briggs, Howard 19 Hopkinton school
Briggs, James L. 40 Richmond, RI merchant
Briggs, Leverett A. 40 Hopkinton manufacturer
Briggs, John G. 32 Hopkinton carpenter
Briggs, Walter A. 23 Westerly, RI school
Briggs, William E. 27 Hopkinton machinist
Brightman, Walter E. 24 Hopkinton farmer
Brown, Alexander C. 28 Connecticut farmer
Brown, Alfred 38 New York boiler foreman
Brown, Charles H. 40 Connecticut drummer
Brown, Charles H. 37 New Jersey farmer
Brown, Edward A. 30 Hopkinton farmer
Brown, Herbert G. 25 Hopkinton teamster
Brown, Otis E. 27 Hopkinton farmer
Brownell, Charles 44 Massachusetts farmer
Browning, Clarence 35 Hopkinton mechanic
Brunke, Louis 41 Germany weaver
Buck, Oliver D. 42 Westerly, RI farmer
Budlong, Charles J. 28 Coventry, RI chair caner
Burdick, Byron Dick 24 Hopkinton printer
Burdick, Daniel 44 Hopkinton carpenter
Burdick, Elisha L. 27 Westerly, RI farmer
Burdick, Elmer 24 Hopkinton mill mechanic
Burdick, Elmer G. 20 Hopkinton farmer
Burdick, Elwin A. 24 Hopkinton clerk
Burdick, Eugene E. 24 Connecticut veterinarian
Burdick, Frank C. 33 Hopkinton farmer
Burdick, Frank 24 Hopkinton ?
Burdick, George 30 Hopkinton farmer
Burdick, George 40 Hopkinton gentleman
Burdick, George W. 36 New York State farmer
Burdick, Henry I. 36 Hopkinton farmer
Burdick, Henry L. 18 Hopkinton college
Burdick, Horace W. 38 Charlestown, RI mill man
Burdick, John S. 34 Hopkinton grocer
Burdick, John W. 32 Westerly, RI rail road
Burdick, Laverne E. 23 Westerly, RI weaver
Burdick, F. Laverne 21 Hopkinton spinner
Burdick, Walter 22 Hopkinton weaving
Burdick, Walter L. 28 Richmond, RI carpenter
Burdick, William H. 26 Connecticut merchant
Burdick, William R. 28 Hopkinton carpenter
Burton, Admiram J. 44 Hopkinton mill hand
Burton, Gardner G. 36 Hopkinton line maker
Burton, Napolean B. 44 Hopkinton spinner
Burton, Ulysses G. 30 Hopkinton dyer
Buteau, John H. 22 Hopkinton clerk
Button, James 18 Hopkinton farmer
Byram, John W. 44 England carder
Cahoon, Oscar 37 Hopkinton overseer
Card, Almon 29 Coventry, RI mill hand
Carpenter, William H. 29 Richmond, RI molder
Carr, Earl C. 18 Hopkinton line maker
Carr, Nathan S. 43 Hopkinton manufacturer
Champlin, Albert E. 18 Hopkinton farmer
Champlin, John S. 24 Hopkinton farmer
Champlin, John S. 26 Connecticut farmer
Champlin, Thomas 21 Hopkinton farmer
Champlin, Thomas 23 Connecticut farmer
Champlin, Walter E. 21 Westerly, RI painter
Charnley, George 41 England mill man
Chappell, Charles E. 35 Richmond, RI painter
Chester, Avery A. 25 Westerly, RI farming
Chipman, Elisha S. 28 Hopkinton harness maker
Church, Frederic 40 Richmond, RI spinner
Church, Govoner 28 Hopkinton hunter
Clark, Charles 22 Hopkinton spinner
Clark, Frank E. 21 Hopkinton mill
Clark, Homer Jr. 23 Hopkinton ?
Clark, Warren M. 20 New York farming
Clark, William 28 Connecticut overseer
Clarke, Charles 42 Charlestown, RI carpenter
Clarke, Charles W. 33 Hopkinton farming
Clarke, Elliot 21 Hopkinton school
Clarke, Thomas 25 Hopkinton farmer
Clarke, William R. 36 Exeter, RI farmer
Clarkson, Oscar E. 33 Massachusetts blacksmith
Cochran, Byram H. 41 Woonsocket, RI dyer
Colbert, Joseph E. 22 Westerly, RI boiler maker
Cole, Charles B. 26 Connecticut wagon maker
Collings, Eldred F. 30 England farmer
Collins, James W. 35 Connecticut black smith
Collins, Leonard 21 Hopkinton farming
Collins, Nathan A. 42 Hopkinton farmer
Collins, Raymond G. 30 Hopkinton weaver
Cook, William 22 Hopkinton butcher
Coon, Alonzo F. 28 Connecticut laborer
Corey, Amos A. 35 Exeter, RI molder
Crandall, Albert B. 23 Hopkinton teacher
Crandall, Albertie 22 Hopkinton express man
Crandall, Alfred A. 22 Richmond, RI mill
Crandall, E. Burnside 36 Charlestown, RI farmer
Crandall, Charles O. 42 Hopkinton farmer
Crandall, Daniel E. 25 Hopkinton sailor
Crandall, David E. 18 Hopkinton spinner
Crandall, Edward G. 27 Hopkinton laborer
Crandall, Elbert L. 38 Hopkinton painter
Crandall, Ernest L. 38
Crandall, Frank 31 Hopkinton ?
Crandall, George E. 21 Westerly, RI farming
Crandall, Henry H. 34 Hope Valley clerk
Crandall, Herbert H. 41 Hopkinton farmer
Crandall, John A. 42 Richmond, RI laborer
Crandall, Linton B. 23 New York State surveyor
Crandall, Richard L. 37 Hopkinton teamster
Crandall, Samuel 32 Hopkinton teamster
Crandall, William 32 Hopkinton mill man
Crandall, William H. 26 Hopkinton mill
Crumb, Frank E. 41 Hopkinton carpenter
Cundall, Constant T. 26 Hopkinton machinist
Davis, John C. E. 41 Massachusetts barber
Dockery, Clark E. 31 Richmond, RI machinist
Dockery, Henry R. 26 Hopkinton machinist
Donath, Charles E. 21 Germany in Navy
Dye, John 41 Hopkinton farmer (Note: Mr. Dye was exempt from service because he was missing one eye)
Eagan, Edwin 35 Massachusetts stone polisher
Eatough, James 34 Hopkinton moulder
Eccleston, Charles P. 25 Westerly, RI carpenter
Eccleston, William E. 40 – Connecticut weaver
Eccleston, Charles W. 43 Westerly, RI farmer
Edwards, George L. 40 Hopkinton manufacturer
Edwards, Leonard L. 32 Hopkinton manufacturer
Edwards, Oscar 36 Hopkinton manufacturer
Edwards, Osmas 36 Hopkinton manufacturer
Ellis, George A. F. 19 Hopkinton farmer
Ennis, Joseph 38 Westerly, RI carpenter
Fenner, George 40 Hopkinton farmer
Fenner, James Henry 25 Hopkinton farmer
Fenner, John 24 Hopkinton farmer
Fenner, Needham 26 Hopkinton farmer
Fish, George M. 34 West Greenwich, RI teamster
Fisher, Deering J. 28 Exeter, RI dentist
Fisher, Parnell E. 30 Exeter, RI doctor
Gage, Clarence E. 18 Massachusetts weaver
Gallup, David H. 37 Connecticut farmer
Gardiner, George A. 21 Exeter, RI mill hand
Gardiner, Ulysses G. 33 Hopkinton brakeman
Gates, William B. 30 Hopkinton laborer
Geer, John M. 35 Hopkinton farmer
Geer, Horace B. 32 Connecticut (unreadable)
Girard, Henry N. 20 Connecticut lumber man
Girard, Joseph J. 22 Hopkinton teamster
Gill, John 34 Newport, RI weaver
Gilman, George W. 18 Massachusetts clerk
Gilman, Peter E. 20 Maine school
Gorton, Edward 32 (unknown) farmer
Gorton, George W. 26 Exeter, RI clerk
Green, Charles 29 Hopkinton pharmacist
Green, John P. 42 Connecticut farmer (Note: exempt from service because he can’t swim)
Greene, Albert 20 Hopkinton farmer
Greene, Charles A. 42 Connecticut black smith
Greene, Frederick A. 21 Connecticut black smith
Greene, John J. 42 Exeter, RI book keeper
Greene, William D. 23 Providence, RI spinner
Greenhalgh, James 20 Hopkinton farmer
Greer, James R. 36 Ireland minister
Guild, Charles E. 23 Massachusetts clerk
Hadley, George H. 44 Connecticut machinist
Hall, Stephen 24 West Greenwich, RI mill hand
Hallewell, William G. 18 Burriville, RI weaver
Hambleton, Willard 27 Maine teacher
Handy, John H. 34 Hopkinton farmer
Harris, Clarence C. 34 Lincoln, RI spinner
Harris, Orrin W. Jr. 36 Scituate, RI dresser tender
Hazard, George A. 37 Richmond, RI farmer
Heath, Frank D. 32 Connecticut boiler maker
Hepworth, James 41 Burrillville, RI barber
Hepworth, Joseph 21 Connecticut weaver
Hirst, Edward 42 England warper
Hill, Frank 36 New York cashier
Hill, John M. 44 England weaver
Holberton, Elisha B. 27 Westerly, RI weaver
Holberton, George R. 34 Westerly, RI mechanic
Holberton, Herbert L. 22 Richmond, RI weaver
Holberton, Thomas E. 32 Westerly, RI weaver
Holdsworth, William 37 South Kingstown, RI loom fixer
Holland, (Percy?) 43 North Kingtown, RI druggist
Hoxsie, Almon E. 36 Connecticut quarryman
Hoxsie, Fred C. 19 South Kingstown, RI farmer
Hoxsie, Frederick C. 18 South Kingstown, RI farmer
Hoxsie, Harry H. 24 Connecticut farmer
Hoxsie, James T. 37 Providence, RI Post Master
Hoxsie, William B. 38 Hopkinton spinner
Howe, Charles C. 42 Ohio manufacturer
Hull, Robert N. 35 Hopkinton mill man
Hull, William B. 37 Hopkinton weaver
Hurtado, John 27 South America carpenter
Irish, Paul 42 New York Post Master
Jaeger, John S. 20 Hopkinton finisher
James, Nathan W. 30 Exeter, RI farmer
Jeffrey, Peter J. 42 Scotland stone cutter
Jenckes, Samuel 29 Connecticut machinist
Johnson, David R. 21 Hopkinton mill
Johnson, George 24 Hopkinton farmer
Johnson, George E. 24 Hopkinton farmer
Johnson, Herbert E. 18 Hopkinton mill
Johnson, James R. 26 Hopkinton clerk
Johnson, John W. 24 Hopkinton box maker
Johnson, Lionel W. 30 Connecticut merchant
Johnson, Thomas H. 35 Connecticut farmer
Johnson, William 18 Providence, RI farmer
Jordan, Benjamin L. 33 Connecticut mill (Notation: cannot read nor write)
Jordan, Frank 33 Exeter, RI machinist
Jordan, Frank E. 30 Richmond, RI machinist
Jordan, Frederick E. 27 Hopkinton laborer in mill
Jordan, Samuel 21 Hopkinton mill man
Kennie, Frank C. 28 Connecticut spinner
Kenyon, Albertie D. 40 Hopkinton farmer
Kenyon, Alvin 23 Hopkinton machinist
Kenyon, Amos L. 19 Hopkinton school
Kenyon, Blyden 22 Hopkinton school
Kenyon, Byron L. 34 Hopkinton merchant (Notation: too heavy)
Kenyon, Charles E. 35 Richmond, RI mill man
Kenyon, Charles H. 34 Warwick, RI farmer
Kenyon, Charles N. 24 Hopkinton farmer
Kenyon, Charles R. 18 Hopkinton farmer
Kenyon, Elmer E. 38 Hopkinton merchant
Kenyon, Emory 28 Hopkinton farmer
Kenyon, Gardiner B. 26 Hopkinton teacher
Kenyon, Harry G. 18 Hopkinton farmer
Kenyon, Herbert C. 28 Pawtucket, RI manufacturer
Kenyon, Herbert W. 44 Connecticut painter
Kenyon, John S. 22 Hopkinton farmer
Kenyon, Joseph 39 Richmond, RI black smith
Kenyon, Pardon W. 26 Richmond, RI foundry man
Kenyon, Renard E. 19 Hopkinton laborer
Knapp, Fred 27 Connecticut boiler maker
Knerr, Edwin J. 27 Pennsylvania physician
Langworthy, Charles 25 Richmond, RI teamster
Langworthy, Frank 18 Hopkinton baker
Lanphear, Elmer J. 36 Hopkinton farmer
Larkin, Henry C. 19 Hopkinton school
Larkin, John H. 28 North Kingstown, RI farmer
Larkin, Seth E. 35 Connecticut hostler
Larkin, Thomas T. 42 Hopkinton farmer
Lawton, George H. 40 Westerly, RI boss carder
Lewis, Howard T. 18 Hopkinton student
Lewis, Nathan E. 21 Hopkinton none listed
Lewis, Roger W. 39 North Kingstown, RI farmer
Lewis, William M. 34 Hopkinton farmer
Macomber, Bowen B. 44 Charlestown, RI stage driver
Maine, Calvin A. 25 Hopkinton mill man
Maine, Dwight 38 Connecticut farmer
Main, Henry D. 29 Hopkinton farmer
Main, Silas E. 20 Hopkinton school
Main, Wilmont 38 Connecticut farmer
Matteson, James C. 30 Hopkinton farmer
Matteson, Willard 33 Exeter, RI liveryman
Maxson, Henry N. 18 Richmond, RI school
McDonald, Edward 31 Massachusetts weaver
McDonald, Walter 26 Massachusetts weaver
Mills, Arthur 20 South Kingstown, RI farmer
Miller, Hugh 36 New York weaver
Mitchell, John W. 37 England machinist
Moon, George H. 25 Exeter, RI farmer
Morris, Charles H. 20 Warwick, RI spinner
Morris, John A. 22 Providence, RI spinner
Mossman, James 30 Nova Scotia none listed
Murphy, Charles 40 Westerly, RI mill man
Murphy, George E. 32 Hopkinton weaver
Murray, Edward 35 Connecticut boss dresser
Murray, John 33 Connecticut weaver
Naylor, Mark W. 23 Connecticut weaver
Newton, Benajah J. 28 Connecticut music teacher
Nichols, Frank E. 33 Hopkinton book keeper
Nichols, Howard A. 21 Hopkinton carpenter
Nichols, William G. 27 Hopkinton machinist
Nichols, Willis L. 32 Burriville, RI baker
Nichols, Ray C. 37 Hopkinton engineer
Niles, George A. 29 Hopkinton wagon maker
Niles, Hoxsie C. 31 Hopkinton wagon maker
Niles, Luther B. 22 Hopkinton molder
Niles, Morton 25 Hopkinton wagon maker
Nothe, Adolph 36 Germany weaver
Nye, James 32 Connecticut laborer
Oatley, William H. 35 New Jersey farmer
Opie, William H. 27 Connecticut none given (Notation: diseased arm)
Osborne, Arthur E. 28 England carder
Osborne, Frederick 24 England spinner
Osborne, George N. 19 England laborer
Osborne, Louis 26 England weaver
Osborne, Marmaduke 22 England stone cutter
Palmer, Albert E. 32 Connecticut carpenter
Palmer, Everett 36 Connecticut farmer
Palmer, Clary W. 19 Hopkinton farmer
Palmer, Ernest 38 Connecticut farmer
Palmer, Eugene J. 43 Hopkinton carpenter
Palmer, Frederick A. 22 Hopkinton laborer
Palmer, George D. 33 Hopkinton mill
Palmer, George L. 32 Hopkinton carpenter
Palmer, Gideon R. 29 Hopkinton farmer
Palmer, Herbert 25 Connecticut painter
Palmer, John E. 29 West Greenwich, RI clerk
Palmer, John 37 Hopkinton farmer
Palmer, Rensselaer 25 Hopkinton mill hand
Palmer, Walter E. 21 Exeter, RI carder
Palmer, William 24 Hopkinton farmer
Palmer, William 20 Connecticut farmer
Palmer, William H. 23 Hopkinton not listed
Park, Fred W. 25 Connecticut dyer
Park, James A. 30 Connecticut dyer
Parker, William W. 36 Richmond, RI laborer
Partelo, Charles 24 Hopkinton weaver
Partelo, George 25 Hopkinton spinner
Pashley, William 42 Warwick, RI finisher
Patteson, Daniel 35 Hopkinton farmer
Peckham, Charles D. 29 Charlestown, RI carpenter
Peckham, Charles H. 30 New York dresser tender
Pendelton, Benjamin 32 Hopkinton farmer
Perrin, William D. 40 Connecticut blacksmith
Perry, Elisha P. 22 Hopkinton barber
Perry, John E. 26 Hopkinton machinist
Phillips, George B. 36 Nebraska carpenter
Randall, Emil L. 22 Hopkinton clerk
Randall, William H. 38 South Kingstown, RI laborer
Randall, William S. 18 Hopkinton mill hand
Randolph, Curtis F. 25 West Virginia book keeper
Rathbun, Courtland B. 19 Richmond, RI farmer
Rathbun, Edward P. 34 Richmond, RI farmer
Rathbun, Francis 38 Richmond, RI farmer
Rathbun, Walter H. 28 Richmond, RI carder
Reynolds, Charles J. 21 Hopkinton farmer
Reynolds, Jesse C. 25 Hopkinton wagon maker
Reynolds, John H. 30 Richmond, RI fireman
Reynolds, John T. 33 Hopkinton farmer
Ritchie, Oliver 29 Canada weaver
Richmond, Charles 38 Hopkinton none (Notation: nearly blind)
Richmond, Charles N. 36 Hopkinton merchant
Richmond, Edgar A. 43 Hopkinton machinist
Richmond, Lucius R. 21 Hopkinton book keeper
Riffenburg, John W. 22 Connecticut carder
Riffenburg, William J. 22 Connecticut carder
Rodman, Horace H. 43 South Kingstown, RI weaver
Rogers, Andrew 33 Providence, RI woolen carder
Rogers, Walter 41 New York merchant
Rouse, Fred 22 Connecticut weaver
Rowe, James B. 22 Massachusetts weaver
Rowe, Lewis H. 25 Massachusetts weaver
Rowe, Ozins N. 28 Massachusetts spinner
Sabins, Roger A. 23 Hopkinton farmer
Saunders, Albert E. 34 Connecticut mill man
Saunders, Alden J. 33 Burrillville, RI stone cutter
Saunders, Byron A. 21 Hopkinton mill hand
Saunders, Charles A. 39 Connecticut spinner
Saunders, Henry A. 27 Westerly, RI carder
Saunders, Nathaniel S.age 24 Hopkinton laborer
Segar, Thomas W. 31 Westerly, RI clerk
Shadrick, Augustin 22 Providence, RI laborer
Shaffer, Frank E. 33 Connecticut weaver
Shaw, Alvin 36 Massachusetts manufacturer
Sheldon, Robert 27 Hopkinton fireman
Sheldon, Silas J. 34 Hopkinton merchant
Sheppard, Richard 31 Burrillville, RI mill man
Sherman, Jeremiah 37 South Kingstown, RI mill man
Shippee, Horace 36 Exeter, RI fireman
Shippee, William W. 27 East Greenwich, RI unreadable
Simpson, Edwin S. 18 Hopkinton painter
Sisson, George 35 Westerly, RI fool (Notation: cannot read nor write)
Slocum, John A. 37 West Greenwich, RI black smith
Smith, Elmer A. 30 Hopkinton farmer
Smith, James W. 42 Hopkinton laborer
Smith, John N. 33 Hopkinton farming
Smith, Wilber 38 South Kingstown, RI mill man
Smith, William E. 39 Hopkinton molder
Sparks, Frostin 24 Connecticut farmer
Spencer, Byron E. 19 Hopkinton farmer
Spencer, Harry A. 21 South Kingstown, RI printer
Sprague, George H. 36 Block Island, RI painter
Stedman, Charles 31 Westerly, RI` dress tender
Steere, George W. 24 Hopkinton merchant
Still, Frank 30 New York weaver
Stodard, George 44 Massachusetts mill man
Strange, Adelbert 28 Connecticut laborer
Tabor, George O. 35 Richmond, RI spinner
Tabor, John J. 24 Hopkinton foolish (Notation: cannot read nor write)
Tatro, Harry 33 Warwick, RI mill man
Taylor, Charles 33 Hopkinton merchant
Tefft, Ernest A. 18 Hopkinton school
Tefft, William E. 38 Hopkinton agent
Thompson, Frank A. 43 Connecticut conductor
Thorp, William H. 44 England weaver
Thurston, George 31 Exeter, RI machinist
Thurston, John C. 24 Richmond, RI hostler
Tillinghast, Richard 18 Illinois school
Towers, George 23 Massachusetts farmer
True, Irving J. 40 New York butter maker
Turnbull, James 22 Scotland unreadable
Turnbull, Thomas 18 Scotland mill
Turner, Frank D. 38 Connecticut farmer
Vincent, Albert 29 England weaver
Vincent, Job L. 34 Hopkinton baker
Watrous, William A. 37 Connecticut machinist
Watson, Herbert A. 35 Hopkinton black smith
Webster, Elisha G. 18 Hopkinton school
Webster, William A. 36 Rhode Island farmer
Wells, Frank J. 27 Connecticut teamster
Wells, Wallace R. 42 Hopkinton butcher, farmer
Wells, William R. 42 Hopkinton farmer
Wheeler, Henry J. 33 Hopkinton farmer
White, Joseph F. 30 Massachusetts spinner
Whiteley, Charles T. 36 Hopkinton weaver
Whiteley, Edwin 39 Hopkinton teamster
Wilcox, Arthur J. 25 Richmond, RI painter
Wilcox, Byron D. 30 Hopkinton dyer
Wilcox, Herbert 41 Richmond, RI foundary man
Wilkes, William O. 33 Massachusetts painter
Woodmansee, Wm. 41 Richmond, RI mill man
Woodmansee, Orin 41 Hopkinton tailor
Woodmansee, Ernest 24 Hopkinton machinist
Wood, Richard A. 19 Providence, RI farmer
Wood, Clarence D. 44 Coventry, RI machinist
Wood, Edgar V. 18 Richmond, RI school
Williams, Harry G. 18 Pennsylvania line maker