A year ago last spring one of the stone posts across from Town Hall was accidentally broken. HHA members made a temporary repair with masonry adhesive, but that gave way this spring. A few weeks ago we received some grant money from the state and began the repair process. We took the broken post and several wrought iron straps that had come off other posts to the Comolli Granite Co. to see  if repairs could be made. Richard Comolli assured us that the repairs were possible and gave us a reasonable estimate of the cost. On August 23rd, the repaired post was reset into the ground and straps were replaced on the posts from which they had come. Now all the stone posts are whole and in place and each post has a wrought iron strap to hold the chain. Over the coming year we hope to be able to to replace the chain to match the original that was strung between the posts way back in 1861!

I would like to express HHA’s condolences to the Comolli family and the staff of his company regarding the recent loss of Richard Comolli. His passing leaves a gap in the area’s history that can never be refilled. I also would like to thank the men who did the work on the stone post in the shop and set it in place at the Meeting House. Mr. Comolli is gone, but the excellent work  done by his family and employees lives on!

Bob Johnson(L) & Steve Ferrance(R) from Comolli Granite with  Rick Prescott looking on. Stone posts with wrought iron straps ready for new chains.